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Jon Gruden Rumors Called ‘Ridiculous,’ Former Coach Won’t Join Dallas Cowboys

John Gruden To Raiders Rumors Swirling As Former Coach Meets With Team

There’s a new rumor floating around that Jon Gruden will be heading to the Dallas Cowboys next year. But you might now want to take that idea too seriously. A source close to the Cowboys called the new Jon Gruden rumors absolutely “ridiculous.”

According to the NFL Network, some believe that Gruden is Dallas bound because three former members of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have also been added to the Cowboys’ coaching staff. Now, it’s only logical that Gruden will head down to Dallas to replace Jason Garrett.

But that might not happen.

ESPN’s Ed Werder wrote on Twitter: “Response from reliable team source when I asked if TB glory-days asst. coaches being hired in Dallas meant Gruden on way: Ridiculous.”

Gruden has been enjoying life on television recently but there have been several rumors about his return to football. In the last month, Gruden has been reportedly been close to signing deals with the Raiders, the Tennessee Vols, and now he’s apparently packing his bags for Texas.

ESPN’s Ron Jaworski said that Gruden could make a coaching comeback in 2013 but there are only a few jobs that he’s interested in.

Jaworski said:

“He’s had numerous meetings that he’s told teams he’s not interested in certain jobs. There are jobs he’s interested in, but no one at those teams has reached out to him, or they may even have a coach in place.”

What do you think of the Jon Gruden rumors?

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16 Responses to “Jon Gruden Rumors Called ‘Ridiculous,’ Former Coach Won’t Join Dallas Cowboys”

  1. Henry Daniel Rios

    As a Cowboys fan—-I want it to be true—–as a Cowboys fan I also KNOW Jerry doesn't have the balls to do it…..OH WELL!

  2. Mark Yeats

    Jerry Jones cannot hire a real coach like Gruden because he will never LET the coach do his job. ALA Bill Parcells.

  3. Paul Bakacs

    Well then, I guess it was HIS Raiders that made it to that same Super Bowl. See, you could have easily answered your own question.

  4. Anonymous

    As a UT Vols fan, we had enough of the rumors about him coming to coach here. Partly, was that he own land here, he was a grad asst here, his wife is from here… blah blah blah. When it came down to it, someone had a field day by getting all the Tennessee fans whipped up in a frenzy over it all. When it came down to it, he has a cushy job as an analyst. It'd take a LOT to get him back on the sidelines.

  5. David Steiner

    Gruden was a lousy coach, The players had a very hard time trying to figure all of his crazy plays, you don't really want him, Tampa was very happy to see him leave.

  6. David DesJardins

    The deal was all but done for Sean Payton, but Jerry told Sean to wait until after the Redskin game for the announcement. Payton got tired of all the promises and Sean signed 2 days before that game with N.O. Jerry's blew it once again!

  7. John David Gauntt

    there's no way…gruden is not an idiot, and only an idoit would coach under jerry jones.

  8. Nathan Vallette

    Payton couldn't talk to anyone in the NFL…but good try though…Payton was NEVER going to Dallas!

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