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Photographer Searches The World To Perfect Stranger ‘Twins’ … And Succeeds

A Canadian photographer decided to prove once and for all that everyone has a twin out there somewhere. The doppleganger experiment was a resounding success. The images of the perfect strangers who so closely resemble one another their own mother’s would have to look twice, are stunning.

Francois Brunelle traveled the world looking for mirror-image strangers. No one in The I’m Not A Look-Alike project are related to one another. If viewers did not realize the scope of Brunelle’s project, they would swear they were looking at pairs of identical twins.

Not all the folks features in the Canadian photographers appear took look 100 percent alike. The handful of 99 percent matches could still easily pass for twins.

Francois Brunelle had this to say about the I’m Not A Look-Alike photo collection:

“It’s not about looking like famous people. The project is about looking like other people. The fact that two persons, totally unrelated to each other, sometimes born in different countries, share the same physical appearance is really the essence of the project.”

Two of the I’m Not A Look-Alike subjects, Nina-Rose Singh and Anna Rubin, have matching tribal tattoos, Radar Online notes. A pair of German men resemble each so incredibly that their very expertly trimmed mustaches even match. Both of the men, Rudi Kistler and Maurus Oehman, even share a distinct fondness for flat caps.

Brunelle’s goal is to photograph 200 pairs of look-alikes. The Canadian man has reached the half way mark already.

It is nearly impossible not to be amazed at the perfect stranger twins when scrolling through the photo collection posted on the haha and Selectism websites. Those interested in finding their twin can simply follow the link to request participation in Francois Brunelle’s project.

[Image via: Shutterstock – not actual photographer shown]