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Did Sandy Hook Shooter Adam Lanza Leave Assault Rifle In The Trunk?

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Whether or not Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza used an assault rifle to kill 20 children and six adults at the Newtown elementary school last month has been a constant point of debate in the shooting’s wake — and those who “question the official narrative” have long maintained that Lanza used four handguns or pistols to carry out the deadly attack.

This week, claims that no assault rifle was used in the course of the killings at Sandy Hook began to circulate anew when a gun rights page on Facebook with many followers circulated a video posted by MSNBC that clearly stated Lanza did not use an assault rifle in the Newtown school shooting.

The clip stating the Sandy Hook shooter’s assault rifle was in the trunk went viral again, with many re-posters claiming that the clip was definitive proof the “official narrative” had been wrong, and that Lanza’s spree was carried out with no assault rifle used.

The catch? The clip regarding Lanza’s assault rifle was dated December 15 — recorded ahead even of the press conference with Dr. Wayne Carver, the medical examiner who autopsied the Newtown victims.

Still, the “no assault rifle used at Sandy Hook” claim lives on, with little published to counter it. This week, Connecticut State Police Lt. Paul Vance spoke out to address the issue, breaking a long spate of silence on the specifics of the Newtown massacre.

While Vance and his officers have released little to the press about the details of the murders, he did clarify the rumor that no assault rifle was used in the Sandy Hook shootings. Vance began:

“It’s all these conspiracy theorists that are trying to mucky up the waters … There’s no doubt that the rifle was used solely to kill 26 people in that school.”

The Connecticut State Police spokesman added that regardless of the common misassumption that because an assault rifle was found in the trunk that Lanza did not use one in the spree, he has actually noted numerous times that all victims at Sandy Hook Elementary were killed with an assault weapon:

“I personally articulated that probably a dozen times in Newtown.”

Connecticut State Police Spokesman, Lt J. Paul Vance, detailed the firearms arsenal that Adam Lanza used to kill 20 children, 6 adults, his mother, and himself at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal also addressed the rumors Thursday, saying that there is no doubt an assault weapon was the one used by Lanza, and he commented:

“There’s no question that the AR-15 was used, the Bushmaster shot those children with multiple rounds and was instrumental in the massacre. Those children and educators might well be alive today if not for the assault weapon and high-capacity magazines.”

Blumenthal clarifies:

“The shotgun was in the trunk of the car … The Bushmaster and two pistols were brought into the schoolhouse.”

Despite the ongoing corrections, the belief Lanza did not use the Bushmaster in his attack continues to permeate pro-gun corners of the web.

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81 Responses to “Did Sandy Hook Shooter Adam Lanza Leave Assault Rifle In The Trunk?”

  1. Anthony Ridenour

    This story leaves many unanswered questions. How did they get it wrong to begin with? Anyone on either side of the gun control issue must see the inconsistencies as either incompetence or deliberate misinformation. And it would seem an agenda to take advantage of the opportunity and push gun control is not out of the realm of possibilities. The current Administration has been waiting for the right stage and now it is here. Re: Department of State Pub 7277.

  2. Kim LaCapria

    Anthony, I think that what happened was in the info vacuum as LEOs decided how to inform 40 parents as to the manner in which their kids had died, the media filled gaps with what they observed.

    That makes sense, to me.

    So when they observed the rifle being removed, they reported what they saw.

    This stuff wasn't wrong, it was incomplete. I maintain that if gun grabbing was the goal, it would have been a hell of a lot easier and cheaper to do it a different way.

  3. Daniel Carson

    What is and has been left out were the casings of what caliber and how many of what were found that would seal it up not what guns were found in or out of school

  4. Thomas J. Bittman

    You're asking how main stream media got it wrong in the first few hours? Are you serious? It appears you are focused on protecting your guns – will any evidence that 27 people were killed by Adam Lanza with a Bushmaster convince you? Or will you continue to look for other "questions?"

  5. Theo Childers

    They are saying it was a shotgun he left in the trunk how stupid do they think people are I saw the video of the police taking a ar-15 out of the trunk I could distinguish the difference between the two from a block away this whole thing has me questioning every thing the media feeds us

  6. Mock Lord

    Then why did a cop interject during the interview with the coroner that the AR was found in the trunk? I’m thinking a cop knows the difference between a Sega shotgun and an AR15.

