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KKK Robes In Class Cause Controversy, But Not Punishment

ku klux klan robes

A group of students at a Las Vegas school wore KKK robes in the classroom for a presentation on US History. Several parents complained about the incident, but the school is standing behind the teacher.

According to The Daily Caller, the incident occurred at Las Vegas Academy, a performing arts magnet school, earlier this month. Photos of the KKK robes from the class performance quickly circulated around social media, and several parents wrote letters to the school complaining about racial insensitivity.

Principal Scott Walker said that the incident was “unfortunate.”

Walker said:

“While the presentation was designed to highlight the atrocities committed by the Klan, and there was no intention to harm or offend on the part of the students, it was in poor judgment and inappropriate for students to go to such lengths to convey their message … We are deeply sorry for this offensive incident and appreciate your support and cooperation as we use these events as teachable moments about cultural and historical understanding,”

The Las Vegas Sun reports that the teacher will not be disciplined for the incident. Amanda Fulkerson, a school district spokesperson, said that the teacher, who was not identified, was “reminded of policy” after the incident.

Fulkerson said:

“The student in this case has been counseled and the teacher has been reminded of the policy in place to notify the principal of potentially controversial lessons … We expect the attention to this event will remind all teachers the policy exists only to protect them.”

Las Vegas Academy found its self in a similar controversy last year. One incident involved students saying the N-word during a production of Huckleberry Finn and another involved a theater performance where students dressed up as Adolph Hitler.

Do you think KKK robes should be allowed in class during historical performances? Or did the Las Vegas Academy cross the line?

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136 Responses to “KKK Robes In Class Cause Controversy, But Not Punishment”

  1. Steven Sellner

    if a bunch of niggers showed up to class with black panther shirts on no one would say anyting.

  2. Anonymous

    no harm no foul……how else are kids supposed to learn? perhaps by pretending?

  3. Anonymous

    @Steven Sellner, I thought about responding to your post in a civil manner, then I thought, what's the use, ignorance is a bliss!

  4. Anonymous

    the students there should be mature enough to take this. it is a "magnet school" and most of the students are Asian anyway.

  5. Marcellus StCroix

    thats a bit harsh. Considering the Black Panthers was created as a response to the KKK. I think its fair to say both have played a part in US History. Black Panthers at least had it in mind to arm and educate innocent blacks against KKK that would normally harass and kill them

  6. Steven Sellner

    you're right Ronell you cannot respond to my post in a civil manner cause you're a dumb nigger

  7. Bob Ral

    It is a point in our history. Just becasue it is not a good point and a point that most would like to forget ever happen, does not mean it could or should be forgotten. *"If you do not remember the past you are doomed to repete it."* Very smart saying there. If you are studing history you can not pick and choose only the good parts. As long as it was done for education purposes and in a tasteful (as tasteful as can be) manner then yes it should be allowed in schools. We have to teach our kids both the good and bad of our history, least we forget.

  8. Ruth Dixon

    This is history. You either learn from it or you repeat it. It appears it was done for all the right reasons. Ignore irresp-onsible nit pickers.

  9. Steven Sellner

    Name one spot on this planet that is predominately black that is not a shithole….waiting……waiting….oh that's right there is no such place

  10. Steven Sellner

    You are right Marcellus I am not a kkk member. Iw as also not taught to be racist….I learned racism from the horrific conduct of your people…..not all….but most….I have friends who are strong black men who exude strength and respect…unfortunately black culture does not promote these values

  11. Corbett Smith

    Blank Panthers was a response to protect their neighborhoods from cops

  12. Gerson Castro

    Steven, are you in the military? A defender of Democracy? If you are you are a disgrace not only to our military but also to humanity. Do you refer to your black brothers in arms in this manner?

  13. Corbett Smith

    Blank Panthers were created to protect themselves against cops

  14. Matthew Grant

    Because pretending it never happened means that it never did….

  15. NiCole Gipson

    The costume SHOULD make us uncomfortable. If they were worn just for the presentation and not as a gimmick to wear around the school, then I totally support the strength of the visual impact to capture the student's attention. As long as it is taken seriously as a racist offesnsive scary thing ot wear, then the teacher is doing his or her job. I just hope it wasn't a joke to be worn around the school.

  16. Johnny Fowler

    I agree some people need to grow up and quit feeling sorry for themselves and crying racism everytime their feeling get hurt…..

