Chris Brown and Frank Ocean Reportedly Get Into It At Westlake Recording Studio in California

Frank Ocean And Chris Brown Brawl Outside Studio Over Parking Space

Chris Brown and Frank Ocean were allegedly involved in a brawl on Sunday night.

Police were called after the two singers reportedly had a difference of opinion over a parking space.

The alleged incident happened when Brown was leaving Westlake Recording studio’s Los Angeles premises.

According to TMZ, Brown “was blocked by Frank Ocean and his crew’ when Ocean allegedly told 23-year-old Brown, “This is my studio, this is my parking spot.”

It’s claimed that “one of Frank’s people” then attacked Brown as he attempted to shake hands with Ocean and that one of Brown’s friends then “jumped in front” of the two men and hit Ocean on the head, Yahoo News reports.

Although police were called to the scene, Brown had already left the studio by the time they arrived. Officers reportedly spoke to Ocean, but, as yet, no arrests or charges have been made.

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