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Chelsea Handler Slams Piers Morgan During Interview [Video]

Chelsea Handler slammed Piers Morgan during a strained interview on her talk show Wednesday night.

Morgan appeared on Handler’s show to promote the second anniversary of his show on CNN. But Piers spent most of the interview poking fun at Handler — something she was less than pleased with.

The Huffington Post reports that Piers Morgan started the interview by saying when he sat down:

“You either had plastic surgery or make up, because you look really hot today.”

Understandably, Chelsea was less than pleased with her guest’s comment. She responded:

“You’re so annoying! You’re so obnoxious, you wonder why everybody hates you. I specifically covered up so you couldn’t look at me and undress me with your molester eyes.”

Morgan also jokingly insulted Chelsea Handler’s interviewing skills, notes Mediaite. She responded in turn, sarcastically telling him to suck on her behind.

Morgan started out the segment by saying, “You interviewed me last year on my anniversary, which just proves one thing really. Well, it proves two things.” She responded, saying:

“Let me guess: that you’re a better interviewer than I am.”

When Piers Morgan agreed with her and offered to help her improve her interviewing skills, the E! host responded, saying, “You can suck my a**. I mean, really.”

It was clear that Morgan riled Handler, especially when she announced that she was trying to keep her cool. Piers then got out a pretend violin to play for the audience. He said, “Poor multi-millionairess Chelsea, whining about her life again.”

Check out Chelsea Handler and Piers Morgan’s exchange below.

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