Man claims ghost stole iPhone

Pub Owner Says Ghost Stole His iPhone, Has Blurry Video To ‘Prove’ It

West Bromwich, England – When Ajay Cohan’s iPhone went missing, right away he knew who to blame. He claims that the ghost of the pub’s deceased landlord did it, and he has blurry, inconclusive CCTV footage to “prove” it.

The 30-year-old manager of the New Talbot in West Bromwich claims that he’s being stalked by the dead landlord’s ghost, and has claimed all of the usuals regarding the haunting of his pub: mysterious taps on the shoulder, security footage showing glowing orbs floating around the room, all of the good stuff.

His primary piece of evidence? A video he captured of his iPhone disappearing from the ghost’s favorite bench (when he was alive).

The Sun reports that the bench was a the preferred spot of Gary Stephens, who died in 1993 of a heart attack. Cohan’s iPhone was resting on the seat around 2:30am one night when it mysteriously vanished.

Cohan later found his iPhone on the floor across the pub, and believes that the ghost threw it, reports MSN.

“There is no explanation. The vibration function on my phone is broken; there is no draft inside the pub,” Cohan says.

He also says he has another video of the phone flying across the pub, but of course, he hasn’t provided it.

The video he did upload is hardly a smoking gun. Frustrating to me is the strange fact that no one capturing footage of supernatural or preternatural phenomena seems capable of using a hi-res recording device or holding their hand steady.

But here’s the clip. What do you think? Did a ghost steal this iPhone?