Glenn Beck Made Fun Of On Own Television Network

Glenn Beck Made Fun Of On Own Television Network For Independence, U.S.A. Idea

Glenn Beck’s proposal to build a planned town/amusement park for people who share is libertarian belies is being made fun of by an unlikely source — Glenn Beck’s own television news network.

Beck came up with idea to build Independence, U.S.A., a place for people who want the government off their back. The proposal has been mocked by Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, which is not unexpected, but it’s also criticized from a more unlikely sources.

Brian Sack, a comedian and television host, unveiled a fake promotional ad for Independence, U.S.A., that makes fun of Glenn Beck. Sack’s show is on Beck’s own BlazeTV network.

The news isn’t too unusual with those familiar with Beck, given that Sack has appeared on Beck’s show before to rib the conservative host and the two have a good relationship.

The slam from his own television network isn’t the only bad news Glenn Beck has gotten in the last month. In early January it was revealed that his bid to purchase Current TV was rejected, and the network instead was sold to Al Jazeera.

Beck tweeted: “Before Al-Jazeera bought Current TV, TheBlaze looked into buying it but we were rejected by progressive owners.”

The Atlantic Wire noted that the left-leaning Current TV would have made an unusual addition to Glen Beck’s media empire.

“It’s entirely unclear how far negotiations between Beck and Current TV got, if anywhere beyond Current’s executives laughing TheBlaze crew out of the room,” Atlantic Wire noted.

You can check out Brian Sack’s takedown of Glenn Beck and Independence, U.S.A., here: