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Rare Female Execution Scheduled In Texas

kimberly mccarthy

A rare female execution is scheduled for later today in Texas. Kimberly McCarthy, who was convicted of murdering her neighbor in 1997, is scheduled to die by lethal injection.

According to Reuters, McCarthy will be the first female to face execution in more than two years. She will be the 13 female since the Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty in 1976 to die by execution.

Richard Dieter, executive director of Death Penalty Information Center, said:

“Although women commit about 10 percent of murders, capital cases also require some aggravating factor like rape, robbery, or physical abuse. It’s unclear whether jurors or prosecutors may be more lenient in potential prosecutions of women, since there are relatively few.”

According to the Star Telegram, McCarthy entered the home of Dorothy Booth on July 21, 1997 telling her neighbor that she wanted to borrow some sugar. She then killed booth and chopped off her finger in order to steal her diamond ring. Prosecutors also believe that McCarthy may be responsible for the murder of two other women.

McCarthy was convicted in 1998 and was sentenced to death. The conviction was overturned in 2001 because McCarthy did not have an attorney present when she was being questioned about the crime. She was retried in 2002 and was sentenced to death again.

Wayne Huff, McCarthy’s attorney, tried to get the Supreme Court to review the case before McCarthy’s execution date. The Supreme Court denied the request but Huff has filed a clemency request to Texas Governor Rick Perry.

Huff said: “We’re working on seeing if there are any other avenues we can take.”

If the McCarthy is executed later today, she will be the second person to be executed in the United States this year. In 2012, 43 people were executed.

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179 Responses to “Rare Female Execution Scheduled In Texas”

  1. Anonymous

    We need a hell of a lot more executions! Especially the child killers, they need to be gone ASAP!

  2. James Maxey

    The rule is you do the crime you pay the penalty. As a born again Christian I am worried about her mortal soul, but, she has had time to make peace with God. It already been way past the date of the crime, it is now time to pay the penalty and get ready to stand before God, which may not be a good experience.

  3. Philip Hodgens

    I don't get it? What's with this "rare woman" thing? She doesn't look rare. Just another ghetto whore as far as I can tell. Doesn't matter though. She could come from the gutter or the Country Club. If she did the crime, adios!

  4. Anonymous

    So what she has a gash, she kiilled someone glad she's being exterminated. Should be no big story if you kill you should be killed, pretty simple.

  5. Bob Jones

    Where is the ACLU, NAACP and the reverants. Oh she has no money,,, ok. Its not a day to celebrate.. RIP. God rest your soul….

  6. Anonymous

    "In Texas if you kill one of us….we kill you back." (Ron White).

  7. Jody Johnson Haynes

    very sad to see the number of commenters below, including a so called "born again Christian" who instead of reaching out a helping hand to help this woman would rather judge her. The Bible says "cast yes not the first stone unless you are without sin." No one knows what motivation this woman had for her crimes. But can any of you say you are without sin? I do not remember anywhere in the Bible where it says "an eye for an eye." In fact, it says that if someone smacks our left cheek, we are to offer our right. We should not be judging this woman. We should be helping her. very sad world we live in when people think they are so much better than everyone else.

  8. Mary A Dungan

    Why was this murdering bitch allowed to live for an extra 15 years? Man or woman-horrific murder, death penalty. We pay for these psycho's to languish on death row for years, even when there is o doubt they are guilty. I say give them five years of appeals, then to the chamber.

  9. Mike Needle


  10. Anonymous

    This was no fight, or act of passion. She planned it, acted it out, killing the woman and chopping off her finger and robbing her of her ring in her home. There's your robbery charge. She's a piece of garbage with an evil, criminal mind. A needle is too kind for this woman. She needs her ring finger chopped off as the needle enters her.

  11. Jody Johnson Haynes

    no it isn't. The Bible says to not judge or condemn others, but instead reach out with a helpful hand.

  12. Anonymous

    This was a planned robbery and murder. No fight, accident, or act of passion. She murdered her neighbor for her ring, and chopped off her finger. This savage deserves more than the needle. She should have her ring finger chopped off as the needle is put to her. Sorry, no pass for being a female.

  13. Michael Murphy

    But…wait. She is a minority. In order to spare the feelings of our precious minorities, a random white woman should be executed in her place.

