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College Instructors Losing Health Coverage Under Obamacare


Colleges and universities are bastions of support for Barack Obama, but even they are trying to avoid the mandates of Obamacare.

Similar to what is being played out in other industries, academia is cutting back on the hours of adjunct (i.e., part-time) faculty so that they aren’t eligible for heath insurance coverage under the so-called Affordable Care Act.

Many colleges rely heavily on adjunct instructors, who often work via semester-to-semester contracts without the cushy job security of full professors, to do the actual classroom teaching while the latter is engaged in “research.” As it is, many adjuncts in colleges and universities don’t qualify for much in the way of employee benefits.

Moreover, hard-working adjuncts — who don’t earn anything near what the pro rata share of a full-timer professor’s course load would be — in general are in a tricky position. They have to uphold academic standards in their course teaching, yet they run the risk of receiving negative evaluations from disgruntled students which could jeopardize their contract status moving forward.

The American Interest website addresses the “side effects” of Obamacare when it comes to part-time college teachers:

“A new piece in the Wall Street Journal reports that many colleges are cutting back on the number of hours worked by adjunct professors, in order to avoid new requirements that they provide healthcare to anyone working over 30 hours per week. This is terrible news for a lot of people; 70 percent of professors work as adjuncts and many will now have to cope with a major pay cut just as requirements that they buy their own health insurance go into effect …

“This isn’t the first time we’ve seen serious unintended consequences from Obamacare, and it’s unlikely to be the last. It’s already become painfully obvious that the law’s creators failed to think through its full implications.”

If you’re an Obama supporter, do you still believe that creating a massive government bureaucracy enabled by thousands of pages of regulations will really expand healthcare insurance and make it less expensive?

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79 Responses to “College Instructors Losing Health Coverage Under Obamacare”

  1. Julia Cole Willingham

    Don't blame Obama for this, blame the colleges and universities that are doing this to circumvent the intent of the Affordable Care Act. It is their decision. Yes I support the Affordable Care Act. As an R.N.,I have seen all to often what happens to people without insurance.

  2. Judith E Randall

    Our university system is an academic plantation with too many useless overpaid administrators ruling over a faculty that is about 80% adjunct. Why is it no one complains about the injustices found in Big Ed, the so-called bastions of liberalism?

  3. Paula Gidjunis

    I think this is just a scare tactic. Many adjunct instructors work at other jobs where they have health care or they pay on their own and are using the extra pay to help pay the bills. If you depended on adjunct pay – you couldn't survive. I am sure there will be some who can use the health benefits, but I think this number is overstated. And if they cut back on adjuncts – they are just going to have to pay their regular professors more – so what's cheaper?

  4. Judith E Randall

    Obamacare is a disaster. R& D for medical devices and cancer is being stopped through new taxes. Gov has access to our private records and even our bank accounts. Unelected gov bureaucrats make decisions about our health care. Death panels for seniors. 16,000 new accountants hired to pore over our tax returns. Doctors leaving the field. 3.8% tax on home sales….I could go on and on. In short, we are paying a huge amount of money for another bloated bureacuracy as our health care goes down the tubes. People have got to wake up to the dangers of centralized authoritarian gov rule over the individual.

  5. Judith E Randall

    It is time to reexamine your ideas of what true liberalism is. It is not an authoritarian gov impoverishing our children for decades and stripping us of our constitutional rights.

  6. Marti Settle

    I am delighted to see Obama supporters being screwed by their own lord and master. They voted for the devil, now they can live with their stupidity. Good. Good. Good. I paid my own medical insurance for thirty five years before retiring. Nobody every gave me a nickel's worth of support, neither one of my ex-husbands, any employers, etc. I finally became self-employed and paid my own way as well as creating jobs for others. I paid for their medical insurance as well until I no longer had employees eligible for care. It was a huge slap in the face by Americans to re-elect this monster for someone who is on the "job-creating" side of the aisle. I think all the leeches out there can start bearing their share of the mammoth burden as the welfare losers will finally bankrupt the nation and there will be no more "Obama freebies."l.

