Chicago skyline

Chicago Crime Wave: Five Shot and Killed In One Day

The murderous crime wave in Chicago has shown no sign of letting up, as at least five persons were killed by gunfire yesterday alone.

One man was shot and killed in a parked car, another two were shot in a restaurant, and another man and a teenager were killed later that day, according to CBS News. Authorities have indicated that “at least” five were killed, leaving open the possibility that others could have been gunned down in the 24-hour period. Adding to the body count, a man was stabbed to death in a domestic dispute on Saturday.

As if this mayhem could possibly get any worse, one Chicago mother tragically lost her fourth child in the crime spree, WLS reports:

“A shooting early Saturday morning in Chicago’s Lawndale neighborhood claimed the life of one man and wounded another.

The slain victim is the son of a woman who has now lost all of her children to gun violence.

Shirley Chambers, mother of four, grieved again on Saturday.”

NBC Chicago reports that Ronnie Chambers, 34, “had 29 arrests and four convictions, including multiple felonies for drug dealing and weapons violations.”

About 500 homicides occurred in Chicago, Barack Obama’s political hometown, in 2012, and the highest since 2008. Most of the murders have been attributed to an ongoing gang war and insufficient police resources. The runaway gun crime is occurring even though the city of Chicago has a strict gun control ordinance in place.

It has been previously reported that Americans have a greater chance of being killed in Chicago than U.S. troops do in Afghanistan.