Microsoft Windows RT

Microsoft Outlook For Windows RT Currently Being Tested

Microsoft Windows RT users may soon have access to a native version of MS Outlook. When first released, Microsoft chose to skip over a functional email client for its lower powered tablet OS release.

The software giant is already believed to be testing a free version of Office that will include Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote.

CNET claims that Microsoft made the decision to skip over a functional email client in order to reserve that feature for enterprise customers purchasing the Windows 8 Pro version of the tablet PC.

Microsoft took its decision one step further, forbidding any third-party developers from officially filling the email client void by locking down the desktop mode for the Windows RT platform.

Customers looking for a more full Windows 8 experience can wait until next week, at which time they can purchase a full copy of Microsoft Office to run on the Windows Surface Pro.

Microsoft has not officially announced an Outlook update for the Surface RT, and it is not known if a possible update will be offered at no cost to customers.

Regardless of Microsoft’s decision, the ability to run multiple applications in unison on the Windows RT OS is limited by its ARM-based processor and other lower-end features that can’t stand up to the Surface Pro.

To share information from the Windows RT at this time, customers must use a cloud computing platform or a USB stick, both hindrances to the device’s success and a likely reason for less than stellar sales during the device’s four month run.