Tour de France Winner, Sir Bradley Wiggins, Calls Lance Armstrong ‘A B******’

Tour de France winner Sir Bradley Wiggins has stated that he was “sad and angry” over Lance Armstrong’s admission over using performance-enhancing drugs.

“It was quite sad really, sad for the sport but then the anger kicks in,” Wiggins told the BBC. “This was someone I admired for son long and looked up to.”

Wiggins revealed that he watched Armstrong’s interview with Oprah Winfrey with his seven-year-old son. “I was slightly emotional just watching him after he lied for so long, so convincingly. To watch him just cave in and say ‘yes’ to those first six question was quite sad.”

The Olympian wasn’t completely deflated by the situation though proclaiming, “But there’s hope, isn’t there? Because I won the Tour de France! And my son knows I’m never going to have to have that conversation with him like when Lance broke down and his son, at 13, asked him ‘Is it true?’ And that’s something I’m incredibly proud of.”

However Wiggins also noted that he know feels Armstrong robbed him because the Briton finished fourth in the 2009 Tour de France behind the American on the podium.

“I remember doing an interview on the Champs Elysees saying that ‘I don’t mind admitting it but I’ve been beaten by three much better riders and I’m happy to be in their company and finish fourth’,” stated the current Tour de France champion.

He then added, “I look back now and he certainly robbed me of maybe third place in the Tour de France and standing on that podium and experiencing what that was like.”