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Greg Oden Getting Looks From Cavs, Heat In Comeback Attempt

Greg Oden Getting Looks From Cavs, Heat In Comeback Attempt

Greg Oden could be headed to the Cavs or Heat as the former No. 1 draft pick hopes to salvage his NBA career and make a dramatic comeback.

Losing most of his five seasons in the NBA to injury, Oden underwent microfracture surgery three times, most recently in February 2012. He is now healthy and has gotten interest from several teams, though the Cavs and Heat emerged as the most likely picks.

Oden will meet this week with Heat president Pat Riley, Sports Illustrated reported. His choice will likely come down to playing either with LeBron James and the stacked Heat team or trying his luck with the up-and-coming Cavs, led by 2012 Rookie of the Year Kyrie Irving.

But Greg Oden could have more than the Cavs and Heat to choose from. Jeff Goodman of CBS Sports reported that Oden is has gotten offers from a number of other teams, including the Boston Celtics.

Greg Oden could get more from the Cavs, Sports Illustrated noted. While the Heat would only be able to offer a veterans minimum contract, the Cavs could offer as much as $4 million for next year.

Oden was the first pick of the 2007 NBA Draft, being selected by the Portland Trail Blazers before Kevin Durant. In his career he averaged 9.4 points, 7.3 rebounds and 1.4 blocks.Though often referred to as a bust, Oden did play well for the Trail Blazers when he was healthy, TrueHoop’s Henry Abbott notes:

After working his way into playing shape in Ohio, Greg Oden would suit up for the Cavs or Heat next season.

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8 Responses to “Greg Oden Getting Looks From Cavs, Heat In Comeback Attempt”

  1. Dana Roseman

    good luck greg like 2 c him with cavs who knows in a year or 2 wear young cavs will be maybe knocking out the heat. that woul d be cool!

  2. E Pepe Arenas

    Microfractures never heal. It's like having a shattered bone. Any stress can cause the fracture to elongate, which causes excruciating pain. It's what ruined Sam Bowie's and Amar'e Stoudamire's careers, as well.

  3. Anonymous

    Hopefully he will not go to the Heat I think he will be a star if his legs will cooperate.

  4. Jules Servius

    Looking at how successful Brandon Roy's comeback was from his surgery (sarcasm for the slow ones), I highly doubt a team is willing to spend more than the vet minimum on a fragile 7 footer. If that's the case then the Heat is a top contender for the Oden sweepstakes.

  5. Scott Bay

    Nice player to have stashed on the bench for the playoffs but his body can't handle much more than 30 games per year. Good Luck, keep your pants on and your camera off big man, haha(pun absolutely intended).

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