Ray Lewis Mocked On ‘SNL’ [Video]

It’s been an emotional few weeks for Ray Lewis. The Ravens linebacker has been facing the end of his career at every game for the last month and next week he’ll be playing in the Super Bowl. He’s been crying on the sidelines, screaming in the locker room and now he’s getting mocked on Saturday Night Live.

Kenan Thompson put on the face paint last night to play Ray Lewis on Weekend Update.

Lewis starts crying almost the second he sits down at the SNL news desk and tells Seth Meyers that it’s just so Ahm-Azing that he can’t control his emotions.

When Seth asks Lewis about his tears during the national anthem last week, Lewis responds.

“It’s just, I’ve never heard that song before. I always wear ear plugs during the game to block out the noise of my own screaming.”

Lewis also talks about the tough road he’s traveled to get to where he is today, the dangers of Rockefeller lake, and that he can’t manage to get all that paint off his face.

And if you’re wondering about Lewis’ post-Super Bowl plans, the Ravens linebacker won’t be heading to Disney Land this year. Nope, he’ll be heading to the 50-yard line where he’ll ascend directly to heaven.

Here’s the skit from SNL.

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