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Ann Coulter Turns On Marco Rubio Over Immigration Plan

Ann Coulter Turns On Marco Rubio Over Immigration Plan

Ann Coulter has attacked Marco Rubio as the Florida senator continues to push his bipartisan plan on immigration.

After Rubio spent Tuesday talking immigration reform on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show, Coulter blasted the GOP senator in a Human Events column. Coulter said Rubio, whose new immigration plan would allow unauthorized immigrants to apply for citizenship, risks winning more votes for Democrats. Coulter writes:

“Some Republicans seem determined to create more Democratic voters, too. That will be the primary result of Sen. Marco Rubio’s amnesty plan.”

Coulter’s argument stems from the theory that Democrats are only pursuing immigration reform to “create” more Democratic voters. The right-wing writer claims that Rubio’s plans would legalize 11.2 million new Democratic voters. She adds:

“Rubio’s bill is nothing but amnesty. It isn’t even “amnesty thinly disguised as border enforcement.” This is a wolf in wolf’s clothing.

“Despite all the blather about how Rubio demands “Enforcement First!” the very first thing his proposal does is make illegal aliens legal. (Don’t call them “illegal aliens”!)”

Coulter goes on to pin the blame for California’s budget problems on Hispanic voters and suggests the entire US will suffer in the same way should Rubio have his way:

“With Hispanics on track to become the largest ethnic group in California this year, the state that gave us Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan is incapable of electing any Republican statewide anymore. Taxes keep going up, and there’s no one left to pay the bill.

“That will be our entire country if Republicans fall for Rubio’s phony “Enforcement First!” plan. Perplexingly, some Republicans seem determined to turn the whole nation into California, in the foolish hope of winning one last election.”

Do you agree with Ann Coulter on Marco Rubio’s plans? Sound off in the comments!

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95 Responses to “Ann Coulter Turns On Marco Rubio Over Immigration Plan”

  1. LD Smith

    Keen perception on Coulter's part. It's amazing Americans have not yet learned to rout POS politicians whose liberal agenda is clearly a career enhancer. The consequences are this future. Americans are stupid as ever.

  2. Gere Cano

    I think Marco Rubio Is taking steps forward. It seems like most of the GOP is taking steps backward. I think he has guts! I think we need more GOPers like him!

  3. Danny McCray

    WHY? would anyone give a damn what Ann Coulter thinks? She will say and do ANYTHING to keep her name in the media! She is the definition of media whore!

  4. Jose Font-Bernard

    Anne needs to have a good taste of a hot Spanish man for a few days she will be screaming all the way to congress si' si' Si ', Bring some more imale inmigrants, I am now a happy woman!

  5. Debbie Doran

    I love it when the repugs fight against each other, it just shows how divided they are,,, its the tea party against the repugs, oh their the same party, only the tea party is more determine to keep us from moving in the right direction.

  6. Rick Birch

    What an incredibly idiotic comment. Serious discussion is made difficult by stupidity and arrogance.

  7. Anonymous

    she is 100% right………these people are law breakers plain and simple…………….what law can I break and then get amnesty?

  8. Hattie Falin

    Anyone who takes Ann Coulter seriously… needs serious long-term psychiatric counseling. The woman (I THINK it's a woman) is certifiably insane, and everyone knows it. She really doesn't give a tinker's damn about human beings. She is irrelevant, and I won't even discuss her bigotry or racism (already proven, repeatedly).

  9. Samuel Barrera Ceballos

    has anyone noticed how irrelevant the republicans and fox news and rush limpdick appear since the elections. now join this disgraceful thing. ann coulter is really laura ingrahm in drag.

  10. Mike Miller

    I think you're afraid of a beautiful woman who's not afraid to tell it like it is. As far as I'm concerned, we need a thousand more just like her. If the politicians in Washington had her guts, we wouldn't be in the mess we're in now. When people take their political correctness to the point of ridiculous, then we get a mess like this country is in now.

  11. Cliff Andrews

    More than 50%. Humm, sounds like democracy to me.

    More than 50%. Hummm, sounds like democracy to me.