  7. Judith E Randall

    They are not cutting back on adjuncts. They are cutting back on the number of courses a particular adjunct can teach. They will just have a larger number teaching the courses that's all. Also, sounds to me like you are working really hard to rationalize an abusive situation. Faculty should not be 79 – 80 % way. In fact, reading all these comments I'm seeing a lot of rationalizations for Obama. By the time you people wake up, it will be too late for our country.

  8. Debra Wiley

    Yes, Obamacare will work. Every scare tactic is being used. If colleges are doing this, they are at fault. Give the system a chance, for crying out loud. If a single payer system had made it thru, we would have all been better off. Alll new things seem difficult to accept at first, but I bet everyone is accepting every bit of their government social sec and medicare and any other govt assistance they can get their hands on.

  9. Judith E Randall

    Did you read my posting above about all the abuses? Less doctors, less R&D, more bureaucrats dictating our lives? Taxes through the roof…about $3500 per family. My sister is an executive at Stryker, medical device maker, they've laid off thousands of workers because of ObamaCare. Do you really want gov to have direct access to your bank account. I suspect you support OC because you think you'll be getting free healthcare paid for by someone else. Right?

  10. Judith E Randall

    sure everyone is accepting every dime of someone else's money they can get their hands on…and guess what. Our country is broke.. Socical Security, Meidare…we have around 70 trillion dollar deficit in unfunded mandates like SS and Medicare.

  11. Debra Wiley

    or you might consider GWB's horrific wars and almost everything else that took us from a florishing country to a country of incredible debt for no good reason.

  12. Debra Wiley

    i am sure I will not convince you of anything and I know you will teach me nothing. just voicing my yes, which remains yes.

  13. Trudy Strand

    I worked at the U of MN for 32 years (most of that time as a nurse) and they have NEVER paid benefits to employees who work less than 30 hrs a week. Any of you that think 30 hrs/wk is a NEW cutoff for benefits have obviously never had to deal with it so this is really nothing but a reality check as you join the rest of us who have lived in the real world for a long time!

  14. Joan Wilcox

    Did you really say that everyone is accepting social security and medicare well if you worked a day in your pretty life you would know that SS and medicare are taken out of every American's pay check and it is not a government entitlement such as the welfare and sponges of this country it was suppose to be a retirement fund that the government kept for you in retirement years, until the government stole it and used it up now all the liberals want you to believe it is an entitlement but I am still paying into SS and medicare as are all the retired people that are receiving SS there is a portion of that that is kept back for medicare so it is not an entitlement We the working people have paid into that for all the years that we work and some of actually have to work to make a living if I did not do my job then you would have no food or clothes or any of the other things that your pretty life needs to sustain the selfishness that you obviously enjoy

  15. Trudy Strand

    @ Judith Randall – I was a diabetes research at the U of MN for 26 years and got laid off in 2008 because our government wouldn't fund our research study. The insulin pump companies laid me off several years ago to save money. I paid into the "madates" of SS and Medicare for 47 years but according to you I shouldn't be collecting huh? Wrong! I'm collecting, retired, and loving it!

  16. Sarah Fortucci

    *shakes head* Judith, an "authoritarian" government doesn't ask a legislative body to vote on things, which Obamacare was. Honestly, go back to avidly watching your lords and masters on Fox News. Obamacare CAN and WILL work. I only see the private sector trying to undermine it, because it WILL help the common man while making companies and institutions that already get MAJOR tax breaks, pay up. The colleges and universities ARE to blame, as are the companies like WALMART. Don't go blaming Obama for THEIR shortcomings.

  17. Judith E Randall

    Debra – you speak in emotional hyperbole. Bush's wars, whether you agree or not, were legally voted on and authorized by congress. Obama went into Libya unconstitutionally with no authorization from Congress. In regard to the economy, the economic crises we experienced at the end of the Bush administration was caused by the mortgage meltdown The Democrats had pressured banks to give mortages to people who could not possibly afford them under the guise of social justice. These toxic mortgages were then bundled together by Fannie Mae and Frannie Mac and sold…hence the collapse that brought down the rest of the economy. Bush tried to reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, but the Democrats who ruled both houses of congress blocked him saying there was no problem in the mortgage industry. Google it and you will find video of Maxine Waters and Barney Frank saying everything was fine. Bush's attempts to stop the madness failed becasue the Democrats ruled Congress.

