New Survey Finds 27 Percent Of Americans Believe God Plays A Role In Sports

A new survey has found that 27 percent of Americans believe God plays a role in the outcomes of sporting events.

It’s no secret that a large number of professional athletes are deeply religious. The most famous example is probably Tim Tebow. His team may not be in the Super Bowl this Sunday, but there are players on each team who are deeply and openly religious.

The Baltimore Ravens have star linebacker Ray Lewis. He openly praises the greatness of God in interviews and press conferences. The San Francisco 49ers have budding star Colin Kaepernick, who literally wears his religion on his sleeve.

It turns out Americans are just as religious as the athletes they follow. The Public Religion Research Institute has published a survey indicating that 27 percent of Americans believe God has plays a role in sporting events.

A total of 1,033 adults participated in the survey, which also found that 50 percent of Americans approve of athletes publicly expressing their faith or thanking God after games.

Chris Chase of USA Today takes an interesting viewpoint on the survey. He asks:

“If Ray Lewis believes his play is impacted by God and Colin Kaepernick believes the same, God has had affected the game, right?”

Chase’s question is way for skeptics to look at the scenario. He refers to God’s indirect impact on the game, through its players belief, as a possible truth.

Ultimately no one really knows what role God may play in sports, or what impact he may have on the Super Bowl this Sunday. There is no real way to know. Belief is a powerful tool though, and no one should be criticized for their beliefs or have their faith undermined.

Are you surprised that 27 percent of Americans believe God plays a role in the outcome of sports?

[image via Tatecraft / Wikimedia Commons]