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Prince Slams Maroon 5 Over ‘Kiss’ Cover [Video]

Prince disses Maroon 5

Prince is on a rampage! After insulting fellow pop icon Madonna during a Billboard interview, he targeted the band Maroon 5, slamming them for their cover of his 1986 classic “Kiss.”

Specifically, Prince doesn’t see the point to Maroon 5’s cover, arguing that it adds nothing to his classic track. NME reports that the Adam Levine-fronted band included their version of “Kiss” on their latest album Overexposed, which Prince also takes issue with: Specifically, the band including a cover on an LP.

Prince tells Billboard:

“I do pay performance royalties on others’ songs I perform live, but I’m not recording these songs and putting them up for sale. Why do we need to hear another cover of a song someone else did? Art is about building a new foundation, not just laying something on top of what’s already there.”

Prince has actually been singing this tune for quite a while, saying that the music world would be better off is artists just stopped covering each others songs all together.

“I don’t mind fans singing the songs, my problem is when the industry covers the music,” Prince told George Lopez last year. “You see, covering the music means your version doesn’t exist anymore. There’s this thing called the compulsory license law which allows artists to take your music at will. That doesn’t exist in any other art form – there’s only one version of Law & Order, but there are several versions of ‘Kiss’ and ‘Purple Rain.'”

Do you agree with Prince, that the music industry would be better off without covers, or did you like Maroon 5’s version of “Kiss?”

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9 Responses to “Prince Slams Maroon 5 Over ‘Kiss’ Cover [Video]”

  1. Tirrell Vernon Coleman

    Honestly I totally concur with his views. I think if artists were to create more original songs, then they would be more memorable. However with song covers, it just shows you don't have the courage to be creative within your own mind, It's basically forgery, but they (the industry) won't call it that.

    Also I don't like the maroon 5 cover, and just to let you all know, the other video you have, is not prince's original or mixes, It's another cover by someone else. Trust me, I'm a dedicated prince fan.

  2. Linda Bell

    I Love Prince and his music and I also Love Maroon 5 and their music. I thought their cover (in my opinion was honoring Prince and his music) was good. If Princes views of people never covering original songs there would be a lot of songs that had great renditions loss, i.e. " Somewhere Over the Rainbow", a great example of a song that's been covered by many artist. I don't think it took away from Judy Garlands version. People and I will say Prince as well need to chill out, (of course its Prince's song he can say what he wants) but it doesn't mean that its right. And Tirrell covering someone's songs doesn't mean that someone can't be creative which of course Maroon 5 is, they write/producer and perform their own music, so back off on that crap regarding courage and all. I'm one of the biggest Prince fan out there but I think Prince was being mean here.

  3. Tirrell Vernon Coleman

    As a singer and musician myself, I just don't agree, because in the long run It's all about how far and creative can a musician go. As do right now, I rather create more original material, than to copy someone else's work. To me it wouldn't feel right, because I wouldn't know the true essence of that individuals concept. It's like 2-D design art. You're gonna have a lot of those that will critique your work, and claim they don't understand the illustration. However you as the creator of that design, understands each and every color, shade, and lines.

  4. Tirrell Vernon Coleman

    Oh and by the way Linda, I like Maroon 5 as well, but quite frankly (and this is my opinion) their cover of Kiss, just doesn't sound right at all.

    However prior to music; Do you play any instruments, write lyrics, record your own material? If not then you need to rectify your statement. Prince is very protective of his music, he basically doesn't own any of his material, because of his long fight with Warner Bros. A long time ago, due to having complete control over his creative material. And what's worst is that he doesn't get paid any royalties for his own music. So if you were in the music industry, and written many songs, I'm quite sure you would want at least 50% of royalties; otherwise the industry screwed you over. That's why he's so upright.

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