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Granny’s Got A Gun: Michigan Woman Fires At Mugger 11 Times

ramona taylor kamate

Detroit, MI – A great-grandmother fired 11 times at a home bus passenger who attempted an early morning robbery. Ramona Taylor Kamata, 56, pulled her handgun when she was attacked on a city bus after leaving a Southfield mall.

The Clinton Township woman noted that she was used to seeing the same faces on her usual bus route, according to ClickOnDetroit. Ramona Kamata reportedly has a concealed carry permit. The day of the shooting, the Michigan great-grandma was approached by a young man she had never seen before.

The gun-toting grandma has this to say about firing her gun at the attacker:

“He was saying, ‘you smell good, looks like you have money’ and I said no I don’t. He grabbed my book bag and I grabbed it back and we started tussling, I bit him on his left hand. When he struck me in my head we started fighting. No one tried to intervene. It’s sad you have all those men on the bus, and no one helped me.”

During an interview with WJBK, Kamate noted her attacker also said, “You by yourself, b***h.” As the young man tried to run off with the great-grandma’s things, folks started yelling that he had a gun. When the attacker turned around and faced the Michigan grandma, she pulled her 9mm out of opened fire. She fired 11 times at the man, but is unsure if any of the bullets made contact.

Ramona Kamate also had this to say about the mugging:

“At first, I felt remorse because I have grandchildren. But if my grandchildren are out her doing what these punks are doing, they need to get the same thing.”

Kamate is currently working with police officers to catch the mugger. An older woman traveling alone may have made Ramona look like an easy target. But, her willingness to pull her gun may make the mugger think twice about trying to rob women in the future.

Do you think Kamate was justified in pulling her gun on the attacker?

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114 Responses to “Granny’s Got A Gun: Michigan Woman Fires At Mugger 11 Times”

  1. K Alexandra Monaco

    This is seriously disturbing and why most people shouldn't carry guns. 1. was whatever was in her purse or book bag worth taking a life over? 2. 11 shots and doesn't know if she even hit him? 3. if her aim is that bad, what about the innocent bystanders on the bus?

  2. Janet Khozozian Shemligan

    I'm curious as to where she carried the gun if he took off with her bag. Getting away with the gun would be a major problem.

  3. C.m. Johnston

    way to go woman, and yes, I think she had the right to pull it out.

  4. Carolyn Majors

    She might have been justified, but to shoot on a bus with other people nearby? I question that. AND if she had to fire 11 times (1 over the limit for bullets in my opinion) she should be required to enroll in a target practice session until she could hit what she was aiming at!

  5. Pat Latner White

    If somebody that crowded bus would have helped her, I doubt she would have needed to shoot the gun. I know if someone was hitting me, I would shoot him too.

  6. Bonnie Michaelis

    My thought exactly, K! If she fired 11 shots and he's still on the run, she's damn lucky she didn't hit an innocent bystander. Take that gun AWAY from her!

  7. Maggie Scarborough

    I can only imagine that we I in the same situation, I'd have to defend myself the best that I could also. What's the matter with all those men up there?

  8. Jackie M Ortiz

    she did a good thing, stupid people are every where and they always want to try the elderly.. well she just showed them..i can't understand why people cannot help others when there's trouble..those ppls on the bus really suck as a human being..i wouldn't want to be there relatives I'd be embarresed.

  9. Brenda Mcnulty

    on a crowded bus full of cowards u mean!!! they need to be shot too.

  10. Jennifer Thomson

    And I'll bet I'd she actually hit one of those purple on the bus, All those people who just stood there and did nothing will do something the next time!!

  11. Laura Demmitt

    She would never of had to do that if the other men on the bus would have helped.

  12. Jessy Castro

    She has the right to protect herself! Plus no one else was coming to her aid. What if he had killed her? Shame on all those bystanders!

  13. Dave Tribble

    My question is, why didn't you start firing when he was closer?

  14. Yolanda Mathis Neal

    The passengers on that bus should be ashamed of themselves for not coming to her aid! I think he will thing twice about attacking anyone. News flash, when you're at target practice, your target isn't moving. It's much harder to hit someone running, I hope one hit true!

  15. Jack Easterwood

    If she had a greater capacity mag, maybe she would have gotten off enough rounds and hit the MF! That is my opinion only.

  16. Barbara Mays Martin

    as a grandmother myself aand sixty-one years old I would have done the same thing, and the would be on my person and not in my bag as I am sure this randmothers was too you go girl.

  17. Fred Molesworth

    She shot 11 times and doesn't' know if she hit him? Does she know how many other people she hit?

    If you're going to get a concealed permit, you damned well better know how to properly use that weapon.

  18. Samuel J. Saladino

    Read the story, some people commenting are jumping to conclusion without the FACTS. Nowhere does it say the bus was crowded. Nowhere does it say she opened fire while still ON the bus. It said the guy was trying to run away with her things, How can you run away while still in the bus with the doors closed? Either he had made it to the door and she was firing through the open door at him, or they had exited the door when the fight erupted. Even if it had been on the bus, what if he was the was the only one between her and the rear of the bus, with nobody in or behind the live of fire. I would also think if she had opened fire in the bus the cops could have counted the bullet holes and if eleven found most likely he wasn't hit.

    Finally regarding the comment about 11 shots being 1 too many. Many of the compact pistols designed for concealed carry, especially in smaller calibers like.380 and 9mm hold 12 or more rounds, there is no such thing as too many. If it takes 1 or 100 to stop the threat makes no difference. Also pay attention to where she was, Detroit, MI a virtual War Zone in today's economy, with local politicians considering selling off the assets, tearing down those it can't and offering what's left to the highest bidders in surrounding communities. No Jobs, Abandoned Buildings, Rampant Crime and Drugs have destroyed Detroit.

  19. Marie A Buchner

    What is so wrong about that?? Perhaps she was 18 when she had a child. Then that child at 18 had a child. Then that child at 18 had a child…..still would only make this woman 54!!!

  20. Matthew Smith

    I'm sorry. What I meant to say was, Congratulations on having such a large family at such a young age, especially in an economic hotspot like Detroit, where great jobs and housing are widely available for 18 year olds and mid 30 something grandmas. Keep up the good work! I would advise on improving your aim though, hope that doesn't offend anyone.

  21. Kathy Evans

    56 is hardly a "granny", even if she is physically a great-grandmother. It just means that she, her daughter and granddaughter all had children very young. But I agree with her response to this mugger. He's lucky he wasn't killed.

  22. James Lair

    That's what its all about. To protect our selfs from being severly hurt or killed. That's the only way to deal with a bad guy with a gun is a good Gramma with a gun. God bless you.

  23. Roy Dean

    hell yes what she had in her purse was worth a life. The scum who would mug an old lady need to DIE!. But, yes, she defiantly needs to do some target practice. My only problem is that the mugger was not lying DEAD with 11 holes in him. And, just maybe the asshole "men" on the bus should have taken a bullet or 2 just for being douche-bags and not helping out an old lady!

  24. Carolyn Wheeler

    Hard to believe she fired 11 times and he was still upright, to bad she didn't nail him with the first shot.

  25. Amanda Overbey

    I know there are some that will disagree but, I think that she had every right to defend herself. She is right. It is sad that NOBODY intervened when they saw she was being attacked. I stand behind her 100%.

  26. Gene Mastro

    Appsolutely justified, sad that no one was willing to help her. Too bad she couldn't end the conflict with 2 well placed shots!

  27. James Lair

    Hey take grannys gun lol now you have a gun free zone where the thugs and gangs can come on board and do some practice shooting and knowing that NO ONE on the bus has a gun except therm. that is beyond stupid.

  28. Amanda Overbey

    So, this man should be able to rob women and beat them in the streets and this woman should not be able to defend herself? That does not make sence. It is not about what he was stealing. It is about him committing a crime and her defending herself. She has every right to do so. You are the same people that would procecute a rape victom for shooting her attacker citing the same reasons.

  29. Peachez Jackson

    Thing is I dont care if i'm carrying rocks in my bag, THEY ARE MY FECKING ROCKS, NOT YOURS!! and you have no fecking right to take from me what is mine! PERIOD!!! So, yes I think she wa justified in firing on this a-hole. too bad a few bullets didn't hit him in said a-hole. I also agree that she should go to the gun range and practice a bit more. so that if there is a next time she will actually put a cap in that mofos azz. That fact that no one else got hit was a blessing. even those cowardly men that was on the bus got blessed by not getting a bullet up their coward azzes. they should have been shot for being punks, imo

  30. Peachez Jackson

    for all we know the new media got it wrong. but you guys sure took the bait and ran with it didnt you. makes you wonder who the real idiots are.

  31. Peachez Jackson

    imma get me a gun. but since I play Area 51 arcade game on a regular, I would have no problem hitting my target. and I could shoot to mame or kill. don't matter to me.

  32. Robert Conley

    That is the problem in todays world; no one wants to get involved in helping anyone, afraid that they might get hurt. They don't think that the next time it could be them that is attacked.

  33. Christine Davies

    dont you have to have classes to get a concealed permit? like how to clean and use the gun? OMG!

  34. Fred Molesworth

    I"m not sure what the requirement is, but it should include extensive training, or you become more of a theat to the public than to a bad guy. This lady is lucky she didn't kill several innocent people

  35. Robin Gartelman Stone

    Most Definetly……Shame on the people who did nothing.

  36. Pauly Maloney

    I don't know if the story is the sad fact that noone ran to her aid, or that she is a GREAT-GRANDMOTHER at only 56? which is the sadder part of america?

  37. Joy Galloway-Kennison

    Detroit, the picture of what liberal policies will end up doing to America.

  38. Joy Galloway-Kennison

    Detroit, the picture of what liberal policies will end up doing to America.

  39. Ryan Hamilton

    11 times! you better be damned sure you make contact the FIRST time. that's just what we need, more terrible shots, shooting wildly…

  40. Ryan Hamilton

    11 times! you better be damned sure you make contact the FIRST time. that's just what we need, more terrible shots, shooting wildly…

  41. Joy Galloway-Kennison

    What the hell does it matter what was in her book bag. The simple fact remains he assaulted her and was trying to rob her. She has EVERY RIGHT to defend her self and HER property (what belongs to her). I say too bad she didn't have more ammo to make sure she hit that scumbag.

  42. Rosa Ruland

    The way "we humans" have so called evolved is bullshit. I watched a vid today of an infant in China getting ran over and NO body helped the poor child, she was dead and people just walked by, until someone picked up the lifeless body of that little girl. if I see someone in distress I am going to intervene. with or with out a Gun.

  43. John Cunningham

    Good 4 you! Better 4 good people 2 shot bad people! The USA should wake up and let all states carry gun's.Phillie has hi crime rate can't carry a gun there but the state of PA. You can more bad people in PA get shot than good people! Sheriff's are saying it's your duty to have a gun and be trained 911 may take to long look it up!

  44. Melissa Brasuell-Tackett

    I applaud her for defending herself.. but I am disgusted by the utter lack o f human compassion the bystanders showed… as to the question if one or 11 were enough bullets if I were in detroit area I would want more ammo…but if she could not hit him while he was on the bus with her with 11 shots she needs to take a training class and be very thankful she didn't hit a bystander.

  45. Michelle Cooper Hubbart

    So right. I actually listened to the news clip. The story says that they ended up outside the bus where she emptied her clip. NO ONE was injured on the bus or sidewalk and police say that she acted responsively.

  46. Jamie Mathes

    Um, did you even read this article? This is an old woman, who probably isn't strong enough to go into hand-to-hand combat with a young man and he actually hit her in the head. So she should've let him beat her up, steal her bag, and/or wait helplessly for the cops? I don't think so. And as far as the "innocent bystanders".. maybe someone should've actually done something before it had to go that far. They were probably safely hiding like the cowards they are anyway. She did what she had to.

  47. Jamie Mathes

    This says nothing about the shots being made on the bus. It actually sounds more like she made the shots outside. Besides, how else could she have defended herself? Grown man vs. older woman: who's going to win in hand-to-hand combat? Probably not the older woman. She did what she had to. If your life was on the line and everyone else was too much of a coward to help, I'm pretty sure you'd appreciate having a way to defend yourself.

  48. Sean Kevin Gonzalez

    She should have KILLED him? For an attempted robbery? Killing over no money. or even a little money? Many you don't value life much.

    And as for her hoping MEN will help her, I'm sorry. She has the gun…the onus is on HER…and since the feminist movement says women are the equal to men, they don't need chivalry anymore and can take it like a guy. Can't have your cake and eat it too, granny.

  49. Mary Ellen Lucas

    She definitely had the right since all the men were cowards and wouldn't help her.

