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Burt Reynolds Hospitalized With The Flu

burt reynolds

Burt Reynolds was hospitalized today after catching the flu.

According to TMZ, the actor caught one of the nasty stomach bugs going around and was dealing with flu symptoms for several days. Eventually the actor was brought to the hospital where he is being treated for severe dehydration.

Reynold’s rep said that Burt was brought to the ICU earlier today so that doctors could replenish his fluids.

Doctors say that the actor is expected to make a full recovery.

Reynolds, who is equally as famous for his manly mustache as his acting talents, has been lending his voice to the TV show Archer this past year. The actor has also been working on television shows like American Dad and Burn Notice and has recently joined the cast of the upcoming movie Standby.

Burt Reynolds is hardly the only person to get sick from the flu this year. The United States is experiencing a rather nasty flu season and according to the CDC a new stomach virus has also been going around which carries similar symptoms to the flu.

Have you gotten a flu shot this season?

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3 Responses to “Burt Reynolds Hospitalized With The Flu”

  1. Chris Williams

    I understand he had a flu shot. No Matter. It seems like such a coincidence. Just lastnight we were watching an old movie of his "Sam Whiskey" with Clint Walker and Burt just seemed to have fun while doing the movie. He is one of the few who doesn't seem to act the part, more like he lives the part. Hope he gets well soon.

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