  12. Buce McLaughlin

    Look at BOTH sides…
    First, Ann C*u*n*tner is a MAGGOT, who was and still is unhappy about anything in her life. No matter what anyone decides, she disagrees with it. I will say that she is right about the 'Amnesty' part of this though. This is not fair for those who come to America and have to wait for their citizenship.

    Most of the I-L-L-E-G-A-L-S will apply for Social Programs and milk the system. A lot will resort to criminal activity.
    A lot will refuse to speak the native tongue…ENGLISH, thus forcing business to keep everything in Spanish, that we presently see on our packaging and phone calls, where WE American citizens must hit #1, when we want to continue the call in OUR NATIVE LANGUAGE?

    Second, Rubio is a FAKE and is only trying to gain hispanic popularity in floriDUH. He doesn't give a damn about the hispanic population…only votes. GOP is failing miserably and to stay active in the political environment, they will do anything to gain back their popularity (if it were ever such). Any rethuglicon who votes for this is only doing so for their OWN GOOD…and NOT for the hispanic community. Rubio couldn't care less for his own people. They are mostly poor and he is RICH. I trust him as far as I can throw him!

    The Bottom Line, is that most immigrants go through a process and this is a fast track to citizenship.
    This fastrack is only going to entice others to want to move here, to milk our system.
    MANY others will cross the borders to gain citizenship. We've seen this when DUBYA gave amnesty in his tenure. REMEMBER?
    To maintain and further stabilize their status, they will give birth. This birth on U.S. soil GUARANTEES their citizenship.
    A lot of them will not pay the hospital bill, thereby, taxing the already strained economy that much more, by applying for Medicaid, EBT and Social Security Disability benefits.

    BOTH parties are guilty, when this 'amnesty plan' backfires and causes this country to fail. We, who were born and bred here, will literally pay the price.

    Quite honestly and overall, it is a very stupid plan!

  13. Ken Theabolt

    Mike Miller A beautiful woman? She is as mean as a biting sow and has about the same intellect.

  14. Mike Gecan

    Ann Coulter beautiful??? You can't be serious. Stringy long blonde hair does not a beautiful woman make. If she had an intelligent veiwpoint I could get past her horseface but between her appearance and her idiotic blather this woman has zero appeal.

  15. Kyle Krick

    As long as Ann Coulter "speaks" for Republicans/the Right they will be at a serious disadvantage. The fact that I am even reponding to one of her insane ramblings gives me douche chills…

  16. Hattie Falin

    Ahem. What the hell does a person's appearance have to do with their personality or intellect? Please enlighten me? Just for the record, I am not afraid of any man or woman (or whatever Coulter is). I'm not threatened by her or anyone. I have strong opinions, and state them daily. We have too many like her. She's as unethical as Rush, Sean, Michael, et alia. If you are of "that" persuasion, I merely pity you.

  17. Hattie Falin

    Just one more thing before I end this rant: Coulter and her ilk don't like "illegals" because of the color of their skin. There are WHITE illegals here, but hey! They don't LOOK like illegals. I dare you to argue with that FACT.

  18. Al Davis

    I like the comment "mean as a biting old sow". I refer to my chainsaw the same way.
    Ann Colter will go the way of Paula soon, only the retards that beleif Fox News is the only truth in thr world still watch her!
    I would like to see he apply for a job in customer service!

  19. Jerimiah Cochran

    To start with there are twenty million illegal immigrants in the U.S. All of them felons from mostly Mexico that have brought thier gangster attitude with them. The U.S. is easy pickins for these hardened, violent criminals. The hard working Mexican is a myth. They are here for the free ride. Food coupons. cash allowance for for housing, free health care, etc.

  20. Hattie Falin

    She claims to be a constitutional attorney. I doubt that, but can't disprove it. But, aside from "lawyering" the only career she is suited for is just what she's doing: being a spokesperson for the Republicans, who think as she does, but would lose their jobs if they were to speak out. She is certifiably deranged. She and Sarah Palin are two sides of the same coin: dumbass and smartass. Both have worn out their welcome.

  21. David A Camp

    Ann Coulter is divisive politics personified. Read per her quotes above, the whole issue is about party politics rather than a discussion on what is the best thing to do.