  50. Sean Kevin Gonzalez

    No one helped her because feminism says women are the equal to men, and if that's true, she can handle it herself..and apparently she did. So WTF are you griping about? Can't be annoyed by the world shaped as you want it.

    Especially since men are the sufferers of 83% of all violent crime in the US. We don't need to volunteer to get hurt, doll. It happens and feminist could give a shit already, or they wouldn't be focusing on this kind of crap, Rape Culture Mythology and all their misandry.

    So pick what you want, A) Help or B) Equal RIghts because there is no other option marked ALl of the Above.

  51. Kathleen Eason Dillon

    It doesn't matter what was in her purse!!!! No one has the right to take anything from anyone else and if more people were afraid of dying if they took something that doesn't belong to them, maybe they wouldn't do it!!! You go, granny.

  52. Dixie Darling

    Good job great grandma! I am a 59yo great granny that is just as ready to protect me and mine, or anybody else in danger. I would strongly suggest though that you start target practicing somehow even if it is just plinking cans somewhere safe to do so. It is very important to be able to be effective in the event you ever have to use your protection again, hopefully it will never happen again!

  53. Diana E. Ramirez

    @ Sean Kevin Gonzalez: Didn't she say he was beating her? You don't think a young man using force and hitting her on the head, this is an elderly woman, is deadly force? People CAN and HAVE died of being hit over the head once. The CRIMINAL should have thought about the odds of being killed for robbing a purse. I have absolutely no sympathy for criminals especially those that prey on women like that grandma and I.
    Your sympathy and value for life are skewed towards the criminal…smh

  54. Diana E. Ramirez

    Sean Kevin Gonzalez BTW your stupid comments about the feminine movement are nothing but a cop out because you don't feel like you should help anyone. I hope that you are never in a situation like that surrounded by people like the ones in that bus and yourself but Karma can be a bitch…

  55. Stein Haynes

    i like your point i should just be able to take what ever i want after its only money . they deserve to have the right hand cut off just like the romans us to do

  56. Stein Haynes

    and what the hell do you bean value life hes beating and stealing why should anyone value his life hes human refuse. a perfect was of good working organs

  57. Diana E. Ramirez

    I like how both of you know nothing of CCL but are quick to make assumptions about the permit holder. NO ONE was hurt, she was NOT on the bus and NO WHERE does it say that she just randomly shot at him. My guess is that she saw there was no on in the line of fire then proceeded to shoot at a moving target. That is what any other permit holder would do…and it isn't easy hitting a moving target, just ask cops that unload round after round and don't hit the perp. Get a grip.

  58. Ron Lazell

    This is y ordinary cit zens should not have guns.perp was already leavin. No proof he had gun, she didn't c it an to top it all the stupid cow fires eleven fuckin times without knowing where any of bullets went. Anyone could have bin shot. Especially if more than one started firing. Yeah lets have a gun battle on a bus an shoot everybody. She couldn't even fuckin shoot straight an prob at close range. Yeah lets put fuckin guns in anybody's hands.

  59. Ron Lazell

    I am so glad I don't kive in this stupid country, an what makes it worse is the mentality of some of the ppl who live there. Good bloody luck. Made in the u s of a.

  60. Talia Wallace

    YES, of course she was justified. She tried biting, pulling her things back, etc. Only when he started running away, and being elderly she wasn't able to chase him, only then did she fire her gun. She was completely justified.

  61. Alexander Hayes

    Sean Kevin Gonzalez Hell yeah she should have killed him. If someone robbed and attacked me, you're damn straight I'd kill him, and I'd be proud of it too. I do value life, I value my life, and the lives of my loved ones. But I sure as shit don't value the life of some piece of shit scumbag who is trying to rob and attack me. And yeah the guys on the bus should have done something. I know I would have done something if I was there. I saw a girl getting beat up by 2 grown men when I was 15 years old, and I ran out there with a baseball bat. They both stopped beating her, they even let her get up and take off. She kept saying thank you as she walked away. Those guys probably could have whopped my ass even if I did have a bat. Not a single person on that bus knew she had a gun to defend herself, and not a single person made the right choice to try to help her. Also it's not even about being a guy or or girl, if it was some 56 year old man getting robbed would you just say fuck it, he's a man he can handle himself. What's it like to be such a slimy little grease ball rat?