  17. Corey D Cole

    Marcellus StCroix don't waste your time trying to educated an ignorant bastard like him. He's too stupid to realize that word no longer has power.

  18. Tyler Flexinger

    so what it was for a school project sticks and stones my friends.

  19. Corey Langham

    Marcellus and Corbett are both wrong… The black panthers were not created in response to the KKK nor were they created to protect themselves from cops…. Although those were both contribution to the creation of the black panthers…. They were actually created in response to Jim Crow, Slavery, lynchings, basically everything that was going on at the time…. And the black panthers just made things worse for all African Americans by their semi terrorism tactics….

  20. Anonymous

    It isn't being whiny when cowards wearing white robes with K's on it break into your home then rape your sister and mother then kill your father..I wonder how you feel if it happened to your family Will!

  21. Vince Castro

    It's all a part of American History and what this Great Nation has gone through to became a Great Nation. Do I agree with what the KKK stood for? NO, but its part of our history.

  22. Ron Dunn

    If it was JUST for a presentation in class then there should be no harm. Secondly they shouldn't of posted the pictures on social media sites because that just fuels the fire.

  23. Stan Douglas

    Wow. What a double standard. While students in S. Korea, Singapore, China, India, & Saudi Arabia study math and science, American students are supposed to hang our heads in ' shame about the past.'

  24. Anonymous

    @Steven Sellner The only reason certain areas/neighborhoods are in those said conditions stems from the curse that was placed on the true Hebrew Israelites (the so-called negro), Has nothing to do with religion, but tribal disobedience found in many history books and Deuteronomy 28. There are neighborhoods that are very established and predominantly "black". Oakwood, Ohio, Equitarial Guinea, many parts outside of Atlanta, and I can provide you with more but its besides the point. So, in conclusion, what are YOU doing to make it better?

  25. Corbett Smith

    Corey that is incorrect; BP was founded in Oakland because of all of the civil rights issues. Crow happened before hand.

  26. LeRoy Sauceda Guzman

    @ Marcellus we do not know if the kid were black and just trying to make a statement…it would have been more hands to the cross if they had knuses around their necks to show the dirty history of this country…peace out…

  27. Mitch Schuller

    No reason to apologize. Fuck people and their sensitivities bullshit. They did this as a presentation based on HISTORY! Sorry if you don't like history. They did not PURPOSELY show up dressed as members of a hate group, so whomever is getting bent out of shape should get a fucking grip on history.

  28. Anonymous

    Ethnics wear "pride" shirts and gang related stuff allllll the time to make themselves feel cool or whatever.

  29. LeRoy Sauceda Guzman

    It is what it was, do not try to sugar coat what this countries past dirty history has done to the republic of its' people. Then to add more insult it was the Anglo Saxon's who brought this to North America. So that hate was a practice of just something horrible….at this point all we need to do is forgive….I will not bring more hateful opinions to table…

  30. Anonymous

    You got that right – and the ACLU would say that the BP shirts were First Amendment expressions!

  31. NiCole Gipson

    In person educational presention- great, theatrical powerful, impactful. Once it was posted on FACEBOOk then it lost it's whole educational context. It became a trivial joke once it was posted on FB as it likely received the same racist comments that are being posted here. Grown ups haven't yet learned to respond to social media yet so how should we expect our kids to? There nees to be a license to post on FB before being allowed to.

  32. Anonymous

    You are correct, SS; and not only does African American Culture resist values-promoting, young African Americans continue to create media/art that re-inforce racism, violence, and ghetto-praise!

  33. Paul Smith

    Steven Sellner Black culture does promote those values, unfortunately the media is about promoting negative things. To be extremely honest, most black families are nothing like the "negative image" the media shows.

  34. Anonymous

    Wow, Thanks Steven for such a narrow minded, ignorant view of Black America. It's great to know you have black "friends" that allow you to attempt to degrade them by referring to ALL Black people as N******. It's too bad the actions of some have driven you to your false reality of African American culture. I only hope you are not a part of my military and do not attempt to represent my country abroad with such hateful and poorly thought out rhetoric. As a Black man who surely out ranks you if you are indeed a solider, you bring shame to that uniform.