  18. Kate Slawinski Johns

    Businesses all over America and the world have been playing with employee's benefits for years. I worked for a business that employeed me part time, but gave me full time hours. I did bot qualify for health insurance, benefits, or overtime pay. It was complete bullshit. They had me work 50 hours a week, for 'regular pay.' I never received over time pay—never!!They even went as far as creating their own work week, where it started on Saturday. They even withheld any commissions made when I sold their products.

  19. Judith E Randall

    Debra Wiley – under Bush we had a 10 trillion dollar debt (not counting the 70 trillion owed for Social Security and Medicare, Medicaid). Under Obama it is now approaching 17 trillion! Also Obama is destroying our economy by shutting down our coal plants (even though we need coal for the electric grid to power the "environmentally friendly" electric cars), by shutting down drilling for oil in the gulf while giving Brazil billions of our tax dollars so they can drill where we can't; allowing the Chinese gov to own majority shares in the oil companies that are allowed to drill on federal lands; taking money out of the private sector through abusive taxation; wasting that money by giving it to his corporate buddies in failed companies like Soyndra; excessive gov regulations that are strangling businesses forcing them to close or lay off workers – just 6,000 new gov regulations in the past year alone. Also, under Obama we have the highest corporate taxes in the world. Companies are fleeing America for places like Ireland with much lower corporate taxes. I could go on and on, but you get the drift. Obama is shutting down our energy production, destroying business with onerous regulations, and worst of all, collapsing the value of the dollar by printing 40 billion new dollars a month with no end in sight. In short, he's trying to pay for all those gov entitlements by printing worthless monopoly money out of thin air. Google Weimar Republic and you will see our future. When the dollar collapses, there will be societal collapse and obama will declare martial law to reign in the violence. All freedoms will be lost. It's so much work trying to educated the low information Obama voters!

  20. Cathy Swango

    If these institutions are doing this to avoid paying for healthcare, then they should have their accreditation taken away! Many businesses have done this very same tactic for years and have gotten away with it, but a school can be put on probation for accreditation until the "revise" their way of thinking! This is nothing new, except that more are doing it to avoid paying their staff health insurance. It is not Obamacare/health reform, it is a bunch of cheap people trying to save a dime and not caring about their students!

  21. Judith E Randall

    Actually I teach in CT and they do have a prorated plan for adjuncts. Reality calling…

  22. Paula Gidjunis

    Actually you are rationalizing. What facts do you have? People are reacting to something that hasn't happen.

  23. Judith E Randall

    I'm not blaming Obama for the behavior of the universities. If anything, I am calling them out for exploiting the little guy…esp ivy league schools like Yale and Harvard that have endowments in the billions and yet abuse the adjuncts and teaching assistants. I just think they get away with it because they are bastions of so-called liberalism and the left refuses to criticize their own regardless of how abusive they may be.

  24. Judith E Randall

    Sarah Fortucci The passage of ObamaCare was a disgrace and certainly no model for our democratic process. Congressmen were bribed and threatened to vote for the bill. Out and out bribery of goods and waivers for their states if they voted for it. In fact, the bill is so bad the unions who had advocated for it aasked for waivers from obamacare. Also, no one had even read the bill. Remember Pelosi's bizarre statement, "We have to pass the bill to find out what's in it"!!!!! Whew!!!! And now that the democratic congressmen are founding out what's in the bill they passed, they are not happy. For example, the egregious tax on medical devices. I mentioned in an earlier post that my sister works for Stryker, medical device maker. Thousands being laid off. Innovation stopped. The The Mayo Cancer clinic is being forced to stop all research on cancer due to the tax on R&D. Can you imagine, taxing medical devices and R&D?

