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Plane Crashes In Hudson River, Two People Rescued

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A small plane crashed into the Hudson River on Sunday evening.

Police rescued two people who were aboard the plane when it crashed in the Hudson. It’s unclear what condition the survivors are in but police did say that they were the only two people aboard the plane.

The two survivors were reportedly wearing life vests and were pulled from the water by emergency responders. The survivors were than transported to a nearby hospital.

According to ABC, the plane quickly sank into the river after the crash. The NY Daily News reports that divers from the FDNY and the NYPD were called to the scene of the crash to investigate the wreckage.

The FAA did not know the make of the plane and could not provide any additional information about the flight.

The plane crash into the Hudson River is just one of many small plane crashes to make the news recently.

Three teenagers were killed in Alabama after they crashed a plane during a joyride. Another plane crashed into a house in Florida, and in France a family of five were killed when their plane crashed on their way home from vacation.

The Hudson River, of course, is the site of another famous plane crash. Four years ago Captain Sully Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger landed an airplane in the Hudson River during an incident that is now referred to as the “Miracle On The Hudson.”

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8 Responses to “Plane Crashes In Hudson River, Two People Rescued”

  1. Robert Contreras

    any landing you can walk away from is a successful landing.

  2. Tony Ciaravino

    What a horribly written article. This writer has no facts and filled it with garbage. They do not know what make the plane was, but yet they show a picture of a Cessna 172. Then to complete the article he filled it with other aircraft accidents in other states that are in no way related to or similar as this one. Get facts first then write an article, don't just write garbage for the simple exercise to churn out a writing fee to get people to read it.

  3. Anonymous

    Of course you KNEW they couldn't go a whole article without mentioning "The Miracle on the Hudson". Like nobody knows about it. It's called lack of new material.

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