  62. Jan Drayton

    Everyone has the right to protect themselves and their property.. I don't know what kind of men were on that bus, but I think they must all have been cowards or big time losers. There was an elderly woman being hit by a man and no one helped? I'm glad she had the means to protect herself.

  63. Mike Finamore

    I don't know, or for that matter, much care where you live, but most every municipality has classes that are MANDATORY for obtaining a CCW permit.

  64. Debra Wilson Duke

    Requirements for CCL depend on the state. None of the men tried to help her so they were accomplices to the crime, that makes them NOT innocent. Granny just needs a little target practice, but probably couldn't afford it with the price of ammo, personally I don't waste ammo and I don't need more practice. The crook would not have shed any tears if he had killed everybody on the bus and on the sidewalk. No tears until he was before a jury, if he was ever caught!

  65. Terri Sunday

    I think she is justified to pull the gun, glad she has a permit, but, 11 times and missed him? Maybe take some shooting lessons at the range or new glasses? LOL. Nobody helped her, what a crying shame. What goes around comes around. Some people are useless! Go granny!

  66. Terri Sunday

    At Sean Kevin, does that mean if she didn't have a gun, then the guys should have helped her? Or since she has a gun, she doesn't deserve help? Not sure? Not quite sure what "take it like a guy" means, but, if you mean the granny deserved to not have help because she was a woman, you are a piece of work. I am a woman and i would stand and help ANYONE! Doesn't matter if they are man or woman, child, any race, any nationality because I have a thing inside called HONOR! It doesn't come with a gun, a face, a sex, a color, it comes with a caring soul. Maybe you should try one on for size. Sounds like you have some mommy/son issues anyway. And oh yeah, by the way, I am a veteran also. OMG! And yeah, I can pretty much take it like a man! Get a life creep!

  67. Terri Sunday

    He talked trash to her and about her, he grabbed her things, he hit her in the head and she pulled out a gun! Sounds like he came looking for trouble, and she helped him find it! lmao

  68. Terri Sunday

    To Samuel, it didn't say the bus was crowded. She did state that the people on the bus did nothing to help? just sayin……

  69. Terri Sunday

    K alexandra, doesn't matter what was in her bag. It wasn't HIS. He was forcefully trying to take it, he talked trash to her, he grabbed her bag, he hit her in the head. What the hell was she supposed to do? Beg him not to? I don't think so. If someone grabbed one of my grandchildren, yes, I would do anything to pacify the attacker as to not harm them. however, she has a right to defend herself against someone punching her in the head. He went looking for trouble, he found it!

  70. Terri Sunday

    Really Matthew? I'm 48 and a grandmother? had my first child at 21. She had her first child at 21? What is your forum today? Because she is a young great grandmother she is………what? waiting for you to fill in the blanks

  71. Terri Sunday

    At Ron, wow, do you eat with that mouth? I'm not quite sure why she is a stupid cow? Really. I'm just wondering, if she were your mother, he hit her in the head, nobody helped her and your mother fired at the creep, if your mother would still be a stupid cow? Just wondering? But then, many men with attitudes like yours usually treat their mothers like stupid cows anyway, so, after all, all of us females who fire a gun at someone who just punched us in the head are all in the same old "stupid cow" pasture, arent we? LOL

  72. Terri Sunday

    LOL Belinda. I wouldn't have missed 11 times. You know better! I didn't get expert ribbon for nothing you know! I earned it baby sister!

  73. Caroline Chandler

    Too bad she missed and didn't kill the worthless piece of crap. Maybe she should have shot all of the lazy bastards who didn't help her. Despicable. Our society sucks!

  74. Maybe AB

    Wish she could have hit the punk with a couple of bullets! Let that be a lesson to you, would-be thieves– Be careful who you're messin' with 'cause we're not going to tolerate it anymore!

  75. Zack Purciful

    Who made you the expert on number of bullets needed, just saying your buying into liberal anti gun propaganda. What part of shall not be infringed, do you not get.

  76. Xhekli Duraj

    You didn't read properly and are not thinking straight. It never state they were still on the bus. Also, it did state she shot him as he was running away. I don't know which physic defying world you live in, but I find it impossible to run away on a bus, that is confined space.

  77. Deb Friddle

    for all of you who think she should not have had a gun….maybe next time it will be your grandmother that gets attacked.

  78. Deb Friddle

    Hey…I was a great grandma at 56…and it made my mom a great great grandma !!

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