  25. Debra Wiley

    I am not saying people should not have their ss or Medicare. They need it to survive. Corporate greed is the reason for most lay offs. I was fortunate enough to be able to retire early when I became ill and have a pension from work (no ss) and medical benefits. I am not a selfish person looking out only for what is best for me. I grew up poor and learned from it. As a child, there is nothing she or he can do alone. We all need to remember that most of the poor are helpless and are children. I was brought up to respect the President of the country and I do not see this with Fox News people, which I know is filled with hateful, selfish rhetoric entertainment that some people seem to enjoy watching and rehashing with their friends and relatives. I live in a different world and am done writing here. Go back to your Fox News. I am sticking with "yes" to Obamacare and if it helps people who cannot help themselves, that is great. I have faith that it will. I would be hard-pressed to come up with more tax money, but there are things that need to be done and it's not all about what selfish people want.

  26. Judith E Randall

    Sarah Fortucci the responses I"m getting from you leftists are all emotional statements and ad hominem attacks like "the lords and masters at Fox". They mean nothing. I am the one arguing facts. But then the Left always has to resort to name calling because they cannot argue the facts.

  27. Judith E Randall

    Sarah Fortucci an example of authoritarian, centralized government…unregulated federal agencies – unelected by the people and accountable to no one – passing regulations. People are being put into prison for violating regulations passed by the EPA unknown to the public. Please read Sen Rand Paul's book "Government Bullies". An elderly man and his daughter were imprisoned for 9 years for moving dirt around on their own property…the EPA cited "wetland" violations even though the nearest body of water is 20 miles away.In fact, the EPA has declared both dirt and water to be pollutants so they can put people in jail for alleged environmental violations. And what about Gibson Guitar, please google. Shut down even though they obeyed the letter of the law in importing rare woods. The Interior Department decided that they were "reinterpreting" foreign laws with which Gibson guitar was in complete compliance. Meanwhile the Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies have purchased over a billion rounds of "hollow point" ammunition, the kind of bullets that are forbidden in war because they are so destructive. In short, unelected government bureaucrats are shutting down businesses and imprisoning law abiding citizens. If that isn't tyranny I don't know what is. You democrats need to develop some introspective. Because you refuse to criticize your own party, we are losing our freedoms. We are dying as a nation because you are so fixated on your identity as virtuous, educated democrats as opposed to those evil Republicans. As you turn a blind eye to Obama's shredding our constitutional rights, the chickens are coming home to roost.

  28. Judith E Randall

    It has happened. People have lost their jobs already due to Obamacare. I just cited my sister's company as an example.

  29. Judith E Randall

    ObamaCare is making health care more expensive. Premiums are going up. Taxes are going up. Doctors are dropping their Medicare patients because the reimbrusements are too low Don't forget obamaCare takes 500 billion out of Medicare to be transferred into ObamaCare. Please argue with facts, not emotions.

  30. Judith E Randall

    Debra – you are putting words into my mouth. I never said you shouldn't receive your SS payments!
    You have just given me a prime example of the irrational emotionalism of the left. What I said is SS doesn't work because it is in debt. The problem with SS is Congress stole the money and left us with a bunch of IUs. Washington cannot be trusted with our money. We would have been far better off putting that amount of money into our own private accounts. Give it to the gov, it's gone. Please try to follow my logic.

  31. Judith E Randall

    To put it simply, ObamaCare is increasing the cost of medicine because we are having to fund a huge new layer of bureaucracy to administer it. Money should be going to hospitals and medical providers, not gov bureaucrats.

  32. Judith E Randall

    OK Terry, that "Oh now Judith" comment is what I'm talking about. You are trying to sound patronizing without actually having tp put forth an argument. typical

  33. Judith E Randall

    Debra Wiley if you want hate, go to MSNBC The Left hates Fox because it gives conservatives a voice. The other networks do not. BTW, Fox is based on a debate format with pundits representing both sides. Now, Debra, I'm still waiting for a rational arguement, not just I'm sticking with OC no matter what.

  34. Debra Wiley

    Like I said, I am done. I don't doubt there is plenty wrong with Congress. I earned 20 years of SS but am only able to claim my pension of the last 22 years. Not exactly fair, but I still feel fortunate to have that. Private accounts don't work so well either. I trust the private people less. Thanks for your input.

  35. Judith E Randall

    If you want hateful, selfish rhetoric, go to academia. For conservatives, it is an entirely abusive environment. No tolerance whatsoever for opposing points of view.

