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Mother Forces Baby To Get Tattoo, Disturbing Video

Mother Forces Baby To Get Tattoo

A baby forced to get a tattoo has shocked viewers. The video that was released two days ago and it is causing outrage worldwide. The video shows a woman, named as the mother, restraining a baby that is receiving a tattoo. The video is incredibly disturbing as the baby is struggling and crying while the needle is being applied to his arm.

The video is described as “Video Abuse Mother Giving Her Baby A Tattoo.” No further information was supplied leading to wild speculation about its origin.

In an article mentioning the video, which has gone viral, International Business Times has suggested that the people featured in the video are Cuban:

“In it the unidentified woman, who appears to be in her 30s, can be seen pinning the child him to her chest while the tattoo artist completes the design. At one point, she is heard saying “mire, mire” – Spanish for “look” – as the child continues to scream in agony. It is believed that the controversial procedure took place in Havana, Cuba.”

The majority of view comments accompanying the video on YouTube are filled with contempt:

TheFlyingDutchman444: “Someone please kill this woman”

aniric23: “Take the kid away from that woman asap,and then sterilize her so she can never breed again.”

MedicalAndSpirit: “This is really sick. Such mothers are not worth it to have children. Get that child away from the mother as soon as possible.”

Several viewers have suggested that the tattoo may have had something to do with the family’s cultural. One viewer (Brittany Paul) suggested that the video was actually a clip from a UNICEF documentary:

“It is actually part of a 45 minute UNICEF video on child trafikking. This is an incredibly common practice in countries where children are abducted and sold into the sex and drug trade. The practice of branding allows the child to be returned to their families in the event that they are resuced. Children are often taken before they are old enough to know common identifiers about themselves and before this practice would frequently end up in the Foster care system.”

A search of available videos released by UNICEF did not contain any “branding” or “tattooing” of babies.

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65 Responses to “Mother Forces Baby To Get Tattoo, Disturbing Video”

  1. Amanda Dixon

    sick bitch shouldnt have, any mother that can sit there so calm while their child is being torchered needs a bullet.

  2. Jackie Keller- Lunde

    That's some bs!!! That tattoo artist and mom need to be charged!

  3. Christina Baker

    Wow that made me tear up! I hope she and the tattoo artist gets locked up forever!!

  4. Jazmine Estrada

    I refuse to watch this video. I saw a small teaser for the 11 o'clock news and couldn't believe it. What is this world coming to? I literally cried. Just reading this. How could a mother do this to her baby? Shouldn't this be child abuse? UGH! I just don't understand why someone would choose to do something so horrible; specially a mother. Breaks my heart.

  5. Princesz Mariie Esquea

    Smh.. That nigga needs to get he's balls cut off por Mmg tambien ,., poor baby

  6. Kristi Unruh

    Yeah I hope so too. I couldn't even barely watch any of this, definitely couldn't finish it. What in the world were they thinking ugh.

  7. Christina Baker

    It was one of the worst things I've seen. So sickening and sad

  8. Urnises Rodriguez-Mancebo

    I've seen other videos posted but I am to weak to even hit play!! I don't know what is going on in this mother's head but she should rot in hell and for everybody else that abuses a child!!! Ugh!!!

  9. Brent Everett

    And I bet you all have your children's ears pierced at that age too….hypocrites that's all you are

  10. Cynthia Duprey

    when the child is older she can take the earings out and let her ears heal up if she so chooses a tattoo is something that child will have to live with for the rest of his/her life i wouldint do neither if i ever had a baby but id rather see peirced ears instead of this, this is extreamly disturbing and that mother should do jail time for marking up her babys body agents its will

  11. Jennifer Letourneau-Eyraud

    That child shpuld be put in to protective custody immediately. That so called mother should be sentenced to to life in pain. We need stronger punishments to help all these children being abused and mistreated. Maybe then people would stop the abuse.

  12. Jazmine Estrada

    Yes was all over the news here yesterday. I guess it took place in Cuba. I couldn't watch it either. :-(

  13. Chrissy Rock Heart Starr

    I honestly thought that parents wud have enough respect for their young children let alone the tattoo shops should have refused to do a tattoo on kids

  14. Jennifer Deutschmann

    Diana, the video was added to the story you linked to 4 days ago. Additionally, the article you linked to points out that the video is unrelated to the original article they posted in December.

    ie. "Another story has surfaced about a dad who decided to give his child a tattoo while he was drunk. Here is actual footage of a drunk dad tattooing a baby. What the hell is wrong with people?"

  15. Karina Gordon

    This women should spend the rest of her life in jail. As for the tattoo artist and the man standing watching. This is heart breaking. How could anybody do this to a child. Pisses me off I wish I saw this women somewhere!

  16. Brie Marie

    I watched like 5 seconds of this and it automatically made me pissed off, how could someone hurt a child, no less a tattoo. This

  17. Diana Campbell Killmer

    Oops, sorry, thanks for pointing that out! *sigh* It's also sad

  18. Kristi Unruh

    Uh I didn't post it thank you very much. I just commented on the article & it showed up on my page..