  14. Phyllis Petrillo

    shoot her up. next kill them quick once they are convicted and it will save us plenty.

  15. Josephine Zarra Restaino

    For this….you commented on FB? This was what we were ALL waiting for???? ROFLMAO!!!!!!

  16. Melissa Hagerman Guerrero

    Jody, the born again Christian did not judge her. A jury did. God said to follow the rules and obey law. That woman did not giver her victim a second chance at life. She did not give that elderly lady a chance at redemtion. The law says, if you are convicted then you get your due sentence. It sounds like you are the one being judgemental. That killer has had many years to settle her soul with God, while the victim did not. How do you know that she isnt ready to meet God? How do you know she hasnt settled her soul with God and now is ready to take the punishment for her crime?

  17. Edna Longstreet

    Why doesn't California send all their people on death row to Texas. At least somebody is doing something right and in aa timely manner.

  18. Stephanie Mulvaney

    Rule? I also think there is something about why a human being has the right to judge someone. I say God is the only one and she will get her day with God. Just my opinion though…

  19. Jack Travis

    see ya later bye. better get right with your maker in the next few hours. We need to kill more of them. Start making belivers out of these wacko's that think it's alright to kill someone. Get a job like the rest of us.

  20. Gary Stephen Wick

    I used to be a serious advocate for CP…..but now I have reversed simply because of cost. The system can and has failed with "wrong identification" also, so making sure someone has really done the crime is a slipery slope. Lock them up forever. Stop the death penalty as it costs just too much.

  21. John Paul Parks

    Some of Jesus' sayings cannot be taken literally. "Turn the other cheek," carried to its logical extreme, will result in a dead victim. Likewise if you give more to someone who steals from you.

  22. Randy Taylor

    Like Ron White said: you kill someone in Texas we will kill you back.

  23. John Paul Parks

    Jody, I see you are with the Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg. The Catholic church, which burned Joan of Arc at the stake for wearing pants in public, is hardly anyone to be lecturing us on the morality of death penalty, as applied someone who commits murder. And what sort of judgment should we make as to all the bishops who covered up the child sex abuse scandal?

  24. Don Sudbery

    As a christian, I still remember the victims in this situation. You can't just forget what people do. If that was the case, all of the criminals in prison that served their time and then got out to murder or rob again would not be an issue. I can promise you this, God will not forget, this woman will have to stand and be accountable for this action. Remember the 10 commandments,,,,,, She broke one of them so, she gets her just punishment on earth and will be held accountable to God….

  25. Linda Stein

    You posters are so foolish not to recognize how dangerous it is to give a government the right to kill its citizens. It's so discouraging to read these hateful, knee jerk let's kill them all, responses. God help us from people like you posters. This has nothing to do with the crime. It has to do with giving government that power.

  26. Sherrie Gingery

    Should this country can be proud of its listing among the world's Top 5 Executioners? According to Amnesty International the USA keeps company with some of the planet's most radical human rights violators: China, Iran, Iraq and Saudia Arabia.

  27. Rose Anna

    You have to be kidding me. Helping someone who happened to kill someone's mother and grandmother?? Ok you go ahead and feel sorry for her, I will be happy to help with the execution with a smile on my face.

  28. Anonymous

    I'm confused. She was convicted in 1997. Why do we wait so long to kill these people? How many millions of dollars do we waste housing and feeding the worthless turds?

  29. Mary Wider

    James Maxey, it isn't your job to worry ab out her Soul, it is hers and Gods.( and her Pastor , Priest, Minister , Rabbi or whatever.) Say a Prayer for her, can't hurt and it might help.

  30. Mary Wider

    dicklugar/ If you kill the person raping your child, should you be killed? Justice must be tempered with common sene, and mercy too.

  31. Louis Dudas

    In Texas abortion is not acceptable because it is the taking of a life. In Texas a state ordered killing is OK. How would 'Father Guido Santicci" explain this?

  32. Scooter Livingston

    Judy Johnson…Born-agains are jerks..the say "hate the sin but love the sinner" and yet they are bloodthirsty enough to scramble to throw the switch.

  33. Lourdes Cantu

    People art not judging her, that is the law of the land, she killed someone purposely, she knew what she was doing, premeditated murder! i pray she repents, if she hasn't, of her sins before she meets her Maker.

