KickassTorrents is down Domain Expired: How To Still Use KickassTorrents is down! Are you in the business of *ahem* procuring creative properties while circumventing the traditional capitalistic money-for-goods system? Then you probably noticed that popular torrent portal KickassTorrents hasn’t been cooperative today.

KickassTorrents, the second most popular torrent site behind Pirate Bay, has been unavailable all day, apparently because the domain has expired.

Whois data shows that expired on January 12, causing many online outlets to attribute the outage thusly. The proxy is also down, or at least in-and-out.

The KAT team told TorrentFreak that they’re working at solving the problem, saying: “Technical issues. Should be solved soon.”

Until then, there are a few possibilities open to you. The site is still available via the old domain, which they switched from for fear of being taken over by US authorities, reports Softpedia.

Or, you could stop downloading things illegally altogether. I know, I know, “But Dusten, how am I supposed to catch up on back episodes of Game of Thrones without paying for premium channels like HBO?” Well that’s why it’s illegal, they want you to go buy this stuff! I know I sound patronizing, but I have to cover my bases here.

Still, if you feel as though you must torrent and KickassTorrents is just simply your favorite, I could direct you to the old domain (click here) and promise to update you if and when comes back. But you have to promise me that this is merely for curiosity’s sake and that you’re not going to download things illegally. Wink.

UPDATE: is back up.

UPDATE 2: H/T to Frank Bernard, try