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Puppies Predict The Super Bowl On Jimmy Fallon [Video]

Super star statistician Nate Silver may have gone with the San Francisco 49ers for his Super Bowl prediction but Silver isn’t the only game in town. A group of puppies made their pick on Jimmy Fallon last night and the puppies picked the Baltimore Ravens.

Fallon said:

“We are using the power of puppies to predict who is going to win the Super Bowl.”

Fallon then set up a couple of bowls, representing the 49ers and the Ravens, in front of a bunch of puppies and asked them to make their Super Bowl prediction. The puppies were slow out of the gate but the Ravens’ bowl ended up getting three puppies while the 49ers didn’t attract any.

Sure, this isn’t the most scientific way to make a Super Bowl pick but animal prognosticators have been getting more popular over the years. There was Paul the Octopus who correctly picked a bunch of World Cup Games a few years ago and this year, psychic camel got into the game by choosing the Ravens to win the Super Bowl.

Who do you think is going to win this year’s game?