  7. Dustin Maskell

    As I look for sandy hook news, I am at a loss. I cant find even 1/2 the articles there used to be or any reports on major sites etc……..seems its disappearing by the day.

  8. Kim LaCapria

    Dustin, we are required to reference them in the course of our work every day. Most of the original stories are available as they appeared. You are just encountering the most recent updates first.

    If you click on "more posts by" for any post on this site, you can scroll back in the timeline for the week of Dec. 14. Right here at the bottom of the page, I am seeing related pieces from the first week after the shootings as suggested reading.

    GNews and Yahoo push updates ahead of older news, that's how news cycles work.

  9. Kim LaCapria

    Could it be … that initial information was incomplete and Bushmaster, in a crazy whack marketing scheme…

    (this is gonna blow your mind.)

    Decided to make more than one Bushmaster?

  10. CJ Grisham

    When will autopsy results be released? Isn't it interesting how specific the police have been about the weapons found in the school, but that it was "a shotgun" found in the trunk? No mention of gauge, brand, or number of rounds found.

  11. Gerald Hall

    I'm curious about this too, since the initial reports clearly stated that the Bushmaster was found in the car, not on the shooter's person. How can that be so mistaken…..or was it?

  12. Kim LaCapria

    My guess is that it was reported through observation and not police confirmation. I also am guessing police have been reticent to release details of the massacre to avoid compounding the pain of the parents.

    Records have been sealed for 90 days, so we will find out, I imagine, when they are unsealed. But in the absence of directly reported info from LEOs on the scene, the media relied on "reports" and unattributed speculation.

  13. Jennifer Rasco

    They are not going to release the toxicology reports. Wonder why that is….. all the lies they have going on. If the truth is big enough to stand on its own, why lie? This is why it is so easy to believe conspiracy theories.

  14. Bianca Rosa Bentley

    Am I the only one that noticed that they never answered any of the questions posed. They just said well we asked the people who made up the lie to begin with and they agreed. So what? Can you explained the assault rifle found in the trunk then. It ridiculous how the media never answers question yet expects them to go away.

  15. Daniel Carson

    Like the coroner said in his interview with out doing a autopsy that he could tell because he was a "expert" in firearms that the assault rifle was used he was not able to define the shells on the floor but the damage that was done

  16. Kim LaCapria

    Lisa, what will toxicology on the shooter do to avail people of the misconception these kids were not shot by the bushmaster?

  17. Kim LaCapria

    There is a difference between not knowing and not telling. Though initial ids were made at that time, parents had still not learned the details. I imagine at a frenzies press conference is not where the coroner wanted families to learn the specifics.

  18. Michael R. Moore

    Kim LaCapria please look at it from our point of view that things are not adding up? This reminds me of building no7 of the world trade center that wasnt hit by a plane but collasped into its own foot print. That, just like this leaves many unanswered question s and make people doubt the official narrative. To many people that are involved in the case are presenting conflicting information.

  19. CJ Grisham

    I'm not questioning whether or not the Bushmaster was used to kill those kids yet.

  20. Michael R. Moore

    Kim, instead of trying to convince us of the official government sponsored narrative you should try to seek answers as to why the investigation information thus far is flawed and conflicting.

  21. Kim LaCapria

    Michael, I have been writing this story since the first hour it happened. And from my perspective, it DOES all add up. It is a collection of editing tricks and framing old information that is suggesting to people there are inconsistencies in what is really very simple.

    Either you believe that 26 people died that day, or please give me the number of whoever is selling what you are smoking. Because in order for this to be a conspiracy on ANY LEVEL AT ALL, it would require a willing cast of thousands including cops, FBI, the government, the families in Newtown, their neighbors.

    What the "inconsistencies" crowd is claiming is not only insanely implausible, it is doing very real harm to the families who have lost children in the worst way imaginable. The example I cited above – the video being passed around – is from before any official information was released.

    And again, I have said this numerous times, but all of us at this site were working that day to update the news. And we collectively realized at 1:30 pm why there was so little information- because 20 children had been murdered. It was simply a matter of police ensuring parents received the information through an officer in person rather than on Twitter or Facebook as is a very possible occurrence in 2012.