  34. Donnalynn Gerhard

    Are we really suppose to feel sorry for this Woman? a waste of our Tax Money.and she has to pay the price for taking a life or lives of others she may have murdered.

  35. Tracy Allen

    I would agree if it were giving the government the right to outright kil but its not. She must be found guilty by a jury of her peers first. God help us from idiots like you who woud have these people running around killing more innocents for their jewlery

  36. Larry Quadrato

    Texas does it right. Calif. has the death penalty. Hundreds are on death row and there have been no executions in over 50 years. No wonder they're broke.

  37. Patrick McMillen

    the only thing wrong about this situation is that it took so long exacting her sentence! So many tax dollars waisted on keeping her alive the last 10 yrs or so.

  38. Donnalynn Gerhard

    Thisi is sad..I guess she had a hard life, we do not know. And we cannot Judge her, I know I can't. But GOD CAN! So, it is in God's hand to forgive her..not us.I pray that she has repented and pray for sin's she committed.

  39. Tami Hamilton

    Mary you are trying to compare apples to oranges…PLEASE!!! There is a difference between self defense (which includes defending your child) and cold blooded murder…PERIOD!

  40. Colin D. Garland

    Well, yes this is a bit unusual because the person in question is a woman. However, the Texas justice system is completely abandoning its traditions because she IS black.

  41. Dotti DeGregorio

    I would very much like to help this woman. I would love to throw the switch or stick the needles into her. She lived off us and the State after committing her sorry crimes. Too bad her victims and their family did not have the same choicel

  42. Nancy Fish

    Unless someone kills in self defense I can't think of one instance where this would be ok – as for this person the story said she stole the victims ring – ya, that's a good reason to kill someone :(

  43. Nancy Fish

    Unless someone kills in self defense I can't think of one instance where this would be ok – as for this person the story said she stole the victims ring – ya, that's a good reason to kill someone :(

  44. Nancy Fish

    Stephanie Mulvaney this woman isn't being ''judged" by another human – she's being held ACCOUNTABLE

  45. Nancy Fish

    You are confusing cold-blooded MURDER for self-defense (of a child). Sad some can't see the difference.

  46. Nancy Fish

    You are confusing cold-blooded MURDER for self-defense (of a child). Sad some can't see the difference.

  47. Roland I'ma Man Hitchens

    There is a reason why a place like Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Turkey, Iran, and so on and so forth have the smallest amounts of crime in the world. It's because they don't play when it comes to punishing the guilty for their crimes. If you get caught stealing and you get your hand cut off then you will not steal again. You kill someone, you die, and quickly. Now I find fault in many of the things that comes from these countries, but when it comes to crime and punishment, they are the best of the bunch. If we were using these same rules to govern the masses, we would have hardly no crime at all. Even if every person in America had a weapon, the crime rate would be so small it would be laughable. Obviously I don't think as over there cheating on your spouse would not be considered a crime.

  48. Larry Latta

    what the hell was she on DEATH ROW for 17 years? Did her victim survive for that long? I think not. Average $30k per prisoner per year. There you go America, just another reason why this once great country is bankrupt and being flushed down the crapper.

  49. Frances Carodine

    yes if she was white she would got life sentence just like arae that white get death sentence for killing black. a lot blacks killing a white

  50. Lou Robertson

    In Texas they''ll electricute you even if your not guilty, I cringe to think how many innocent people were electricuted there when Bush was governor. That was a sport to him. He loves to watch people squirm, that's why he was fine with the torturing during his presidency!

  51. Lou Robertson

    Tracy Allen sorry to disagree with you, but two wrongs don't make a right!

  52. Traci Gannon

    Frances Carodine,that race crying is getting old.she murdered a 71 yr old woman in cases like this there is no color. im white and if this had been a white elderly woman or black or green i would say yes to rid the world of sick killers like this one and many more.

  53. Traci Gannon

    Mary Wider the woman she murdered was 71 hmmmm i wonder what the reason was for her brutal murder.i say get rid of the physco killers like her.

  54. Mario Davis

    Um, people need to stop thinking that they all tough and scary and better start fearing God.

  55. Peter Erkelenz

    Frances Carodine , she killled 3 people and deserves to pay the penalty for her crimes. Color has no bearing. You don't even know the makeup of the jury that gave her the death penalty. It May have been mostly black.

  56. Holly Warren

    I have not killed anyone. I am better than she is. Much. Much. Better. And so are you Jody Haynes. Also, by your own rules, you shouldn't judge me for judging her…because that's you judging me. Right?

  57. Peter Kowalski

    I am a catholic, and the Catholic Church is almost entirely anti-capital punishment. However, the Church does say that there are circumstances where it could be allowed in order for the State to protect itself and others. It would be a tough call. Who would make the call? Moral Theologians? The Bishops in union with the Pope? There would probably have to be a huge and controversial case before we would hear any formal ruling.

  58. Frank A. Smith

    If she is in mint condition with less than 10,000 miles on her, that would be a rare one!

  59. Tom Hodges

    If it were the electric chair, would she be more "well done"? Look, I don't dig the whole "eye for an eye" thing, but if it happens in Texas, it is bound to be stoopid…

  60. Peter Kowalski

    if Bush did not "Torture" Kalib Sheik Mohammad, we would never have known who Osama Bin Laden's courier was, never would have a courier to trail to Bin Laden's hideout, and Obama would never have been able to take the credit for something he did not do, since he was 100% against enhanced interrogation such as waterboarding.

  61. Anonymous

    bitch deserves to die, only problem, no gets to cut of her finger before they beat her to death!

  62. Anonymous

    bitch deseves to die, only problem, nobody gets to cut her finger off and beat her sorry worthless ass to death!

  63. Kim Souza

    Many people on "death row" spend too much time locked up and moving to their death row sentence. It costs thousands of dollars to house an inmate with our tax dollars. Just off 'em.

  64. Traci Gannon

    well didnt this killer of an eldery woman judge that her life was not worthy to live. i say we kill her now and let god judge her late.

  65. Anonymous

    Maybe you should recheck your bible…
    And in case men should struggle with each other and they really hurt a pregnant woman and her children+ do come out* but no fatal accident occurs, he is to have damages imposed upon him without fail according to what the owner of the woman may lay upon him; and he must give it through the justices.+ 23 But if a fatal accident should occur, then you must give soul* for soul,+ 24 eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot,+ 25 branding for branding, wound for wound, blow for blow.+
    You can find this in Exodus 21:24 and Leviticus 24:20 as well.

  66. Bob Vaughn

    I wish all of the states had this execution and I bet you watch and see how fast crime rate goes down really quick.

  67. Jeff Asch

    Mary Wider …Yeah, well we know the reason for the killing here, and yes, she should most certainly be put to death….period.

  68. Gene Leung

    Execution is the right punishment and justice for the victims and society.

  69. Jeff Asch

    No, god is NOT the only one who gets to judge, that's why we have a justice system. We don't just sit around and let evil people do whatever they want until they die because then GOD will judge them. They need to be judged by us LONG before that. I don't like taking chances on god possibly judging them one day.

  70. Jeff Asch

    I haven't killed one person , so yes, i certainly can and will judge an evil pig such as her….i also notice how afraid you are to back up your post by not responding again.

  71. Gene Leung

    Justice for the victims & family has prevailed. Good work Texas. You are a role model for the other 49 states.

  72. Jeff Asch

    Lou Robertson Sorry to disagree with YOU, but if this country is going to have a death penalty she should be one of the first in line. I suppose you'd rather have them all running around killing more people. Better yet, why don't you volunteer to take her in if you have an extra room? Maybe you can teach her about "making a right"…i just wouldn't wear any jewelry. You're BORN evil, you don't learn to do what she did. You either have that in you to do or you don't….period.

  73. Fred Palmer

    We are reaching out a helping hand, it has three needles in it. Just as it should. God does not say allow the wicked to continue to be wicked. An eye for an eye.

  74. Fred Palmer

    @ Linda, knee jerk reaction? Are you kidding me. She murdered and was founf guilty by a jury not once but twice. If she were set free who is to say she wouldn't do it all over again. And if she gets life in prison who should pay the bill? Maybe you.

  75. Fred Palmer

    @ Linda, knee jerk reaction? Are you kidding me. She murdered and was founf guilty by a jury not once but twice. If she were set free who is to say she wouldn't do it all over again. And if she gets life in prison who should pay the bill? Maybe you.

