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Fall Out Boy Reunion Not Happening, According To Guitarist Joe Trohman

Fall Out Boy denies reunion rumors

Fall Out Boy went down, down in an earlier round of their musical career, and despite Internet rumblings and rumors, they’re not getting back up for a reunion.

Though good information was scant, we reported earlier that the pop punk band Fall Out Boy was considering coming out of their 3-year-plus hiatus for a reunion set for some time in 2013.

Property of Zack exclusively confirmed with “several trusted sources” that the reunion was in the bag, but if that report is still true, Fall Out Boy is apparently planning on reuniting without their guitarist (and founding member) Joe Trohman.

“The rumors are still untrue, unreal & totally outta this world!” Trohman wrote on his Twitter page. “Seriously, it’s not going down.”

The rumors of Fall Out Boy’s reunion alleged a tour and possibly a new album, with a formal announcement expected in the coming weeks. The idea of a reunion seemed to make sense to fans, especially considering the news that Pete Wentz’s ex Ashlee Simpson was planning on releasing a new single rumored to be about him, reports PopCrush.

Fall Out Boy went on hiatus in 2009, with all members pursuing side projects. Trohman and drummer Andy Hurley joined the Damned Things, while Hurley has also played for the Burning Empires and Enabler. Patrick Stump, the group’s frontman, started working on a solo career, with the release of the critically acclaimed Soul Punk. Wentz joined the Black Cards.

None of the side projects have come near the commercial success of Fall Out Boy, causing industry analysts to predict that a reunion is only a matter of time.

Just not, you know, now.

Are you upset that Fall Out Boy isn’t getting back together?

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9 Responses to “Fall Out Boy Reunion Not Happening, According To Guitarist Joe Trohman”

  1. Edwin Arteaga

    What the hell. Why can't they just get back together already? No one cares about your little side projects, just get the band together already, jesus christ.

  2. Andrew Marostica

    Did anyone notice that he put "does surfs up hand signal"? Because I'm pretty sure he's hinting towards the Skate & Surf Festival

  3. Brooke Chapin

    And Skate & Surf is supposed to have a 'big band reuniting on the festival' that is yet to be announced.

  4. Alec Saracen

    Yeah, people are stupid I'm 90% trohman was being sarcastic, and this tweet was made to be interpreted multiple ways. Don't be surprised when they are at skate and surf.

  5. Phil Drach

    I don't believe that tweet. I think they want to keep it as secretive as they can, so that once they come out of nowhere with a new single or tour or something it will just make it even more epic. Believers Never Die and I believe they're coming back.

  6. Scott Bogen

    It makes no sense when bands break up into side projects. They're never as good as the original band, and then when they reunite (which is inevitable), they aren't as good as they first were. There are a million billion examples of this being true. The only band which had any sort of success was when Tom DeLonge broke off of Blink-182 and started up Angels and Airwaves, and even then they weren't nearly as successful as 182.

  7. Gibson Odell Holder

    Its stressful for people to have to repeatively see eachother and deal with eachother on a active basis. Eventually they would stop being friends. This is why Hiatus's are good.

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