    I am telling you, from the perspective of a newswriter who has been covering this daily since the first hour, it DOES add up when you have seen it all unfold in real time.

    If you are getting your facts from a YouTube video, then yes, it may look suspect. But to me, with that frame of reference, the case makes absolute sense.

    And I have been writing about it so much BECAUSE I cannot stand to watch these parents be bullied by creeps with a video editing program and too much time on their hands.

  22. Kim LaCapria

    Please see my above comment. It has nothing to do with a "narrative," and everything to do with having watched this unfold as it happened. It does make sense.

  23. Gerald Lehman

    How on God's green earth can you call the misinformed public bullies? Look in the mirror Kim!! It's the media that drags it out. It's the media that is feeding the agony of the victims families and friends! It's the media that rushes in and makes such a mess of things! It's the media that won't come forward and admit that they made mistakes and give out bad information! It's the media that wouldn't tone it down as our school age children arrived home from school and had to be told to stop watching tv in fear of the lasting damage your coverage might inflect on them! Perhaps your here out of guilt for being one of those monsters that couldn't get enough on that horrific day!!!!!!

  24. Kim LaCapria

    Gerald Lehman In the media, we are charged with bringing you information. That is our job. I feel no guilt about telling the story as accurately and respectfully as possible, and I was stunned to learn that someone in a victim's family had read and liked my piece on her loved one who died. That made me feel like some of the writing I did about this did some good. These people deserve a voice, and an honest retelling of what they suffered- not the Steak N Shake fueled rantings of a YouTube maniac spreading easily dismissed falsehoods.

    Unfortunately, bad things happen. And the only thing any of us writers can do is tell you what bad things happened where, when and why as accurately as possible. Part of what I believe we as Americans are obliged to do is bear HONEST witness to this tragedy and HONESTLY discuss what we did to allow it. And then in an honest fashion, decide how we want to move forward to protect our citizens.

    My school age kids saw nothing on TV they were traumatized by because as a parent, I ensure they don't watch traumatic things. If you think I got any joy from covering this nightmare, I assure you everyone here at The Inquisitr was heartbroken and crying as we wrote. No one relishes this, but it is still our duty to tell the story.

  25. Michael R. Moore

    If it adds up and its only editing tricks than why were there several website that were made before the incidents took place. I ask this because I noticed the early dates the victims websites were made aswell. One or two sites having wrong dates maybe but 5 having bad dates of creation come on. I in school learing to write code and do you know the odds of that many sites having bad creation dates. How come most of victims dont have social networking sites until the tragedies occur Doesnt make sense.

  26. Gerald Lehman

    According to the conspiracy theory there was supposed to be another person that arrived at the school with the shooter. Perhaps the AR15 found in the trunk belonged to that person. Which I assume had second thoughts on carring out the killings. Lanza was already in too deep. He had already killed his mom.
    But that doesn't clear the media for the manner they handled the coverage. Lack of information was jumped on and feed to the public. The media is like vultures. The public isn't bullies harming the victims families. It was the media. Scared the heck out of my kids before it dawned on me that they should not be watching the media feeding frenzy on TV. One would think that if the media is as compassionate as they want us to beleive they would have toned it down a bit as our children arrived home from school. Why won't the media steep forward and admit that they may have misled the public with information that lacked important details? They are standing by their story and Americans not there have the right to ponder, what exactly is the truth.
    One thing is for sure. We can not expect to get the truth from the government! George Bush went on TV after 9/11 and told us all, we will be informed on a "need to know basis"!

  27. Michael R. Moore

    And its not a simple matter of believeing the 26 people families that died that day because I haven't heard from all of those families nor have I seen funerals or video footage of adam in the school on a rampage. Im not going to blindly believe what ever the media reports becsuse you guys did such a great job selling us on the Iraqi war by saying Huesain has weapons of mass destruction. So until there is some concrete evidence to support this than and not inconsistent sloppy reports than I and many other will have doubts.

  28. Kim LaCapria

    Michael, I actually did a separate post about website creation dates. Essentially, it is a VERY common Google issue, where if content existed and a page is repurposed, for instance, the date will show as published earlier. This has been widely examined and debunked.