    Enough of the 'us versus them', let's start putting common sense into practice. Mario Rubio is a positive force, Ann Coulter is an entertainer that makes a living stirring up dirt.

  22. Ursinho Danny

    Coulter is driven by ratings and greed. Nothing more. She is a political irrelevancy. And an awful person with no manners and the demeanor of a rhino.

  23. David A Camp

    Mike – on what basis are you making that claim of being afraid of a beautiful woman? Do you know Hattie Falin personally? Was there something in the comment that led you to that conclusion or was it mere conjecture?

  24. Anonymous

    The problem with immigration in this country is that no matter what side of the issue one falls on, the truth is nothing has been done about it. This is not a new problem, it has been going on for over forty years and getting worst. The laws are not enforced consistently, and Marco Rubio is right when he stated that forty percent of illegals came on a visiting visa and stayed. Our government cant even track down these people. SOMETHING must be done. No matter how this is going to be resolved nothing is going to matter until the borders are shut down tightly and a tracking system of visiting visas is accomplished. Any amnesty if any agreed upon, MUST include tax filing and no felony offenses. Absolutely NO FEDERAL aid provided until citizenship and it must take at least seven years of tax paying to get there.

  25. James A Moore

    Like Mike Miller, I love Ann. The more she talks, the more the majority of voters hate her and who she represents. We do need a thousand more like her to completely destroy the Republican Party as it stands today. As far as "beautiful"? Mike, might be time to for another eye exam.

  26. Anonymous

    Mike Miller There is nothing beautiful about this person. She breads hate.She has no solutions. She is a basher. You have poor taste Mike Miller.

  27. John Smith

    Who cares what this piece of sh*t thinks. I hope Repubs like Rubio will see what they have helped to create now that the monster has turned on them. Maybe " mainstream press and idiots like Matt Lauer" will quit giving her a platform. If she is so unhappy with our American, she should leave. America would be a much better place.

  28. Guerry McClellan

    Face it! Rubio is a liar on a scale difficult to imagine, even for a useless politician. His "life story" is mostly fabricated, and has been seen as fraudulent by Latinos in Florida and elsewhere. He could not deliver the Latino vote in Florida, or anywhere, for Romney. Rubio is trying to ride the immigration donkey, again. his duplicity will result in failure. Just like Mitt he is on every side of every issue, hoping someday, one will be a winner.

  29. Larry Wolpert

    Ann Coulter is not afraid to speak but what she says is "like it is" only in her mind and the minds of people who are caught up in themselves and their own agenda. They are convinced that they are right because they tell each other they are right. How sad that so many intelligent people have chosen to repeat a narrow minded mantra without exercising their intelligence in a critical way.

  30. Joyce Smallwood

    I feel sorry for her and I will pray for her and people like her. So much hatered unless you are a native Indian we came from somewhere us.

  31. Vila Martinez Patel

    What beautiful woman are you talking about?? You have very low standards!

  32. Tom Wright

    Coulter and others would prefer to round up and deport about 12 million people most of whom are contributing to the American economy in excess of anything they get from it. But she and others of her ilk will not be willing to raise taxes to fund such a deportation or even come up with an alternate plan towards citizenship. They would rather throw Molotov cocktails at every proposal and then appear on radical talk shows to insist they were misunderstood and even if people who understood them still opposed them then those people are idiots. She is a shrew of the first order.

  33. Michael Kauffman

    This women has been wrong so many times why do people even give her a platform? She is an idiot and hurts the gop every time she opens her mouth, keep it up Ann!

  34. Donna Fry Hyder

    So what else is new Ann Coulter attacks. She is mean, vindictive, and uncaring about anyone but herself. You do not dare call her out, she will be on you. She is the Rush Limbaugh of the female kind. Those two should be married to each other.

  35. Wayne Howard

    Ann Coulter illuminates a very important point…………republicans are screwed. The immigration issue is perfectly timed to hasten and cement their demise. Latino's overwhelmingly voted for the democrats and the passage of this legislation will only create more democratic voter. Ironically the failure to pass the legislation will further alienate the republican party from a large and expanding voting block. Republicans need a game changer and unfortunately I expect something very drastic to take place. Beware of any animal when it is cornered!

