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‘Cats To Go’ Gareth Morgan Gets Taiwan Animation Treatment [Video]


Next Media Animation, the Taiwanese CGI studio, has released its satirical take on the campaign by Gareth Morgan to ban cats from New Zealand.

As The Inquisitr has previously reported, Morgan — an economist and climate-change activist — wants to rid New Zealand of kitties to protect the country’s native wildlife including an outstanding array of native birds. His website, Cats to go, claims that cats are wiping out the island nation’s native bird species.

The Guardian has more on Gareth Morgan’s crusade against cats:

“He does not recommended owners euthanize their cats: ‘Not necessarily, but that is an option,’ he admits, but rather neuter them and not replace them when they die. The economist and well-known businessman also suggests cats remain indoors and local governments make registration mandatory …

“For thousands of years, New Zealand’s birds flourished with no predators. Some species, such as the kiwi, even became flightless. But the arrival of mankind and its introduction of predators, including cats, dogs and rodents, has wiped out some native species and endangered many others.”

Morgan’s proposal has stirred up a lot of controversy in New Zealand, because as 3 News reports,

“Per capita, New Zealanders own more cats than any other country. Nearly half of all Kiwi households have at least one cat — many have more. There are in excess of 1 million cats in the country, all genetically coded to kill.”

What do you think of Morgan’s suggestion for phasing out pet cats to protect the environment?

Watch the (partially NSFW) NMI video about Gareth Morgan’s initiative to rid his country of felines:

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9 Responses to “‘Cats To Go’ Gareth Morgan Gets Taiwan Animation Treatment [Video]”

  1. Maggie Harris

    Gareth Morgan is ridiculous. It's no wonder that his name rhymes with moron.

    A survey by the HSUS in 2004 showed that a full 75% of Americans keep their cats indoors. I see no reason that Kiwis can't do the same. There is no good reason to advocate for a ban on all cats, let alone imply that they should be euthanized.

    The entire way that this man is behaving makes his agenda highly questionable. Not only does he seemed to be motivated by a hatred of cats, but his callous way of going about things is going to alienate a large portion of the population. Heck, he's alienated me, and I don't even live in New Zealand!

  2. Maggie Harris

    And not suggesting that we get rid of humans on NZ implies a certain amount of selfishness– perhaps this man only cares about his own enjoyment of wildlife, and not what is best for the environment.

  3. June Allen

    Cats are companion animals. It's many years since humankind brought in rats, cats, mice, dogs and themselves. First settlers to NZ ate all the moa to extinction, killed all the huia for their feathers, so where to next? Can't go back, sadly.

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