Ice-T and Coco want a baby

Ice-T And Coco Hoping To Start A Family

Despite their recent troubles regarding some “disrespectful” photos, Ice-T and Coco are looking toward the future — one that involves a baby.

While Coco — whose real name is Nicole Austin — has documented her fertility struggles on the E! reality show, Ice Loves Coco, the former swimsuit and lingerie model isn’t letting that stop her.

“I want a little girl,” Coco said. “We already have a name — Chanel. I want her to be a lawyer.”

Her husband of 12 years, whose real name is Tracy Marrow, said, “She will be the best mother.”

Ice-T and Coco meet at a video shoot in October 2001. Ice-T said he was in a bad mood that day and the friend whose shoot it was figured meeting a pretty girl would cheer him up. Sparks flew, and the two eloped two months later on December 31. They renewed their wedding vows on June 4, 2011.

Ice-T — who is 21 years older than Coco — has two children from previous relationships. In 1976, when Ice was 18 years old, a former girlfriend named Adrienne gave birth to their daughter, LeTesha. LeTesha later had two children of her own. In 1984, Ice-T met a girl named Darlene Ortiz, who gave birth to their son Ice Tracy Marrow — or “Little Ice” — in 1992. Coco has no children, but she and Ice-T do have two pit bulls named Spartacus and Maximus.

In December, a photo emerged of Coco kissing a rapper named AP.9 on the cheek. Ice-T said the photo was disrespectful, and Coco apologized. Two more photos emerged about two weeks ago of Coco allowing a man named “Moose Diesel” (real name Mustafa Abdi) a friend of AP.9, and AP.9 himself, to touch her butt. The first photo caused a bit of rockiness between the couple, but they bounced back, claiming they were happier than ever. With the new photos, AP.9 claimed he and Coco had a one night stand. Neither Coco nor Ice-T have commented on these latest photographs.

Do you think Ice-T and Coco will make good parents?