Apple Mac Pro European Discontinuation

Apple Mac Pro Sales Being Discontinued In Europe

Current versions of the Apple Mac Pro will be discontinued in Europe in order to satisfy new stringent guidelines for production.

According to 9to5Mac, the device is not being removed from sales channels because of market appeal but rather because existing models do not comply with consumer electronics standards set forth by new European rules of sale.

The Mac Pro units will be discontinued on March 1, the same day the new revised standards go into effect. Any products that do not comply with European standards must halt production in the country.

The new regulatory standards do not apply to stock already in circulation, which means buyers could still find Mac Pro units for a short period of time following their discontinuation from the marketplace.

That’s not to say Apple won’t tweak the line and revive sales in Europe; however, the change to the company’s Mac Pro line could take a while, leaving European customers with no option to buy the high-end desktop devices.

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently announced that a revised Mac Pro line would debut in 2013; however, he did not give exact release dates for the new devices.

While the new European regulatory standards could help usher in a new era of better designed Mac Pro devices for Apple, the company’s sales for the specialized niche units fell considerably in the last quarter. With slow sales, there is a very real chance that Apple will delay the European release of the new Mac Pro line as it focuses on more profitable ventures.