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Mother Forced To Attend School With Her 4th Grade Son

A Missouri school is requiring a mother to attend school with her 4th grade son to curb his out of control behavior.

Normandy, MO – A mother is furious for being sent back to school by Normandy School District. The school that her 4th grade son attends is reportedly making the mother attend school with her son, citing the boy’s behavior as the reason. If his mother refuses to attend school — every single day — with her son, he will be suspended.

Veronica Williams says that school’s request is ridiculous, especially since she is a single parent and works to provide for her family. It is a physical impossibility for her to work her day job and attend school with her 4th grader, who was allegedly causing such a disturbance in class that the school felt they had to act.

Williams say that, while she attended school with her son for a while, she couldn’t afford to miss more work. Once she feared losing her job, she sent the boy to school on his own.

The school then suspended the child. He has not yet returned to school.

Although the school cites behavioral problems as the reason for the suspension, Williams says that the family has no problems with the boy at home. The mother of the Barack Obama Elementary School student says she can’t believe the administrator said her 10-year-old cannot return to school without an adult accompanying him.

“It’s frustrating. It’s stressful. It’s ridiculous. I done it for two weeks,” Williams told local news.

Williams’ partner, Tiara Newlon, noted that she also went to school with the 10-year-old on a few occasions. “They say he talks back and fights. They’re saying his behavior is out of control. We told them we don’t have this problem at home. It’s only at school,” said Newlon of the school’s accusations.

“They told me for the simple fact if an adult don’t come sit with him he cannot come to school,” Williams said of the day she sent her son to school alone. “I was willing to do anything with the school. Whatever type of help they were trying to give and I’m still trying to do it, but as far as someone having to sit in school with him is ridiculous.”

“I would like for my son to be in school.”

The school district would not comment on the particular student, but Chief Administrative Officer Phillip Boyd released a statement saying in part: “We are committed to providing students with the most productive and safe learning environment possible. We have the responsibility to ensure that the entire learning community is safe for all parties and not disrupted.”

Williams insists her son does not have behavioral issues. He has not returned to school since the suspension.

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7 Responses to “Mother Forced To Attend School With Her 4th Grade Son”

  1. Anonymous

    The school is named after Obummer so he must be black. Good to see the school is taking this approach.

  2. Stephanie Bell

    considering your ignorant response, you must be white. dumb for no reason.

  3. Stephanie Bell

    So, we deny a child education because as educators we have become too lazy to develop an IEP.

  4. Crystal Martin-Nicholson

    You never know if the parent denied the IEP. Sounds like the parent is in denial. if he's acting up its not fair to the other kids to be distracted because your kid is acting up. He may need to be in a different type of school.

  5. JoBeth Andreacchio Berry

    It's unacceptable for the school district to not have a place for this child. The school's name and the child's race are not issues, here. Ignorance comes in a rainbow of fruit flavors.

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