  35. Anonymous

    My city of Baldwin Hills is not a "shithole" nor is Ladera Heights (both in California). Could name many others but you only asked for 'one spot'. Look them up for yourself and you'll see there are several affluent African American communities that are quite nice. We see what we want to see……

  36. Anonymous

    Steven Sellner Cascade Heights is a predominately black establishment. Sandtown and South Fulton County in ATlanta are also. And most areas where poverty exists??? YES!!! There will be crime. My friend lives in Hunnington Beach, Ca are there are nothing but skinheads and Mexicans there. High concentration for crime related violence and there are barely any black people there. Black Panthers were created by Bobby Seale and Huey Newton to provide education, meals, and counter attack racial violence against black people in the community. How about your racist a-s-s- pick up a book and figure that out. There were chapters all over the country. Not just in Oakland. If the world does end?? At least I will get some satisfaction in knowing racist bastards like you will die screaming.

  37. Anonymous

    But it would be OK and not offensive if say they wore Black Panther attire including clubs from the Philly polling places.

  38. Michael Browne

    Hye folks it's part of history, Next week they will be doing a piece on the Capone Gang can you geuss what they will be bringing then?

  39. Anonymous

    well, mr sellner, it's not like the white demon has done a much better job at being humane in the human history. if there's a consensus throughout the world, it is that the white man should never be trusted. sadly, they make up like 10% of the world's population but they have killed more and are the reason for more death in the history of the world than any other race of humans. the sooner and faster we get rid of this genetic mutation, the better.

  40. Cedric Cole

    its just your race hasnt went through what blacks had been tfamilyhrough untill you turn black and live in the 50s and 60s for a day in the south you cant say shit

  41. King Red

    Steven Sellner No one teaches a person to hate other than the person that chooses to hate. That goes from racism all the way to classism and even hating the kid in your class for wearing glasses. Also, there is nothing flattering about excusing one's hatred by pointing out 'exceptions' to their rules and trying to downplay a hateful mentality.

  42. NiCole Gipson

    The problem was that is was posted on FACEBOOK inappropriately withouth the educational presenation that accompanied the live theatrical production of it all. Imagine the racist comments the photo received online. I am certain the in persona live audience of students were more educated than the idiots who spoiled it by posted ignorant racist comments online. Everywhere this story is posted, there is a racist idiot typing away racial slurs and epithets just because of the image shown.

  43. Anonymous

    Its all fun and games till it happens to you, who will be crying foul then.

  44. NiCole Gipson

    The problem was that is was posted on FACEBOOK inappropriately withouth the educational presenation that accompanied the live theatrical production of it all. Imagine the racist comments the photo received online. I am certain the in person live audience of students were more educated than the idiots who spoiled it by posted ignorant racist comments online. Everywhere this story is posted, there is a racist idiot typing away racial slurs and epithets just because of the image shown.

  45. Anonymous

    Ok A$$hole. First off WOW! by the way everyone can see your full name so there's that. And second in every single case where African descended people are "Living in a shithole" is directly a result of Europeans/Americans. From the late 1600s to 1865 we were slaves. Banned from reading or pretty much learning much of anything. After that it was pretty much slavery except you didn't have to feed them. After this around the later 1870s Jim Crow. Ridiculous laws enacted to marginalize black people around the u.s. and also racist cops and the KKK. And even now in the "Color Blind Era" there are ridiculous laws that target black people. Fact asshole white people use drugs more than any other ethnicity, but black people are arrested more than 10 times as much because the police focus almost exclusively on black people. Crack, a drug associated with black people is punished WAY more severely than powder cocaine which is generally associated with white people the same with meth. And almost, if not all, countries in Africa have been economically devastated by western countries.Sierra Leone, one of those shitholes is terrorized by warlords that are paid by the diamond mining countries, western companies dickweed. There are thousands f examples to be used. And also it's sickening that anyone could ever possibly consider comparing the black panthers, who were fed up with innocent black men being beaten t death and abused by racist cops decided that they had to protect and protect people. And as in revenge the police attempted, sometimes successively, to assassinate the leaders. The KKK randomly tortured black men to death for nothing. They would literally cut a mans balls off while he was alive then cut parts of his body off and burn him until finally lighting him on fire and hanging him from a tree, that's what a lynching is people where never just hung.

  46. Anonymous

    Steven Sellner, Do you think you've met most back people? Do you think you have an inside look at how most black people raise their children? You sound like just another racist. You don't become one based on the behavior of a people when you couldn't possibly have a sampling large enough to make the judgment.