    As for social media, most victims were too young for social media sites. And due to privacy concerns, most people I know in education either make their Facebook accounts unsearchable, use an alias or both to prevent administration and parents from locating their Facebook page.

    This phenomenon of non matching dates is widely observed for webpages, Sandy Hook or not. And if anyone on your friend's list are teachers, note that many of them use a first and middle name instead of last to prevent being found.

    Again, all easily explainable.

  29. Michael R. Moore

    The fact that so many people are questioning the official story and the media is a sign of peoples disdain for mainstream media. Instead of questioning us and criticizing people for have reasonable doubts you should be doing investigative journalism instead of propaganda journalism. PS I dont totally believe either si. But I do no that 2+2 in this case is not coming out to 4. In order to dispell these rumor they must be addressed respectfully and not dispelled as conspiracy

  30. Michael R. Moore

    This have never happened with me and each site has a code thats very easy to find if your a code writter and if a site is changed it will update and not back date. Nice try Kim.

  31. Michael R. Moore

    Viki Soto doesnt have social media of any kind not even linkin or picture on the web until this happened. Most pictures on the web are dated in December 2012 stuff like this makes people question the story. Hell I cant even find families of the victims with sites that predate the incident. Again, not so easily explained when you look at all sides of the story. Once again I dont believe or disbelieve the Sandy Hook story. However, I do feel things are not adding up and I will wait until the verdict is in to definitive gage my opinion. Have a good night Kim and happy hunting.

  32. Anonymous

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  35. Anonymous

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  36. Michael Burgess

    There is something wrong when police refuse to tell all especially when the only perp is dead and there will be no trial. When the government stalls like this there's usually a reason. Like things don't add up for them OR they cant agree on how to spin it.

  37. Keith M Kabza

    I am sure something happened and people died that day. The story we got is total B.S. and most of us know it and are afraid to say anything so we don't upset the families. There was more than one shooter, There is video we will never see, there was no AR15 used in the school until I see proof.

  38. Kim LaCapria

    Again, I say that for ANY of what you are saying to be true, a conspiracy of unprecedented scope that would be near impossible to suppress would be necessary. Why wouldn't a shooter use an AR-15 if they were looking to kill, and had one available?

  39. Cosmic Rose

    WRONG… a code writer can not overwrite Facebook's platform… nor have access to alter any page within its system in order to create a Facebook page. (a hacker can perhaps) The FACT of the matter is that if you started a Facebook page and never really used it to post anything on… perhaps saving it so you could be someone else or so that you could direct only a certain group of people to that page.. or you contemplated making it a group page but never went further with it… you can certainly then change the name and the URL of that page by changing your username. In other words… some of these pages that popped up AFTER the fact with dates pre-dating the incident were already created but re-named… or as Kim keeps trying to relate… RE-PURPOSED. BTW… I know it sounds crazy… but not everyone has a Facebook or My Space page. Not everyone HAS an internet presence. NO LIE… its true. Nice try Michael

  40. Laura 'Jean' Young

    Exactly Kim..if a killer has 2 BUSHMASTERs available to him..he doesn't take one and 2 pistols..he takes 2 bushmasters…and anyone who believes different needs a head check.and who was the man in the woods? You see video can't lie when you show live footage of something it can't be erased in the minds of the people who saw it unfold as come off it..the secret is out..nice attempt at legislating illegal gun control on false pretenses. sounds pathetically like the whole 911 fairy tale. The press shows us live footage and then within days tries to tell us our eyes were deceiving us. American's are awake, we sleep no more.

  41. Michael R. Moore

    I find it quit odd that cosmic rose took the time to address one of my comments and leave an opinion on the story Kim did. To clarify Cosmic Cat being a writter I know a program is like DNA and like dna through careful study and examination you can determine the birth of the code. In this case you and LaCapria are arguing that the reason the sites where predated because they were repurposed which is pretty far fetched because what are the odds of all the sites being made dec 10 and being repurposed for the incident. If the site had later pre existing dates than maybe but not all of them beginning around Dec 10.

