Pro Bowl Delayed 30 Minutes For Weather Conditions In Honolulu

Pro Bowl Delayed 30 Minutes For Weather Conditions In Honolulu

The Pro Bowl was delayed for 30 minutes as windy and rainy weather descended on otherwise balmy Honolulu.

The weather was so rainy that the National Weather Service issued a flash-flood watch for the entire island of Oahu, which includes Honolulu.


“On Sunday morning, winds starting picking up, creating a choppy Pacific. A cold front is expected to bring showers with heavy rainfall to Oahu by the afternoon. Also, there’s a chance of thunderstorms that could bring intense rain.

“The flash-flood watch remains in effect through Monday afternoon when most players and fans will depart for the continental United States.”

The weather conditions could have an especially interesting impact this year. The NFL has said that if the level of play in the Pro Bowl does not improve, the league could cancel the game. Players had also noted that the game was declining —

Houston Texans running back Arian Foster said the format of the game prevents players from going 100 percent, the Houston Chronicle reported.

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning said he believes players will show up.

“The guys will be ready to play. It will be a good, competitive game, I think. This is an important event for the NFL and for the players. The commissioner’s made it clear that he’s making considerations to cancel it. And I think it’s important to have more of a quality game.”

Manning may have only been half right. The game was played more competitively by the players, but the game itself wasn’t close at the outset. After the Pro Bowl was delayed, the NFC ran away with it early, running up a 31-14 lead by halftime.