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Six Flags Dining Plan: $70 For A Season’s Worth Of Food

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Six Flags unveiled a new dining plan this week that promises a season’s worth of food for just $69.99.

The deal, according to Six Flags, includes lunch and dinner every time you visit Six Flags Great America in Chicago for a one time payment of $69.99. The meals include options like cheeseburgers pizza and chick sandwiches from Six Flags restaurants like Aunt Martha’s Boarding House, Primo’s Pizza, Mooseburger Lodge, or Great American Hot Dog.

Eugene Naughton, Six Flags Vice President of In-Park Service, said that the new Six Flags dining plan is a great deal for anyone who visits the park at least four times a year.

Naughton said:

“We designed the All-Season Dining Pass to be a great value for anyone who plans to visit at least at least four or five times this year. We spent a lot of time listening to our guests, and while most of our regular Season Pass Holders say they love our food, many are concerned about affordability. Some say they don’t visit as often as they like because of food costs. So last summer we put together a task force to come up with a solution.”

A season pass to Six Flags costs about $75 and gets you unlimited entry to the park. For another $70, bringing the total up to $145, you get entrance to the park, lunch and dinner all season long.

Naughton said that the season dining pass is still in a test phase and that only a limited number will be sold this year.

Naughton said:

“We’re excited to see how our guests in Great America react. If everything goes well and if the guests like the program, we’ll look at rolling it out to other parks as well… It is important to us that everyone who buys the pass have a great experience. We’re being really conservative about how many of them we sell this year.”

The Six Flags dining plan does not include a drink. You can, however, pay an additional $10 to get a sports bottle that can be refilled for $0.99 at the park.

Do you think the dining plan is a good deal?

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5 Responses to “Six Flags Dining Plan: $70 For A Season’s Worth Of Food”

  1. Katrina Siekierka

    That sounds like a great deal! Even the sports bottle… if you can fill it with pop.

  2. Arturo Olivo Jr

    I think it's worth getting, I went to Six Flags today and it would cost me $11 for food so roughly $40 give or take what I eat. I got a hamburger with fries for lunch and for a snack got a funnel cake which was good. The selection of food is pretty good, I wish it was more than just hamburgers, pizza, and bbq sandwiches. The snacks were pretzels, chicken wings, funnel cakes, nachos. For all it's worth you get a good selection of food and it beats having to buy food every time you visit. It's my first time with the Dining Pass and it's worth getting if you visit the park more than once as you get your monies worth. Only thing I had to buy separate was the Survivor cup for $20 which has free refills for the entire season then there's another cup that cost $10 but you have to pay $1 for refills with the wrist band.

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