  76. Fred Palmer

    @ Lou, again more childish, stupid, bleeding heart liberal crap from you. This country has laws and penalties. You break the law you pay the penalty. I am sure there have been a few innocnets that have died wrongly. But many, many criminals died because they were guilty. And to blame the Bush's again is just more leftist drivel from someone who probably voted for Obama.

  77. Don Williams

    I say do away with the lethal injection type of execution and go to the old stile of hanging on the court house square on Saturday morning. This will put it on a level of observation that more people will see it and think, That could happen to me if I kill somebody. Yup that would lower the crime rate.

  78. Steve Inzalaco

    There has been 2 when Arnold was Gov. You idiot. One of the 2 was The Creator of the "Crips Gang" T. Williams. However idiot (Larry) we do need more. "The Night Stalker" one of the most feared killers has been on death row since the 80's. Richard Ramirez could be a demon.

  79. Anonymous

    Equal rights, equal crimes, equal responsibilities and consequences. What she did was heineous. There are many ways to support an addiction and dozens of ways to receive help. Being a woman or any other minority does not excuse nor diminish one's responsibility or accountability to society. Buh bye now!

  80. Christina Haley

    Hey Lou get your Texas facts correct. We havent used the chair since 1964. We have strong values here that one should not kill. So do as you other staters wanna do. But I implore you to think, would you want her out and your neighbor. Let us see if you would like her knocki g on your door for a cup of sugar. I bet you would never let her see your jewelry or for that matter, you wouldnt open your door. I even would guess you would be on the phone saying "that murderer is at the door".

  81. Steve Inzalaco

    This woman was convicted for this Murder. Planned out the Murder, Stole The Ring, Her Mercedes, Her Credit Cards to use at a liquor store, pawned the ring for $200 to buy crack. This woman was a Home Health Care Nurse Aid. She was linked by DNA to have killed Elderly women before in 1988 with a meat tenderizer. She is a Killer! She needs to pay for what she has done. When a Person is on drugs they will almost do anything when they rock bottom.Do we blame drugs? All I know is a lot of people in this world have an addictive personality…for Attention, Coffee, Drinking, Drugs.Sex..Etc. If drugs were not on the street…yes there will be less crime. But its impossible to do. I'm a Paramedic and I will tell you this MAJORITY of Deaths I have been Dispatched to respond to Ages 60 and below was drug linked. Some were users and OD, some were killed for their wallets for drug money (person was arrested), some were killed because they were dealers and got their drugs taken from desperate users. I can go on and on. Lets see in my 14 years as a Paramedic…I have seen about 400 of these cases….just me and my partner. Not including the rest of California Paramedics and Law Officers. Its sad that some have these "hardcore Addictive personalities" vs people who do this in moderation. Is it weakness? I don't know. But she has to pay for this simply because it's law. As the bible has them and as we have them in the System we live in. Reality!

  82. Steve Inzalaco

    She targeted the most defenseless Elderly Women. For her Addiction.

  83. Anonymous

    Just because it's a she, shouldn't matter. If you're a low life, ignorant, violent, piece of excrement, you need to die. Quick, before she has a chance to win some appeal based on her coloredness. Here come Jessie and Al.

  84. Willie Sims

    This reminds me when Bush was governor and he had a female killed. But now he is slowly killing us all with the high, high and higher gas prices that he started when he was President. So his killings are still going on.

  85. Gene Leung

    They don't use electrocution in Texas. There was no doubt that this lady was guilty and had to be eliminated as a detriment to society..

  86. Donna Fleury McDonald

    Why does it seem like the victims rights died with them? This is a bunch of Bull, she did it and now she needs to pay for it. All my sympathy lies with the victim and her family.There wasn't any second chance or appeals for Dorthy when this heifer ended her life and then cut off her finger to get her ring! Sick!

  87. Donna Fleury McDonald

    She was convicted by a jury. We are under the laws of our land and if that law says death to murderers that is what happens! How about we save all of our sympathy for the family and the victim that this monster killed. We all make choices that affect our lives some good some bad,but this person crossed over and committed a heinous crime.

  88. Phil Traver

    Hey're an idiot . Bush didn't execute anyone . The justice department did . About time people wake up and stop trying to blame Bush for everything that happens in Texas

  89. Tom Santi

    Exodus 21:14

    However, if someone deliberately kills another person, then the slayer must be dragged even from my altar and be put to death.

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