  36. Judith E Randall

    I'm not saying abuses don't happen in the business world. What I am saying is we need real reform to make medical care truly affordable.. For example, things like tort reform. The lawyers have made everything unaffordable in the country, but the Dems will not hear of anything to do with tort reform. Why? Because one of their biggest contributors is the American Trial Lawyers Association.

  37. Lyn Overton

    Debra . . . It's so refreshing to hear from someone who really knows what they're talking about. I applaud you!

  38. Lyn Overton

    Kate, it sounds like you were hornswaggled! It may not be too late to report what your employer did to you. The Federal Government sets the maximum work week at 40 hours, so other states and employers can't make you work more . . . except when they pay you overtime. When a work week starts has nothing to do with anything, and an employer can legally determine that. How you couldn't qualify for benefits is beyond me, but I'm telling you it's time to report all of these things to your state Labor Department . . . even if there isn't one in your town. If you can't do something about your own losses, you can help the people who are still working there. Best of luck.

  39. Lyn Overton

    I hope you felt the "slap" solidly. You obviously supported GWB and deserve it.

  40. Lyn Overton

    Yes, insurance premiums have gone up . . . which is the fault of greedy insurance companies. Yes, people's hours have been cut and some have lost their jobs, which is the fault of greedy employers. The benefits of The Affordable Care Act are not all economic. The most important controls (of insurance companies) will begin in 2014, the ones we've been demanding for decades. Republicans requireda slow start in order to pass the Act . . . no doubt because it would give those same greedy insurance companies a chance to gut every policyholder to the nth degree, especially in 2013. A summary of the Affordable Care Act states that "The law specifically exempts all firms that have fewer than 50 employees (which is 96% of the firms in the U.S.) from any employer responsibility." Follow the money, folks. Find out who's benefitting the most from this scandalous attempt to skirt the law and gouge each and every one of you as long as they can.

  41. Kathleen DeRosa Belmont

    And exactly what did Debra say that was informative? She is arguing on pure emotion. Judith knows her facts and is stating it all correctly. I can't wait for the next couple of years when all of you O voters realize what you did by voting him back in. He is destroying our country with the intent to turn it to a socialist regime. Instead of watching any news on t.v., why don't you dems do a little research of your own to find out the FACTS!!! Judith – I applaud you for getting the facts out there. Ignore those who won't listen to reason, they are a hopeless cause.

  42. Pud Man

    Obama care will NOT work because doctors are not going to be able to stay in practice. They won"t be able to afford to care for patients at the rate they will be paid by Obama care. I am speaking from experience! As a health care provider for Medicare patients for years, not only did we not get paid enough under Medicare, Medicare also dictated what kind of care and how much we could render to a patient. How the hell does the government know what a patient needs? Who is the doctor? We could not do anything for elderly medicare patients to keep them healthy. And before you O lovers start spouting about how all doctors make a ton of money and are wealthy….get a clue!!! Dr.'s have huge school loans and malpractice insurance bills to pay, in addition to overhead and employees.

  43. Pud Man

    Debra Wiley – you are being foolish. I guess ignorance IS bliss!

  44. Pud Man

    Lyn Overton Wow! Still blaming Bush??? So typical of you liberals. O is a thousand times more evil than Bush. Wake up and realize what he is doing to our country. Turn off your stupid t.v. shows and CNN and read up on the facts of who O is, what his core beliefs are and then take a hard look at what he has done to this country thus far. Then you will be the one who is solidly slapped by the reality of this horrible president's policies. WAKE UP!!!!

  45. Pud Man

    FYI Lyn – insurance rates have gone up because they are required by the federal government to include certain types of coverage in their plans. Obama care is a one size fits all insurance, so people have to pay for coverage they don't even want, just to have insurance. Likewise, competing private insurance companies are now required to do the same! Educate yourself. AND, unless you have ever been a small business owner with employees, you are in NO position to speak about "greedy" employers because you obviously have NO clue what it costs to run a business!!! You obviously drank the O-Kool Aid.

  46. Pud Man

    Oh now Terry….that's all you got??? Tell us your liberal facts…we are listening…go ahead.

