Chicago Public Schools

Chicago Public Schools Email Sends Unsuspecting Parents To Racy Website

Officials from the Chicago Public School system have apologized for an email that accidentally sent parents to a racy website.

The email sent to parents was supposed to contain a link to information about the Illinois Standards Achievement Test. According to Gawker, parents who clicked the link were instead taken to a website designed to help women explore and enrich their sex lives.

Since parents were expecting to be taken to the Illinois State Board of Education website, the detour left quite a few people upset. School officials quickly issued a corrected email once they were informed of the unfortunate snafu.

CBS Chicago reports that a Chicago Public Schools spokesperson said the new email was sent roughly two hours after the offending message was delivered. A message inside the email read, “Apologies for the inconvenience!”

The problem arose when officials attempted to link to the official ISBE website. Instead of taking thousands of parents to Illinois State Board of Education website, the email directed them to a community of “modern women who embrace sex as natural, beautiful and nourishing.”

According to The Atlantic City, the folks at soon noticed that a lot of traffic was headed to their site. Once employees realized that was happening, they made some adjustments to the website to welcome these unsuspecting parents.

Instead of receiving a typical error message, visitors were treated to the following invitation:

“Thank you, CPS, for introducing Illinois mothers to Isbel, a new intimacy destination for modern women. Please click here to request an invite.”

Company founder and CEO Dominique Gagnon told the Daily Mail that she noticed a significant surge in traffic to her website on Wednesday night. Gagnon said the website had only started testing about a week ago and has only around 100 subscribers.

What do you think about the Chicago Public School email that sent parents to a racy website?