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Cyndy Garvey Sues UCLA Over Master’s Program Tuition Scheme

Cyndy Garvey Sues UCLA Over Master's Program Tuition Scheme

Los Angeles, CA – Cyndy Garvey has sued the UCLA over a Master’s Program tuition costs. Cyndy Garvey, the ex-wife of former Major League Baseball star Steve Garvey, says she was hit last year with a $20,000 tax lien for an unpaid debt to the school.

The reason why Cyndy Garvey is suing UCLA is because she allegedly was offered a special deal by college officials at the UCLA. In return for her “celebrity status,” which includes hosting The Morning Show with Regis Philbin, UCLA supposedly offered to pay for the cost of her education if she enrolled in a Master’s Program at the university’s Public Health school.

While this sounded like a cushy deal things did not turn out like she would have hoped. In 2009, Cyndy Garvey finished the Master’s Program, including fulfilling obligations that include fundraising and public relations. According to The Hollywood Gossip, Cyndy Garvey claims she was told the costs would be split 50/50 between a rich alumnus and UCLA itself. Instead, in 2012 she was hit with a $20,000 tax lien.

Cyndy Garvey is suing the UCLA in Los Angeles County Superior Court. Garvey’s entertainment attorney, Keith Fink, claims that Cyndy Garvey never signed any documents saying that she agreed to pay the tuition for the UCLA Master’s Program. In addition, she wants UCLA to pay her $25,000 in damages to make things right.

According to TMZ, UCLA representatives have not yet responded to the lawsuit by Cyndy Garvey and for now are only saying they have “no comment at this time.”

As Cyndy Garvey sues the UCLA, do you think the once-famous morning talk show host is in the right? Or do you think UCLA is correct to charge her for her education?

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2 Responses to “Cyndy Garvey Sues UCLA Over Master’s Program Tuition Scheme”

  1. Monique Bryher

    Being a graduate of the UCLA School of Public Health, I remember how hard it was to get admitted. What on earth were Cindy Garvey's qualifications to gain admittance to the SPH? Just that she's rich and a has-been celebrity? If so, I'm ashamed that UCLA would stoop to selling a spot to an unqualified person who will very likely not contribute any meaningful work to the field of public health.

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