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Single Justin Bieber Fondles A Fan At Meet And Greet

Justin Bieber

Coming off of the reports that Justin Bieber is lonely and chronicling his split from longtime sweetheart, Selena Gomez, it doesn’t really look like Bieber is hurting that much.

At a recent meet and greet in Florida, Justin Bieber most definitely made a fan’s wildest dream come true as they posed for a picture. Bieber hammed it up with the fan, who looks like she’s in bliss as Bieber fondled her.

Of course this isn’t the first time Bieber has gone in for the great, big, grope. Bieber was caught groping then girlfriend Selena Gomez on her birthday back in July. The picture was taken in a car of the two and surfaced on a lot of teen fan sites for Bieber. In fact it spread so much that according to Musicnews, fans were debating on whether or not he was grabbing Selena inappropriately.

However, there’s no mistaking this particular fan grope. Indeed, Justin does seem to go above and beyond for his fans, but he also seems to get a little kick out of them fawning over him too, and as a young man, who wouldn’t? Bieber told We Love Pop magazine about his UK fans and their dirty mouths saying:

“The girls definitely have dirtier mouths over here! In the UK, things are less… What’s the word? You take things less seriously. Things are accepted in the UK that aren’t accepted in the US. You guys are more open-minded. So the way the UK fans approach me is different. But I’ve been doing this for so long it doesn’t shock me anymore. It’s funny. It makes me laugh.”

What do you think about Justin Bieber’s grope? Is it inappropriate or do you think he was just trying to have some fun?

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24 Responses to “Single Justin Bieber Fondles A Fan At Meet And Greet”

  1. Pidge Wright

    Mostly lack of style or class.Girls, being treated like this is not a compliment, from any male.I am outraged for the poor girl who probably had no idea of how to handle it.

  2. Clem Fukface

    Is it just me or does this stupid girl look about 15 years old? If so, it's amazing how "celebrities" are ALLOWED to crap on laws that everyone else follows.

  3. Clem Fukface

    Is it just me or does this stupid girl look 15 years old? If so, it's amazing how these celebrities are ALLOWED by the judicial system to crap on laws everyone else follows.

  4. Anonymous

    The girl looks like she is more uncomfortable than impressed. I don't care who you are or how much money you make that is just plain disrespectful. You don't treat girls like that period! Being a father I would be outraged at seeing this and it was my daughter. He certainly shows a lack of respect for his fans when he pulls something like this. The poor girl now has to live with this being posted and her peirs possible ridicule. Very nice move, way to treat a fan. Boy should see Doctor Phil for some serious help.

  5. Anonymous

    He is a mentally challenged. Lord I hope and Pray she is under 17 maybe 16. that boy needs a good slap and a time out his money and popularity have again have gone to his pathetic adolescence ego. PARENTS of that girl punk his sorry butt and in a court of law.leave him a about $5,000.00 in his bank account.
    THAT IS TOTALLY WRONG that is PIG behavior.

  6. Jeremy Cochran

    Girls get raped for a reason – Bieber…… <— yea that guy, grabs a girls tit….

  7. Elizabeth Brown

    What first came to mind was, LITERALLY, EWWWWWW. (She does look uncomfortable.) He shows a lack of respect towards women, in general. However, she may just turn into one of those groupies, too. There was a time when women of my age would have done anything to get the attention of our idols. (Remember the throwing of the panties and bras, LADIES? Flashing ourselves at them and trying to sneak backstage, hmmmmmm?) They are young and have to learn by THEIR mistakes. We can only try to guide them with our words of wisdom.

  8. Anonymous

    I just can't believe the person who photo shopped this picture did a bad job. I wish every person could take photo shop because so many pictures I have seen have been altered. I recently saw a photo of the First Lady and the press in Iran photo shopped her dress to make it look more conservative before they published it. I am just surprised that people are allowed to publish fake photos. I thought maybe there are laws regarding deception. Too bad I don't believe anything I see in the press because they just care about mind controlling the population with lies. I think it is sad we don't get to see honest truth and good things being said in the news. It is all about greed and the seven deadly negative energies.

  9. Anonymous

    This photo has been altered using Photo Shop techniques. I guess there are no rules when it comes to deception but greed and money are the name of the game. I do not believe what I see anymore because it is so easy to alter photos.

  10. Antigone McKenna

    wait did she tell him to do it? LOL Lets see how funny he would have thought it would be to have grabbed his balls right after. What a tool.

  11. Jill Brounstein

    Whether what he did was inappropriate or just 'having fun' – he is so socially inept, it's ridiculous! He's an idiot through and through!

  12. Jill Brounstein

    Whether what he did was inappropriate or just 'having fun' – he is so socially inept, it's ridiculous! He's an idiot through and through!

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