  36. Trevor Gowe

    Mike Miller

    Ann Coulter is an insufferable cunt Mikey. She's not beautiful, and she doesn't "tell it like it is"… and you're a fucking moron.

  37. Penny Stute

    This issue is about more than stacking the deck for votes (although that is a given). it is also about the financial instability of this nation. The majority of these illegal persons are uneducated, do not speak English and have large families. Allowing them to stay here legally opens the door to a host of other problems. We are already struggling to finance social security as well as healthcare, housing, education, food stamps and other entitlements. We have too many students in our schools per teacher, and escalating crime. These illegal aliens are unable to assist the government to pay for entitlements. So in essence they are tipping the scales toward even more debt. I have worked in health care as a medical provider for @ 20 years. Many of my patients were illegal aliens just as I described earlier. The resources they are able to obtain are often more than that which our homeless do. And it is not just the illegals, it is those who are allowed to immigrate and become dependent upon the entitlements. If they are unable to contribute to our economic system enough to account for themselves and their families they also tip the scales yet again toward a negative balance. Please let me qualify my response by saying I love our immigrants, I have no bias to them whatsoever, and I miss my patients since I have retired. However, we have limited resources and we cannot continue to write blank checks against them. Our ship is not only leaking a tiny drip, the hull has been crushed and we are sinking financially. The current administration is guilty of incurring massive debt, thus indebting us to China by offering our natural resources such as clean coal, natural gas, oil reserves and (get this!) our farmland, to secure the debt. Gun control is also a requirement from the Chinese as they fear an armed revolt from the citizens of the US when China comes to collect. If we have no farmland to subsidize and assist people to feed themselves now, where will we be when the Chinese own everything? We will be beyond bankrupt, they will ravage and gut our nation and we will be unable to resist them because we are unarmed. The issue is beyond immigration, it is survival!

  38. Jack Vaughan


  39. Trevor Gowe

    Mike Miller

    You have got to be kidding me champ? Ann Coulter is beautiful? Hardly. And it's blatantly obvious from scanning your page that you have no clue what "it is", so how could you know if she was telling it like it is. I mean honestly Mikey… you're re-posting those stupid scams that 14 year old girls re-post about some poor tragic boy getting 45 cents from Facebook for every share. What rock did you crawl out from under?

  40. Anonymous

    It seems that Ann does get the left's back up. So let's vilify her, call her names and immediately dismiss her point of view without so much as rational critique. The left does that a lot.

  41. Anonymous

    Ann Coulter has an undergraduate degree from Cornell and a law degree from Michigan. The morons attacking her intellect would be lucky to get a job cleaning toilets at these schools.

  42. Anonymous

    I'm looking forward to vilifying Ann on this issue. I really get a kick out of calling her names, discrediting her professional standing as an author and serious commentator, dismissing her argument as idiotic, stupid and un-American. God! I feel good!

  43. Andy Brown

    When asked what one historical event she would go back in time to change, Coulter said she would stop FDR's New Deal. Not the holocaust, not 9/11, not slavery, not WW1 or 2 , nor any of the atrocious crimes committed against humanity across the ages. That alone tells you, the woman has zilch concern for anybody except rich whites. She would eat her own.

  44. Gabe O'Meara

    Ann Coulter is a lizard with a pole dancers wig on. Her rant against Latinos is a typical right wing excuse for poor assesement of the truth. Hitler blamed the jews for Germay's woes, Coulter does the same with latinos. How about the 3.5 trillion dollars spent in Iraq for a war that was declared under false premises? Meanwhile Dick Cheney and the gang protected and did personal business with the Saudis who were the real perpetrators of 9/11 and other terrorist acts. How about the junk bond and mortagage /housing meltdown brought about by the republican party in charge? Were the Latinos to blame for all of this? Get real Ann Coulter…oh you are never going to that, if you don't make headlines with your "National Inquirer" type of journalism you'll wind up like Sarah Palin…withoput a job!