  47. Anonymous

    Steven Sellner I am white. And you are one ignorant dumb idiot. travel and get out of your trailer once and awhile and you would se that your statement is as dumb as you are.

  48. Anonymous

    You use the word nigger behind the comfort of you computer.I don't think you would say that to a black persons face.And secondly you say that you have black friends.I'm sure your black friends would not be your friend if they new you were using the word nigger so freely.Stop lying.You don't have any black friends.

  49. Dary'le Brooks

    No it doesn't promote those values but what type of values are you promoting using that such hateful language in an honest discussion? Would the strong, respectful black have a reason to be hateful when still being called that after hundreds of yrs?

  50. Anonymous

    Steven Sellner You use the word nigger behind the comfort of you computer.I don't think you would say that to a black persons face.And secondly you say that you have black friends.I'm sure your black friends would not be your friend if they new you were using the word nigger so freely.Stop lying.You don't have any black friends.

  51. Anonymous

    So putting the photos on social media sites is bad, but having the robes in a class with our children is ok??? Really?

  52. Ashley Smith

    I think it was too far when they WORE them into the classroom. They could've brought them to show the class but no need to WEAR THEM!

  53. Robert LeHane Jr.

    I can understand why people are so upset about seeing KKK robes being doned in the open school area. I would say what they did was uncalled for because they wore them TO school but to wear them for a class function I think it is important to study our past. We can't just look at certain things, We have to look at everything because that is what made us what we are now. To study our past is one way for us to get better by learning from our mistakes.

  54. Randy Streeter

    wouldn't it be racism not letting the kkk be in our history in any form years down the road MLK will be knowing of freedom and if there not in our history than nobody will know freedom from what.

  55. Jo Gingras

    I think it depends on the students' ages. The article does not say if this was in an elementary class, a middle school class, or a high school class. I think that makes a big difference.

  56. Wanda Reeves Kelly

    but let a regular kid at a regular high school wear a t-shirt with a picture of a klansman on it to school, and they'll be expelled and beaten and probably a riot would ensue…..

  57. Charlene Pitt

    do you know how dumn you fucking sound ? If it was something to offend white people then it would be a whole different story but because the white people did it it's not such a big deal ? No it's offensive and you presenting something like that is not doing anything .

  58. Charlene Pitt

    Reading all these comments from the white people are just showing how stupid and ignorant you people are. I don't understand how we can learn from it. What is there to learn from the kkk? Nothing at all and for you people to be acting like it's not a big deal really look racist. If it's white it's right I'm guessing but it's very inappropiate and there is no reason for this to be recognized in any way.

  59. Deborah Self

    Talk about racists! Knight1x sounds more like one than sellner! You wouldn't like it if someone said lets exterminate all people of color because they cause poverty and disease. European s are wealthier and healthier than those in Africa. So why be so disrespectful? White people are no more demons than black.

    he cause of all the world'spoverty and disease so why say it about whites?

  60. Toni Kief

    If we don't remember history, the adage goes that we will repeat it.

  61. Anonymous

    Democrats need to seen how they treated blacks back in the day.

    now if they will just show how now-a -days the Dems keep blacks held down with welfare and abortion etc.

    that would be the "controversy" of all mother controversies.

  62. Anonymous

    Don't forget whites are taught that they owe black people.

    so people not even involved or no family history are being punished b/c they are white.

    imagine if black children were punished for a family member who commits a crime in the present day.

  63. Anonymous

    Its about time that the parents DO NOT get to have thier way in this! I stand by ANY educator that is willing to do this to show these mentaly deficent and socially inept parents AND children what hate, greed and stupidity can do. If you are offended, hand in your citizenship NOW!

  64. Will Stewart

    This is america….you can wear whatever you want….you can get a nazi tattoo, or a cross, or anything you like without fear. That is what makes America great. Blacks can preach from dr.king or malcom x. Would it be offensive if a black student dressed in the robes for the presentation of history? Relax people.

  65. Rodney Belair

    Charlene Pitt Its History like it or not. Us whites have been steeping on egg shells for years. Blacks have a month a year plus "Junetenth"???? WTF!! We are standing up for our rights for a change… get used to it.

  66. Charlene Pitt

    please shut the entire fuck up Rodney . Did you white people have to go thru slavery . Did you have to get lynched over the color of your skin ? The day you can come at me with some fucking real shit then don't comment on anything because you sound fucking dumb . You white people think that you do nothing wrong and it's bullshit . It's fucked up period point blank .