  19. Dave Ask

    this woman and the idiots that did that should all be shot for abusing that child.that is just sick.adults do that shit to them selves is one thing ///and they are still stupid but to a little child come on.

  20. Dave Ask

    this woman and the idiots that did that should all be shot for abusing that child.that is just sick.adults do that shit to them selves is one thing ///and they are still stupid but to a little child come on.

  21. Anonymous

    did you guys even read the part where it said this is used in countries where children often get abducted for child slavery? This is so the parents can find the kid if he gets stolen. you shouldn't be mad at the mother you should be mad at the child slavery industry.

  22. Joel B Van Goor

    Really? You thought it was a good idea to add a how-to video on making tattoos, so people can try this for themselves at home?

  23. Patrick Howell

    u are a nut case if you believe that is better than baptism.

  24. Patrick Howell

    it seems nobody read or paid attention to this part of the story. the logic makes perfect sense. cant get rid of that tattoo very easily. its the slant of the article that makes one think she is a bad person. its probably just the opposite…she loves them enough to do that. tattoos suck!

  25. Nancy-James Martin

    The mother…what about the tattoo artist? Both of them should be charged w/assault.

  26. Autumn Alexander

    I wish that somebody would reach up inside of her with an chain saw and cut out her female organs so that she could never breed again! What the HELL is wrong with people?

  27. Jamie Wilson

    It brought tears to my eyes. How can someone do that to a baby/child. People like that don't deserve to be parents, they don't deserve to be alive.

  28. Delores Buckaloo

    I had to hold my grandson so he could get his immunization shots and we both came out of the room crying. I do not understand how people who say they love their children but can calmly watch as they are crying out in pain. I think people need to get love back into their hearts instead of all this abuse and evil. So many babies and children are being abused and killed. This world has become so sick.

  29. Rebecca Hatcher Hallahan

    While I would not be able to do this as it would make me cry as much as my child. I do understand the purpose behind it if that is the reason! It does make perfect sense if the child has some identifying mark. I did not watch the video at all, I dont' have the stomach, but I imagine if you had someway to verify it was your baby than all the crying would be worth it! Although I wonder how many children they are actually able to retrieve from child trafficing rings.

  30. Kim Ranjbar

    Did no one read the article? "The practice of branding allows the child to be returned to their families in the event that they are resuced" Hell yes I'd tattoo my child if I lived in a country where traffiking was prevalent. Wouldn't you? READ PEOPLE! Try reading the whole article before making stupid comments. And what about the oh so common practice of piercing your baby's ears? Or circumcision? That's okay, huh?

  31. Susan Rocca

    I know this video sucks to watch, and the deed ain't right. But it might be heaven compared to a saline abortion performed on a child just a year younger than that. And when the tortures' done, at least the kid is still alive.

  32. Jessica Stramer

    this video is hard to watch without bringing tears to my eyes. I just want to run to that baby's side and protect the poor thing.. omgod.. why do people do these things! Literally breaks my heart!

  33. Maryjane Kush

    execute mom and tattoo "artist".
    I hope a dr volunteers to do laser tattoo removal for kid.

  34. Kayla Hummel

    I understand that in some countries kids getting tattoos for recognition where kidnappings are at a high. but these people were laughing during the video and seemed to be getting a kick out of it. the things children go thru makes me just wish a giant meteorite would just destroy us all.

  35. Judy Decker Steele

    While I don't like what this mom has done to her child, I do understand why it was done. With all the human trafficking going on, I can understand that parents want to do something to identify their child from other children. It makes IDing them so much easier, whether by the parents or by authorities. My problem with the tattoos on a baby is, the baby's skin is so tender and very sensitive and the child has no clue as to why Mommy and Daddy are making them get hurt. Some cultures tattoo their children very early in life and it is considered the norm, in their society. Fortunately, this baby is still very young and will undoubtedly forget about the incident, over time. I just hope, above all, that the needles were new and that the baby didn't get an infection or disease, from the procedure.

  36. Lolli FlowerChild Dodson

    Laser removal is more painful then the initial process.. just saying .. I agree.. but its very painful and you still have a scar in the shape of the tattoo

  37. Kisa Mae Kurtz

    3 seconds into the video and I'm horrified couldn't watch the entire thing. That child isn't even mine and I had a motherly instinct to protect him. How the fuck can any mother do this and not feel a strong urge to protect their child. She is literally insane or has zero capability to care for another human being's well being. if I ever met her I swear I'd rip her uterus out!

  38. Nina Ortiz

    Omg someone needs to bitch slap this broad who fukin does that to a baby!! I swear some bitches shouldnt be allowed to reproduce!! Smh!!

  39. Saundra Kirk

    Yes this is messed up but apparently some didn't read the reasoning behind it…A) different country B) this is to identify a child because of high risk of drug and sex trafficking. .The baby would be identified and returned. Children that small could easily be taking w.o any actual I'd this way the mother would get her child back.if taken…I wouldn't get my son tattood he also has a birth mark recognizable. Sorry I'm being open minded. She didn't do it waking up like I'm getting this done on my son for fun.