  45. Gabe O'Meara

    Ann Coulter is a lizard with a pole dancers wig on. Her rant against Latinos is a typical right wing excuse for poor assesement of the truth. Hitler blamed the jews for Germay's woes, Coulter does the same with latinos. How about the 3.5 trillion dollars spent in Iraq for a war that was declared under false premises? Meanwhile Dick Cheney and the gang protected and did personal business with the Saudis who were the real perpetrators of 9/11 and other terrorist acts. How about the junk bond and mortagage /housing meltdown brought about by the republican party in charge? Were the Latinos to blame for all of this? Get real Ann Coulter…oh you are never going to that, if you don't make headlines with your "National Inquirer" type of journalism you'll wind up like Sarah Palin…withoput a job!

  46. Mike Morris

    Ann Coulter speaks in terms that are understandable and intelligent.There is no mealy mouthing doublespeak that politicians are famous for.Whether you like what she says or not does not detract from her passion for reasoned thinking as opposed to thinking with your emotions.Emotions and feelings sway with time.Facts do not.

  47. Jimmy L Aldrich

    Beautuful woman? I love her Adams Apple….she is crazy and racist. Thats being Kind.

  48. Mandingo Black

    Ann Coulter and the right wing of the GOP are losing influence and becoming more irrelevant in the GOP and country in general.They may need to form a new party for bigots just to stay relevant.

  49. Anonymous

    she is what is sometimes known as "coyote ugly". Something about chewing your own arm off rather than waking her up…

  50. Anonymous

    The issue is immigration not Anne Coulter. Just like you liberal pukes to change the issue. I brought my wife here legally and paid the govt. what they required me to pay. Now you want to let all these people who violated the law to come in for nothing. Typical OBAMA, something for nothing.

  51. Anonymous

    Just like you Liberal puke to change the issue. It is not about Ann Coulter it is about immigration.It cost me plenty to bring my wife here and do the right thing. The govt fees were not cheap. But typical OBAMA is something for nothing. You people need to really get your facts straight. Hattie you are probably just another jealous fat liberal woman.

  52. Hattie Falin

    James A. Moore: you are my new hero! You are so right. In fact, I've written blogs about the Party of No and begged them to keep talking. For the same reason you mentioned. Forgive me. Let her rant. Let her rave. She can do more to destroy the Party than my liberal/progressive/Democrat ranting! Good one, sir!

  53. Hattie Falin

    Jimmy L Aldrich: Thank you. You said it all. I don't really give a rat's rear what she looks like. But truly, she's as ugly as Rush Limbaugh in my point of view. Because her ugliness comes from within. She is crazy, as you say. She is racist, as you say. She is also extremely anti-feminist. On another front: am I beautiful? I don't know and I don't care. I'm a hateful ol' white woman who is sick and tired of people like Coulter who use their (highly questionable) sex appeal to get people to listen to them. Get a personality. Get a clue. THEN rant.

  54. Roger Foley

    Coulter and Limbaugh would have a tough time teaching a Sunday school lesson on the Good Samaritan. If both of these people were politicians they would either need to change their views or knowing cause further damage to their party. the republican party needs to remake itself in order to be continue to be a functioning party. Limbaugh and Coulter self interests are counter to that conversion.

  55. Samuel Hain

    Coulter's right. If the GOP vote for Amnesty, most Hispanics STILL won't vote for them.

    But read the comments by lefties. Not ONE of them disprove her point. It's all childish namecalling.

  56. John Kaufman

    You are absolutely right Hattie. Ann Coulter is a joke and a very stale one at that. I cannot believe that anyone takes this harpy seriously.

  57. Leonard Mather

    It looks like Hattie Falin, Top Commentator, has totally accepted the trend Obama is succeeding in establishing, and that is: 1) Big Government is what will create progress as well as jobs, 2) Cradle to grave care for the insecure, 3) Stifling small businesses since they are the backbone of jobs in our economy, and 4) Making sure that the "Have Nots" are cared for by redistribution of wealth from the "Haves." The end result is: The "Have Nots" have figured out that they can VOTE in those who will pursue 1) through 4) and deliver unemployment checks, food stamps and redeifine economic growth accordingly by printing more money, going into debt, raising the debt celing and being voted in for doing so. Anyone–not just Coulter or Ingrahm–who makes suggestions to stop moving the US toward Greece, gets ad hominem attacks. Time will validate the Socialism that Obama is establishing. Socialism NEVER has worked ANYWHERE at eny time, and that is the trend no being pursued–to the utter delight of the "Have Nots."

