cat refuses owner's affection

Cat Refuses Affection Very Politely In Viral Video

Why does the Internet love cats so much? It’s easy to see after watching this short viral video of a cat politely refusing its owner’s affection.

Cat owners will tell you that their pets tend to be more like companions and intellectual sparring partners than submissive love machines. They have their own set of preferences and prejudices, and don’t always go for human affection like a dog might.

Case in point: A viral video making rounds this morning shows a cat being scratched on the neck by its owner as it sits perched on a computer desk. Getting in between an owner and his/her work is a clear sign of wanting attention, but this kitty doesn’t seem to be in the mood for affection.

The cat kindly and politely protests, lifting its paw and lowering its owners hand. The cat also bats at the camera a couple of times as if to say “No pictures, please.”

There are tons of videos on YouTube claiming to be the “original” version of “cat refuses affection,” but the earliest one we can find was published on January 10, with a description that’s completely in Japanese … at least I think it’s Japanese. Just because I work for the Internet doesn’t mean I know everything.

Still, I can tell it’s the original because the bottle of water or cleaning solution on the desk behind the cat has the same calligraphy. We call that detective work.

So give “ゲソル 隆史” all of your views, and avoid his copycats.

Here’s the original “cat refuses affection” video: