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Diane Sawyer Rumors Denied, ABC Says No Retirement Imminent

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Diane Sawyer rumors have been circulating in recent days, as reports swirl that the longtime ABC media presence will be retiring imminently.

The Diane Sawyer rumors suggest that the 67-year-old veteran broadcaster — the first female correspondent for 60 Minutes — is ready to call time on her lengthy career in media. But as the tales gained momentum, denials were issued that as she approaches 70, Sawyer plans to get out of the game.

The said to be spurious Diane Sawyer rumors came courtesy of New York Daily News, and the paper claimed Diane was gearing to hang up her microphone and wind down. In a report, the rag cites an unnamed insider who dished on Sawyer’s impending retirement:

“She has discussed with a few close friends and some people at ABC that she is seriously considering retiring … She said she’ll be ready to hang it up not long down the road. She loves work and what she does and has endless energy, but she’s overwhelmed with personal problems and she is thinking about leaving to take care of her family.”

The Diane Sawyer rumors sparked largely by the article have been seemingly put to rest however. Mediaite reports that Jeffrey Schneider, SVP at ABC News, not only refuted the claim but insinuated that the NYDN did not live up to their fact checking duties in running the scuttlebutt:

“That is not true. And had the Daily News actually asked us if Diane was considering retiring we would have told them yesterday that it wasn’t true.”

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As it stands, Sawyer is approaching an age at which she may want to slow down in the somewhat near future, but it seems safe to say this round of Diane Sawyer rumors were based more on speculation than fact.

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20 Responses to “Diane Sawyer Rumors Denied, ABC Says No Retirement Imminent”

  1. Kennie Eastwood

    Would not miss here, stoped wathching abc news, because I did not like her voice or her news.

    It seems abc has shallow and not very in dept news.Like geroge s. much better.

  2. Eric Gall

    she should have retired years ago. like all the other witches in the left wing communist media, being an unbiased journalist was never something she was. her commie slant was blatant and sickening.

  3. Robert Forrest Sr

    She should retire asap and get her buddy Obama to give her a job promoting his socialist policies. She has always been on the far left with all the other major network journalist. She is also one of them "Rich" people who want all rich people to pay more and we all know what that means. It means she has so many tax loop holes where she wouldn't have to pay any taxes anyway, so that's why she makes these types of statements.

  4. Tom Lubart

    I love all the people who start to type before they think. liberal? she was an aide at the NIXON white house, and after he resigned went to california as part of his staff. some commie…..

  5. Rita Nelson

    I love Diane and would miss her and good for her if and when she retires just please replace her with Chris Cuomo or whoever just please don't let George leave GMA or break up the GMA team esp Robin – I've watched GMA since Day 1 and this is the best team going on GMA ever!

  6. Splash Jones

    Great! I look forward to ABC replacing her with someone who is not such a morbid downer. She is simply depressing to listen to. Lets just hope the feedback is getting to ABC.

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