Shaun White Wins X Games Gold [Video]

shaun white

Shaun White won his sixth consecutive SuperPipe Gold Medal last night at the X Games.

According to ESPN, White has collected a total of 23 medals at the X Games. His gold medal last night at the SuperPipe event was his 15th X Games gold medal.

White said:

“Six is a lot. That’s a big number … I’m going to be even more uncomfortable next year going for the seventh. It’s a humbling title to hold. I’m proud of what I’ve done.”

White’s gold in the SuperPipe comes a day after a disappointing fifth in the Slopestyle. White was expected to go head-to-head against 19-year-old Mark McMorris but the snowboard veteran had two falls and couldn’t find his way to the podium.

The SuperPipe, however, was a different story. White scored a 95 and a 98 and was averaging more than 16 feet of air on every jump. White joked that his huge air, more than 5 feet higher than the other competitors, was due to his new haircut.

White said:

“I don’t think I’ve ever been more focused on what I’m doing physically and mentally. I used to get so super-stressed out and would have lost control if something would have happened like Slopestyle the other day. But now I’m old enough to turn that into a positive. I take that and use it to help me take a giant step forward.”

Here’s a video of Shaun White’s gold medal run from the X Games last night.

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