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Missouri High School Will Begin Mandatory Student Drug Testing

rockhurst high school kansas city

Kansas City, MO – Rockhurst High School will use student hair samples during mandatory random drug tests next year. Students at the Missouri school will be required to given about 60 strands of hair to a staffer for testing purposes.

The Psychemedics company will conduct the mandatory student drug testing at the Kansas City school. The hair strands will be tested for PCP, cocaine, marijuana, opiates, binge drinking, and methamphetamines.

Rockhurst High School Principal Greg Harkness had this to say about drug testing students:

“Our point is, if we do encounter a student who has made some bad decisions with drugs or alcohol, we will be able to intervene, get the parents involved, get him help if necessary, and then help him get back on a path of better decision making, healthier choices for his life.”

According to the new Missouri school policy, a guidance counselor will be notified if a student tests positive, Fox News reports. Once the Kansas City school counselor is made aware of the issue, parents will then be contacted.

If the Rockhurst High School student remains drug-free for 90 days, administrative personnel will not become involved. The positive drug test would remain in the students file until graduation. Notification of a positive drug test will not be sent to colleges. Student drug test results would only become public if the school was presented with a subpoena, KSHB NBC News notes.

The reasons noted for the new Rockhurst High School drug testing policy included “natural teen transformation,” the internet, and changes regarding marijuana usage in America. It is currently unknown if Kansas City school staff would also be subjected to random drug tests.

How do you feel about mandatory drug testing for teenagers?

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7 Responses to “Missouri High School Will Begin Mandatory Student Drug Testing”

  1. Wolff Bachner

    so now we can guarantee a kids life will be over before they even reach adulthood if they get caught smoking a joint. what college will accept a kid with drug use in his or her school file? this is insane.

  2. Wolff Bachner

    Hair is a poor medium for determining drug usage particularly when searching for cocaine metabolites.

    I could list dozens of these but it will spare you. this is just nuts. our government and school authorities are doing everything they can to discourage people from asking for help if they have a drug problem. why would any kid ask for help if it means a permanent blot on his school record.

  3. Heather Johnson

    Losing the hair is one thing, but having it taken. Um, no.

  4. Joseph Taylor

    this is ridiculous. A schools job is to teach children, not micro-manage every aspect of their life. Mind your own business and teach!

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