  42. Michael R. Moore

    Also, I find it odd that only certain families could speak to the press about the incident but the rest of the school has a gag order preventing victims from talking out of fear of being prosecution. Whatever happened my only hope is that justice prevails. May God, The Polyverse or whatever you believe in bless and guide you.

  43. Michael R. Moore

    I find it quit odd that cosmic rose took the time to address one of my comments (Kim LaCapria is Cosmic cat your pseudonym) and not leave an opinion on the story Kim did. To clarify Cosmic Cat being a writer I know a program is like DNA and like DNA through careful study and examination you can determine the birth of the code. In this case you and LaCapria are arguing that the reason the sites where predated because they were re purposed which is pretty far fetched because what are the odds of all the sites being made DEC 10 and afterwards being re-purposed for the incident. If the site had later predates than maybe but not all of them beginning around Dec 10.

  44. Kim LaCapria

    Michael, you are confused. There is no gag order preventing victims "talking out of fear." That assertion makes no sense. There are officers assigned to families but some wish to speak. It is not anything like you are insinuating.

  45. Kim LaCapria

    Michael R. Moore Okay, so now it's only suspect because of THAT date? Have you ever created a website? This has been investigated and revealed to have been a repurposed page, if you mean the United Way one.

    What do you think is happening otherwise? Why would anyone pre-publish the pages? You are not making sense.

  46. Michael R. Moore

    Kim LaCapria, I will leave the sense making up to you because apparently you have all the answers. Not! to answer your question several pages I've ran across have this problem not just the United Way but others. I don't believe in coincidence so i find this quit disturbing. but I'm sure you got an answer for that to. Keep on mopping the mess Kim the Republic salutes you.

  47. Bob Lukens

    I was going to ask you if you believe everything the media tells you. Then I realized you are the media. Things make more sense now.

  48. Bob Lukens

    Kim LaCapria. Adam was found with 2 handguns on his person. They then recovered a shotgun from the trunk of the car not an AR-15, which any gun enthusiast could tell. And you are suggesting there was now TWO AR-15's. I'd like to see spent shell casings and caliber of the rounds or a photo of at least ONE AR before we start saying there were two involved. Wouldn't you?

  49. Kim LaCapria

    I am suggesting there is at least one, the one confirmed to have killed all the victims at the school before the shooter took his own life.

    What YOU are suggesting is that the coroner, the police, the State of Connecticut, the whole of the international media and the government and the entire executive branch is engaged in a conspiracy of immense magnitude to trick Cletus into giving up his shooty toys.

    This cannot be a shades of conspiracy. Either it is all in or not. Either ALL these thousands of people are colluding to lie to you, or maybe, just maybe, early reports were inaccurate. This suggestion you are making is INSANE.

    Please explain to me how this alleged lie could be perpetrated on the American people WITHOUT the collusion of literal thousands, some of whom are inevitably gun enthusiasts themselves. Surely you realize the improbability of what you are suggesting.

  50. Kim LaCapria

    What did the press say happened on 9/11 that we all saw and then they denied? I maintain gun legislation could have easily be enacted without this nutjob conspiracy you people believe is the faster path.

  51. Craig Odum

    I saw the footage as well of a "second" person in the woods but still as of yet had heard an explanation as to who it was or what happened to him. Where was the media follow up to the accuracy/inaccuracy to that report?

  52. Bob Lukens

    I'm hoping your response was to Bianca and not mine. I didn't suggest any of the theories you proposed above. I was simply saying I would like to see evidence of a first AR before I start jumping to conclusions there were two. Was he or was he not found with 2 handguns? Was it or was it not a shotgun found in his trunk. And yes it could very well have just been bad reporting by the media. But the misinformation is STILL pouring out.

  53. Jeremy Thomas

    lol…"shooty toys" and "Cletus".. made me spit coffee on my keyboard pretty lady!

