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Lindsay Lohan: Too Sick For Court But Not For The Nightclubs Allegations

lindsay lohan too sick for court

Lindsay Lohan was allegedly too sick to attend a court mandated pre-trial hearing but not too ill to hit the bars. The former Disney star’s legal woes could land her back behind bars. Lohan has supposedly been out parting “non-stop” in New York City.

The Canyons star is currently fighting charges related to a Santa Monica car accident last summer. Lindsay maintains her innocence and claims she did not lie to police officers about who was driving the car before the crash.

A Radar Online source had this to say about Lindsay Lohan’s sick day:

“For someone claiming to be sick, Lindsay’s partying hasn’t slowed down in the least. Lindsay has been hanging out with her usual cast of shady friends, and they have been wreaking havoc at swanky hotels in Manhattan. Lindsay doesn’t appear to be sick, and photos reveal that she doesn’t look like someone too gravely ill to travel.”

Should the 26-year-old actress opt not to show up in court on January 30, prosecutors could ask the judge to issue an arrest warrant. A law enforcement source told Radar Online that this week is not the first time Lindsay Lohan has played the sick card. The Mean Girls star allegedly claimed her passport was stolen in France when she missed a DUI court date.

Lohan’s new attorney, Mark Heller, is allegedly finding it difficult to secure a license to practice law in California, CNN reports As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Lindsay fired her former counsel, Shawn Holley. Heller, a NYC attorney, reportedly had his law license suspended about being found guilty of professional misconduct.

Do you think Lindsay Lohan will prove her innocence, or be given an orange jumpsuit?

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3 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan: Too Sick For Court But Not For The Nightclubs Allegations”

  1. Cheryl Moore

    Somebody needs to take Lindsey (by fiorce if need be) and take her out of the country away from HER FAMILY, her FRIENDS, cell phone, any kind of communication device and put her in a drug/alcohol/mental rehab center for 2 years! And while she is gone A JUDGE should order her MOTHER/FATHER to placed in drug/alcohol/mental rehab for a year and parenting classes! ( O R ) 1,2 OR ALL 3 are going to be found dead somewhere. As Hollywood goes….. just saying! E N O U G H is ENOUGH!

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