  58. Juan B Rivera Pereira

    Mike Miller is looking Ann oulter with his thinly blinded eyes.This woman(and I was going to say lady, like I use to call avery woman)does not deserve to be taken seriously, alol she wants is to sell books and demonize anyone who do not think like her.Ifm she is so smart why she dose not come with a brighter idea for immigration reform? And I must add the correct term should be illegal lmmigrants not illegal aliens, last I know they are coming to this country for some other plaaces of this planet earth, not from mars.

  59. Leonard Mather

    It looks like our Top Commentator, Hattie Falin, totally accepts Obama's efforts to take the US toward Socialism: 1) Big Government is the answer as it will provide jobs (most of them are Unionized), 2) It provides cradle to grave care along with the largest increase in Food Stamps since 2008, 3) It stifles small business operations by impeding their ability to hire and small business is the backbone of the economy, 4) It believes, erroneously, that unemployment checks serve to increase the economy. The latter is pure Sophistry. Using the reductio ad absurdum, it would then follow that the loss of all jobs would increaase the economy by providing unemployment checks. But that belief allows for the "Have Nots" to vote in those who would do their bidding by extracting money from the "Haves" by redistribution of the wealth so common in Socialism. Greece here we come! Print more money to give to the "Have Nots," and screw our children's children who must rectify these egregious errors in the future. Anyone making sense to change these trends–NOT just Coulter or Ingrahm–will be attacked by those who are lulled by the promises of those moving toward Socialism. The invective charges against Coulter reek of ad hominem attacks and that is a sign of denial as the terrible truth is touched upon, and bringing into conscious awareness.

  60. Anonymous

    Ann Coulter is the most brilliant AND beautiful political pundit in the business, despite what the "pansy leftists" and "low information voters" cry. Though Rubio is at least making some kind of effort to plug the holes in the leaking illegal immigrant dyke, Coulter is absolutely correct in her analysis that the outcome of such legislation would simply create millions more democrat voters. The bottom line is that ALL illegal immigrants have violated United States law and ALL deserve deportation rather than commendation. Our country has distinct immigration laws and all prospective immigrants must be made to abide by them. Blanket amnesty encourages more violations of these laws while making all the linguini-spined liberals feel "good" about themselves. Unfortunately, too many of these voters are like old prospectors' mules…they have to be hit between the eyes with a two-by-four to get their attention. Let's see if their attention will be "gotten" when the government dole runs dry!

  61. Anonymous

    This is one ugly woman in all respects. She and Rush should get married after his next divorce.

  62. Gene Barnes

    I like M., R. but he can't possibly be that dumb. All the things he wants to do: Close the borders enforce the in out migration, etc are all on the books now and not being done. Why idoes he think they will be now. If you want to put everything off for a couple of years and prove that you can close the borders , fine, but you should all know that it ain't going to happen. History has a way of repeating itself and reagen tried this years ago and it has given us a bunch of illegals who are voting themsels a free ride here at taxpayers expence.

  63. Brenda Bowen

    Sounds like all we got on this board area bunch of liberals that are living off of the fat of the land. Probably living in California. Like Ann or not she is RIGHT. Socilaism is great for a lot of the takers, but eventuial you run out of the givers. THEN WHAT!

  64. Kent McMillen

    Can't conservatives grasp that it was the latino vote that sunk Mitt Romney? If they really favor immigration reform, why do they attack Marco Rubio for suggesting it? It's a prescription for disaster at next election. Oh well!

  65. Anonymous

    Far LEFT?, REALLY? Two REAGAN LANDSLIDES don't count eh?
    The US is NOT far left. The majority of our citizens are fundamentally LIBERTARIAN in most issues, JUST LIKE THE FOUNDING FATHERS!

  66. Stefano Orlandi

    Spot on Miss Coulter.
    Why don't you liberals all go live in California and pay gas and taxes there, find out by yourself.But you should have a real job first..

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