Secret Service Dog Dies Guarding Biden

Secret Service Dog Guarding Biden Falls From Roof And Dies

A US Secret Service dog that was guarding Vice President Joe Biden fell from a roof and has died. The dog reportedly fell from the roof of a parking garage in New Orleans where Biden was a guest speaker for a political fundraiser.

Biden was in New Orleans speaking at a fundraiser for US Senator Mary Landrieu, who is running for re-election. The Secret Service dog was working with its handler as security for the Vice President when the accident occurred.

According to, the Secret Service has had a canine program since 1975. The dogs were initially trained to detect explosives. Belgian Shepherds are preferred for Secret Service due to their temperament and ability to adapt to multiple situations. Belgian Shepherds are known for being “working dogs,” and are used by government agencies worldwide. They are ideal dogs for government agencies because they are small, strong, and obedient.

The dogs and trainers complete an initial 20 weeks of training and continue to train eight hours per week. Secret Service dogs spend 24 hours a day with their handlers and usually retire when they are around 10 years old. Once a Secret Service dog is assigned to a handler, they stay with them the rest of their life.

As reported by WWLTV, the Secret Service dog guarding Vice President Joe Biden fell from the parking garage roof around 6:00 last night. The dog was taken by motorcade to Metairie Veterinary hospital. Despite everyone’s best efforts, the Secret Service dog was unable to recover from his injuries.