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Tornado Threat Tonight, 10 States Affected By Watch

tornado threat tonight

A tornado threat tonight affects ten states ranging from Texas to Michigan, with a wide swath of the midwest included in the widely-spanning weather pattern.

The tornado threat tonight specifically impacts a larger than normal number of states, and on Tuesday, the National Weather Service explained that changing weather patterns may prompt twisters in affected areas. The Storm Prediction Center of the National Weather Service reported:

“An increasing threat for severe thunderstorms will occur through tonight in advance of a strong cold front moving across the central United States … The most intense thunderstorms are anticipated late this afternoon and especially into the overnight hours tonight across parts of the lower Ohio Valley, mid-South and lower Mississippi Valley.”

According to MyFox8, areas including “Arkansas, southern Illinois, extreme southwestern Indiana, western Kentucky, western Tennessee, southern Missouri, northern Louisiana, northern Mississippi, southeastern Oklahoma and northeastern Texas” are included in the moderate risk for severe weather during the tornado threat tonight.

While the tornado threat tonight affects the states listed above into Wednesday morning, the cold front responsible for the possible severe weather is expected to then shift East. On Wednesday, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia may all be at similar risk for severe weather patterns.

The National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center’s Bill Bunting admits that the unusually large tornado threat tonight is also generally an outlier for the time of year, and comments:

“It’s a little unusual … We don’t see this every winter with this kind of warmth preceding a storm system.”

Following the tornado threat tonight, states in the Midwest can also expect some patches of severe cold weather and freezing rain and snow.

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3 Responses to “Tornado Threat Tonight, 10 States Affected By Watch”

  1. Anonymous

    In 65 years I have never seen the deadly weather seasons we've been having the past 10 years. Up until yesterday we've had much military aircraft, with their excuse of airborne for Offensice and Defensive maneuvers. We've had 1 F16 flame out and hit a home near here, but thank God no one was in at the time. The pilot was fine, but the F16 left a lot of destruction, especially when the jet fuel ignited on impact. Is this just maneuvers or is HARRP at it again, focusing their antenae arrays on the jet stream where the Jets are leaving chemtrails. I have to reitterate, in the past 10 years I've seen more deadly storms, every year increasing in it's ferocity then ever before.

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