  67. Tice Jacques

    Oh cry about it. It was your own people who sold you to America slave owners. It was not our fault, but blacks just cannot grasp or blame their African ancestors. Blame the white man at every arguement giving! Past is past and blacks hang on to it like a treasure!

  68. Charlene Pitt

    What has changed since all of this stuff in history has happened? Let me guess we got Obama. Of course so he could take all the shots for what President Bush did. White people still don't like us "niggers" and our black men are still wrongly accused for stuff and getting the death penalty. The kkk reenactment shouldn't have been done period point blank.

  69. Buck Elder

    lol jeni… charlene wheres your attacking the naacp for being exclusive to blacks. what about an all black college, or an all black tv station in bet. if we had any institutions exclusivly for whites what would you say then? open your eyes

  70. Chris Shakal

    I didlike the KKK as much as anybody, but they were wearing the robes as part of a historical presentation on KKK. They weren't wearing them to intimidate black people. Without the racist intent, I fail to see how the students were racist.

  71. LuAnn Valentine

    Wonder how people would feel if students dressed as Hitler or as those who blew up the Twin Towers? If the students wanted to show how despicable, cowardly, and classless the KKK was and is they could have found another way to have done it that was not so offensive. There are still families alive who remember the hatred, and filth, who lived through it. The problem is, somehow the impact of the KKK has been diluted so much so that most students think this happened in ancient times. I am 57 and I remember when schools were ordered to become integrated. Many are of the mind that when slavery ended racism ended. I don't think anyone will ever need to see Nazi uniforms walk in a room to understand the impact of their meaning.

  72. Charlene Pitt

    Buck Elder : not even all black colleges have all black people in there , what are you talking about ? White people run this world so cut the bullshit stop trying to justify this being right because it's not . Next !

  73. Will Stewart

    more than just black people were harrassed by the kkk, do you see catholics throwing fits? not everything every white person does has racism in it

  74. Anonymous

    So we're just supposed to forget our history?
    Does that mean that confederate, British Red Coats, and Native American headdresses are also offensive?

  75. Jacob Haver

    We must not forgot history no matter how ugly and sad it is. So to the students who dressed in the costumes as long as they had absolutely no illintent and only wanted to comment on that ugly history then I think it is fine.

  76. Anonymous

    You are the one separating into colors in these comments, you keep saying "white people"….. To say that black men keep getting wrongly accused for stuff and getting the death penalty is crazy,,,,, look at the what you are saying before you say people are looking racist…

  77. Charlene Pitt

    Tice Jacques : Typical racist comment . This may be true but that was the ancestors . Our generation and probably yours didn't have slaves so yeah I don't see why you're even responding . It's not right . But since your people did it , there is nothing wrong right ? please come at me with mature comments because you're talking out of your ass next .

  78. Charlene Pitt

    Tice Jacques I'm saying it's right and you're sitting here trying to justify what happen at this school is right and it's not . You're not offended by it because you are not black so again why are you coming at me like I'm wrong which I'm not because if it was something that offended white people ya'll would plead ya'll case and cry and whine just like black people are and will do and continue to do you're ignorant and it's actually sad .

  79. Austin Taylor

    it was for educational purposes… Yes the dressing is symbolic of hatred that america once produced, but now we are in an age of change, progression, and acceptance. If you don't learn history, it repeats itself. By the way, I don't think you should be saying how dumb someone sounds when you can even spell dumb*

  80. Justi Buzz

    Fowler's comment is a great example of racial insensitivity. This is an issue. Try and understand the complexities of "white privilege" insensitivity and oppression. Then may be you might have a better understanding. #humanist

  81. Anonymous

    Begs the question where did the robes come from and who murdered someone to earn them? Also, this is an easy law suit for intentional inflection of emotional distress, that was perpetrated by the teacher.

  82. Anonymous

    begs the questions where did the robes come from and who murdered someone to earn them? Also, this is an easy law suit for intentional inflection of emotional duress perpetrated by the teacher.

  83. Justi Buzz

    There is an immoral reason to this. After all, this evil group hated eveyone but "whites" so this could've offeneded many people. If whites acknowledged wrong-doings and insensitivity we all could potentially change the course of racial division. Again what baffles me is how can something so simple as color divide? I have an idea of a more intricate answer but this is not a lecture board. #progressforpeace

  84. Douglas Tramel


  85. Tina Grossman

    Wow- what planet do you live on?- There are several neighborhoods that are in NY suburbs that are affluent, lovey and black- look them up New Rochelle to name one- Boy are you ignorant There are many white sh**holes too DUH

  86. Allen Gottsch

    I really think this is funny! It's OK for the gangbangers to walk around with thier pants down to thier ankles, the Vatos run around with "wife beaters" and knickers w/knee length socks and thier white tennis shoes! But even in a display, a white sheet is news worthy? As I've said so many times before, PEOPLE ARE SO DAMNED STUPID! What IDIOT'S! And don't take this wrong, because the clan are a bunch of PUSSY AZZED PUNKS! I am a proud white man and I fight my fights face to face and if I need to I have fought the odds of fighting 3 or more blacks at once! Classic chimp warfare! So my opinion? Piss off on all of this!

  87. Kenneth Crews

    lots of us are going to answer for all we done then and now on all sides of the table. I like show and tell but now wearing it to school then telling why we wearing robes. I knew of a kid that got kick out of school for having a water Gun now I'm lost in words. I can understand the south but las vegas man. bless us all.

  88. Anonymous

    Did they just happen to find a couple of KKK robes lying around or did they borrow their parents?

  89. Dan Leidal

    People are so sensitive…And stupid! I found myself in a controversy involving the swastika being displayed on WWII German aircraft, and scale R/C models of such… I support accuracy in history! If a reenactor wears an SS uniform, or a klan robe, this is to accurately represent history, and should not be confused with membership in these kinds of organizations…

  90. Anonymous

    Charlene Pitt White people don't matter. White people aren't allowed to be offended. When was the last time a play was banned, or a book, or a movie censored, because it offended white people?

  91. Garrett Dowdell

    What happenned is the same damn thing that has been happenning 4 years. They protect their own. The teacher knew what problems it would bring. Like I said "protect their own". Want 2 learn about the pass, talk 2 your Grandparents. They'll tell U how it was when was in school. Read a book, or carry it 2 school. Put it on when the Play starts. Their no excuses 4 this in our schools.

  92. David Klem

    Well its only a big deal to everyone who wasn't apart of it. I believe in this ever changing and growing society that if we do not teach past historical events we are only doomed to repeat them. Also the Las Vegas Academy(LVA) found at this site here is a Art Magnet School. I am interested to see what the other student say about it whether, it was artistic and beneficial to watch. Or if it was a mochary of another race. I highly doubt seeing how the art community is one of the more accepting of cultural spiritual and intellectual growth that everyone who was apert of this and who had seen it had not found it artistic or enriching. As comedy is an art I do not get upset when many comedians rip apart many other races also in most cases their own. Was Django offensive when they portrayed southerners as K.K.K. members and a bit slow and redneckish(also a generalization). I for one was happy when they met their demise I don't believe I know one person who would disagree. So if we may get a group of post from the students who actually saw this presentation and less from the peanut gallery who became outraged do to the double edged sword of freedom of speech.(not saying freedom of speech is bad, but freedom of speech does allow these guys hiding behind sheets to meet and rally.

  93. Anonymous

    Hey my family fought for the Confederate Army during the civil war and I am proud of that but any educated person knows the civil war had very little to do with slavery it was about money! The fact of the matter is my family is Irish Catholic and in the 1920s they terrorized my family because they were Catholic so they are terrorist in my opinion just as bad as a nazis! So in my opinion students who bought those in need to be suspended instructors and administrators who allowed it need to be FIRED!

  94. David Klem

    Charlene you can be upset but if it was to teach and not to offend i dont see the problem. I mean i know people who dont know what a rotary dialed telephone is(as an example of how soon we forget). If it raises awarness of the evils that are in this country i dont see the harm. If we forget the past we are doomed to repeat it, not saying we are going to go back to a rotary dialed telephone or anything.

  95. Brenda Neff

    That's the problem with parents today, they want to sweep it all under the rug like none of it ever happened. How do you teach the young generation of the history, good or bad if you don't show them, and that means having to recreate. This teacher and the students were not in the wrong and those parents need to wake the hell up. Also The younger generation obviously still don't realize the ramifications that are caused by freely posting everything and anything on the net.

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