  47. Laura Padgett

    Exactly. This is nothing new. Adjuncts in most cases have never qualified for health care. That is why colleges have staffed with more and more adjuncts in recent years. The tuition goes up but the pay and hours for profs go down. What area of American business have we not seen this going on, long, long before Obamacare?

  48. Pud Man

    Judith, you are well informed and so RIGHT about all of it. It is so scary and I don't think these liberals will ever wake up. Maybe they will the day the economy crashes into a depression because that is what's surely coming. Although they will probably just blame Bush for that too. O doesn't care about spending more and more. China owns us already because of our borrowing. He doesn't care about the constitution or working across the aisle with the republicans. He is a dictator and his one goal is to destroy our country. I am sorry to say he is succeeding and the blind liberals who voted him back in continue to support him. They continue to spout their nonsense while he is destroying the country right before their eyes. It is so unbelievable to me.

  49. Laura Padgett

    Judith E Randall and the American Medical Association is in there too I am sorry to say. The fees doctors charge are outrageous. No one in this world is worth what some of these people make. There will be no true reform until people, employers, employee and all can afford the care.

  50. Katie Plese

    I'm a licensed health care provider as well. The people spreading the lies about "Obama Care" are the shareholders and CEO's that would rather have the working class subsidize emergency room visits for the uninsured than to provide preventive care and affordable insurance for all. Yes, I support "Obama Care" !

  51. Katie Plese

    Judith E Randall :
    Doctors are not "getting rich", it is the CEO's and shareholders that decided to make health care into a for-profit model rather than a for-patient healthcare system.

  52. Gregory Lee

    Is there anyone out there that is surprised by this? Any time you have a government fiat you will have folks finding a way around it. If you are surprised by this I'll assume that you have never owned a business or managed a larger organization. Wait for them to start mandating maximum body weight—–you won't have to wait long.

  53. Jillian Rainville

    @ Shan, Lyn and many more on here…….it should have been a single payer program, but shortsightedness and those politicians who have the insurance companies giving them campaign dollars, voted for Obamacare. Then again there the supporters of the status quo, didn't think there was anything wrong with insurance care in the country.

  54. Trudy Strand

    Bloomberg (NYC) already got his toe in the door with the soft drink ban. Once they conquer, or get tired of trying to conquer the smokers, they'll move on to the obesity issue and I also suspect that will be soon.

  55. Trudy Strand

    Judith E Randall I was laid off because of the bailout of the banksters, and the billions wasted fighting a war we have no business fighting – nothing to do with Obamacare.

  56. Terry Hanks

    By the way SS works just fine. Don't know why it matters to you.

  57. Kathleen DeRosa Belmont

    Exactly Terry….Look at the facts and then try to defend what O is doing to this country. Obviously, you cannot defend it because the facts clearly tell us he is destroying this nation. P.S. SS is working fine for you but for the rest of us retiring in the future it will not be working "just fine".

  58. Hayden Bart Townsend

    Lyn! How stupid. George W. Bush was one of America's finest Presidents. You, madam, are a pinhead!This Coming from a woman who became a Mormon and for a man, and then became a Repuke when it was fashionable in ignorant self righteous hypocritical biggotted circles. Martha you are a lowlife and I am ashamed to be related to a loser like yourself.

  59. Costa Rica's Call Center

    OBAMACARE enhances outsourcing. Enacted in July 2010, The U.S. healthcare reform (“ObamaCare” or the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act”) is intended to pressure large and small employers through force and taxation. The result will show companies deciding to send customer support, sales, lead generation and appointment setting jobs offshore or risk going out of business. U.S companies can take advantage of a dedicated bilingual employee who is 100% committed to their project. ESL nearshore employees in Costa Rica are just as or more effective than transitional in-house employees. In addition, giving the business the freedom to scale up their offshore staff strength without getting caught in the Obamacare challenge in 2014.

  60. Valenti Christopher

    Graduate schools are sweat shops for poorly paid students with no benefits to do the real work for lousy researchers to keep publishing and perishing. Graduate. And get a job at the
    same university that pays less than the hardworking janitorial staff.

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