  54. Stephen Drain

    Kim LaCapria you seem like your heart is the right place and you write with conviction. You are young and naive to think that it would be impossible for this to be a conspiracy. I could give you countless examples of governments telling unbelievable lies to the people and getting away with it. You say this would involve thousands of people. That is incorrect. It would only take a few top guys to be truly involved and the rest may question the narrative but they like you would just go along. If they question too much they are threatened. if they keep questioning they are killed. We really need to see the video from the school that day. That would help the story that they put out.. Sadly I believe as with the pentagon on 911 we wont be seeing any video. Also the Sandy Hook tribute video that was posted one month before the shooting is a problem. The thing is that when you ask people if they trust the government they will likely say no. But there are limits in peoples minds as to how far they would go. No one wants to believe it. Its too incredible to be believed. Unfortunetly they know that too and use it against us. So called assault rifles are rarely used in crime. Actually rifles of any kind are rarely used. Why are they so hell bent on banning them. More kids are injured in shopping carts and swimming pools…Thousand more. This is not a rational response to this event. My question would be, if the people don't need these weapons then why do the police. The police now have armored vehicles. Who are they gonna fight? I'm afraid its us….

  55. Aaron Young

    If this is the first time you are questioning what the media is feeding you then you have been one of the sheeple for far too long. Open your eyes and realize that both sides feed you what will support their agenda.

  56. Alan d'Eon

    I agree. It is easy enough to just confirm that all of the shell casings from the incident were .223 calibre and that no other casings were found. they don't have to tell the amount found or exactly which room they found them in, only that they were the only casings found, confirming that that firearm was the only weapon fired that day. That should not impede the investigation but would shut up the conspiracy theorist (or maybe not, they are kinda crazy…)

  57. Alan d'Eon

    Джастин Когилл , you are correct. the firearm found in the trunk was a Saiga-12 shotgun. It is a military style but different than an AR. If you find a clear video you can clearly see a shotgun shell being ejected when the cop unload it once it was found in the trunk.

  58. Alan d'Eon

    Gerald Hall , it seems it was the media that keeps getting it wrong, not the police. the media is quick to report information before it gets confirmed.

    as a gun owner, I can tell you the same as others, that was most likely a Saiga-12 shotgun and NOT an AR. I've seen a very clear video of it and I can clearly see a cop clearing the firearm and a shotgun shell ejected into the trunk. that style of gun also has a bolt release the works from the side as opposed to the top like an AR.

  59. Michael Starr

    Have you actually seen the coroners report? I would think that the actual autopsy report would show what these children died from, size of bullet will tell you what was used and would once and for all stop all these conspiracy stories. If you tell me that the autopsy report is sealled for 90 days, then it tells me that some kind of gun control agenda is being pushed before the report is released. Much like "Pass Obama care first then you can read what is in it!"

  60. Frank Mosca Jr.

    No assault rifles were used there dumbasses. The Bushmaster AR-15 by industry and military definition (people who know about guns than most of us)is NOT an assault rifle.

  61. Damon Lee Smith

    It was a shotgun in the trunk of the car, but they still get the story wrong.. It wasn't an assault rifle used to murder these people, it was an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle.. Not a fully automatic M16.. Big Differance

  62. Pascal Hay

    Those people would have been alive today had it not of been for the actions of a deranged psychotic murderer who premeditatedly planned and killed them. Going to the one place he knew he could do the most damage with the least resistance in return. He also probably knew that it would take law enforcement several minutes to be summoned and arrive on scene. Then once on scene several more minutes to assess the situation, plan a strategy of attack, and then execute the plan. Being most likely suicidal he cared not for an escape or exit plan. That is what killed those people.

  63. Loren Louthan

    "the Bushmaster shot those children ". Really? OK, so it seems apparent that Lanza used a Bushmaster rifle to carry out his heinous acts of murder, but to try to convey that an inanimate object, a rifle, "shot those children"? No. That is just wrong.

  64. Chris Germano

    Even if the Bushmaster in question was used….there still was no assault rifle used. An assault rifle requires select fire capability to be classified an assault rifle. Which means it has to have semiautomatic and either burst or fully automatic. But everythimg I have seen on this has said that pistols were all that were used…..

  65. Pascal Hay

    I have been at incidents where the media would just jump to whatever conclusion they can and report it. I have read about incidents in the paper and wondered where this happened at only to be told you were there as incident command. The facts are never right even when you spoon feed it to the news hounds. You have got to take everything said in the media with a grain of salt.

  66. Frank Mosca Jr.

    Yeah, it's a KSK 12 shotgun, which looks a lot like a Saiga, it's pretty clear in the vidoe if you are familiar with those guns.

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