‘PlanetSide 2’ Roadmap Allows Players To Vote On Upcoming Changes

PlanetSide 2 got off to a pretty good start when it launched in November of last year, and Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) is looking to keep that momentum going well into 2013 by introducing content on a regular basis for six straight months.

If that doesn’t sound good enough for you, Sony Online Entertainment will also be allowing you, the player, to use the PlanetSide 2 “Roadmap” to voice your opinion on what new features, fixes, and tweaks should be introduced along the way.

So how does it work? The PlanetSide 2 Roadmap currently lists off all of the new content in the pipeline for January to June, and each of the major changes has its own discussion forum. Additionally, you’re able to up-vote or down-vote any feature you want and discuss it in its own thread.

Although that feedback will be taken into account, SOE CEO John Smedley was quick to point out that it’s not being built as a “mob rules” system.

“I wanted to take the time to explain what this system is and isn’t. It’s basically a new section in our normal forums that will be called Roadmap.” Smedley explained in a post on Reddit.

“In this section we will set up topics that relate to the things in our roadmap. The purpose is to have active discussion of the entire roadmap. There is a reddit style scoring system that allows people to upvote and downvote things. That’s going to give us some rough idea of how people feel about a particular roadmap idea.”

“Does this mean we’re changing it to “the mob rules”? absolutely not. It’s just a simple tool for us to be able to gauge sentiment about a particular topic. Remember it’s still a forum thread (although with cool nested comments) and we’ll still be reading what people are actually saying.”

At some point in the future, Smedley said that the team hopes to implement a similar system for suggestions.

Are you looking forward to what’s in store for PlanetSide 2 over the next six months? What would you want to see?