Phoenix Workplace Shooter Found

Phoenix Workplace Shooter’s Body Found, Police Say

The body of the Phoenix workplace shooter has been found, according to police. They say that a landscaper in the Phoenix suburb of Mesa discovered the body in the bushes on Thursday.

While his body has not yet been positively identified, police say the body’s description matches that of the shooter who killed one man and critically injured another on Wednesday.

ABC News reports that Arthur Douglas Harmon, 70, was also driving a Kia Optima sedan. A car matching that description was found in a parking lot near the body.

The body of the man showed signs of a self-inflicted gunshot. A handgun was discovered nearby, police say. Harmon shot the men at the end of a mediation session on Wednesday morning. Steve Singer, 48, passed away, while Mark Hummels, 43, is still in critical condition.

Hummels is part of the Phoenix law firm Osborn Maledon. Another person, a 32-year-old woman, was also shot, but her injuries are not life-threatening.

Yahoo! News notes that Sergeant Tommy Thompson, a spokesman for the Phoenix police, stated, “We believe the two men were the targets. It was not a random shooting.” Thompson added:

“As he left the scene, an individual witness got in his own car and actually followed Harmon in his Optima, and he drove into a neighborhood and Harmon actually got out of his car and shot at that witness.”

Singer was the CRO of Fusion Contact Centers LLC. The company hired Harmon to refurbish office cubicles in California. Harmon filed a lawsuit against Fusion in April and was scheduled for a settlement conference in the building where the shooting took place.

SWAT teams initially surrounded a house where they believe Harmon was holed up, but it appears that the Phoenix workplace shooter may not have been there after all.

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