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14 MPH Speed Limit? Aspen Trying To Get Driver’s Attention With Odd Sign

14 mph speed limit

City Council members in Aspen have come up with a unique solution to get people to drive slower through the West End: a 14 mph speed limit sign.

The council members say that several driver’s ignore the current 25 mph speed limit that runs down Main Street. According to Yahoo News, many drivers seek to avoid congestion on Highway 82 by driving through the city. These drivers are reportedly ignoring the posted speed limits.

The city council has tried several measures in the past to slow down drivers. They’ve added stop signs, increased the police force, offered free bus services, and have lowered the speed limit to 25 mph.

Aspen is set to drop the speed limit even lower in an effort to slow down drivers, but they aren’t going to go with a round, and easily ignorable, number. Instead, they’ll adapt a 14 mph speed limit.

The Aspen Times writes that Mayor Mick Ireland initially suggested an 18 mph limit “because the number is out of the ordinary for a speed limit and will attract a driver’s attention.” The council liked the idea, but decided to drop the speed limit down to 14 mph.

The city may also add additional speed bumps and stop signs in the West End to slow down drivers.

City Engineer Trish Aragon said that a city study showed that most drivers are traveling at under 25 mph down West End streets. Still, many residents are complaining about the sped. Aragon said that the city will test out the 14 mph speed limit sign to see if it makes an impact on travel in the city.

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4 Responses to “14 MPH Speed Limit? Aspen Trying To Get Driver’s Attention With Odd Sign”

  1. Dee Kay

    If you want to get people to follow the speed limit. Have the penalty be that their license is suspended one day for each mile over the speed limit times the number of speeding offenses. Then when they get pulled over for driving on a suspended license a few hours in jail and having their car impouded should slow them down. A approiate sentence that fits the infraction.

  2. James Walker

    1) A 14 mph or 18 mph posted speed limit is illegal under the federal Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices. ALL posted speed limits MUST be set at 5 mph intervals and there are NO exceptions. No sane licensed professional engineer would ever dare risk their professional license by signing off on an illegal posted speed limit.

    2) IF SAFETY IS THE REAL GOAL (rare for posted speed limits in the USA), then the posted limit will be set at the 85th percentile speed of free flowing traffic under good conditions, rounded to the nearest 5 mph interval.

    3) If most (85+%) of drivers are at 25 mph or less, per Engineer Trish Argon's data, then the 25 limits are correct and should not be changed. If 85% are at 30 or less, then 30 should be the posted limit. Etc.

    4) Arbitrary limits, high or low, set by politicians and not by qualified engineers are improper and should not be permitted for any reasons.

    James C. Walker, National Motorists Association.

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