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Tino Tuiasosopo: Manti Te’o Girlfriend Was A Woman After All

Manti Te'os girlfriend was a girl

The Manti T’eo fake girlfriend controversy just keeps getting weirder. The latest claim casts doubt on the idea that hoaxer Ronaiah Tuiasosopo affected a fake female voice during phone calls with Te’o. Rather, family members argue that the Notre Dame star was indeed talking to a woman, possibly Ronaiah’s cousin.

Though Tuiasosopo’s lawyer claimed that Manti Te’o was speaking to his client, a male, recorded voicemails supposedly from Lennay Kekua sounded like a woman to Katie Couric when they were played for her during her interview with Manti Te’o. The hypothesis was backed up by members of Tuiasosopo’s family who tell the New York Post that the voice belongs to Ronaiah’s female cousin, Tino Tuiasosopo.

“Tino is the girl that Manti has been talking to all these months,” said a Tuiasosopo cousin. Another who heard the voicemails said “There is no doubt whatsoever that it’s Tino.”

One recording from a hysterical “Lennay” has the hoaxer accusing Manti Te’o of cheating on her after another woman answered his phone. “I don’t know who answered your phone . . . I don’t care. [Inaudible] I’m trying. You made it clear what you want. Take care.”

One of Tuiasosopo’s family argued, “That’s the way [Tino] cries when she’s feeling sorry for herself. Its her, that’s the voice.”

So why is this only coming out now? MSN notes that the popular theory is that Ronaiah Tuiasosopo’s lawyer lied about his client’s “falsetto” so that Ronaiah could take the rap for the whole scam.

In any case, neither Tino nor her father were available for comment. A possible motive for Tino’s involvement is a long-distance relationship that ended badly right around the time Te’o met “Lennay Kekua.” Tino told her family members that she was talking to a new man, a football player from Notre Dame.


At the very least, it seems that Manti Te’o was talking to a pretty girl after all.

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22 Responses to “Tino Tuiasosopo: Manti Te’o Girlfriend Was A Woman After All”

  1. Lisiate T. Wolfgramm

    I can't believe how stupid American mainstream media has been about this entire thing. Of course there is a co-conspirator. But it was more interesting and profitable to drag this out with speculations and other narratives designed to milk the opportunities for hits and ratings. Shame!

  2. Michelle Sagapolutele

    I'm not sure who's lying here..but I think these investigators need to get their facts straight because I know Tino and the information their giving out ain't 100 % true….this is just shocking…

  3. SaLa H. Penielandisen

    Omgosh!! I saw it on twitter!! Tinos pic & info…. Wat is going on how the heck is her name in this?!?… Dang!

  4. Dusten Carlson

    Hi! I'm the author of this article. Would you like to go on record or possibly get me in touch with Tino? We're just reporting what the NY Post "broke" as an "exclusive." I'd love to tell the other side.

  5. Ze Ro

    Doesn't sound like Tino… Went to Tafuna high school with her for four years and see her every tuesday and thursdays… who knows… Media… smh* 6

  6. Ze Ro

    actually never mind after listening to it a bit it could Tino. lol Good luck tino with having everyone ask you questions! Luckily they can't interview cause no one wants to waste their money coming to samoa! LOL 6

  7. Michelle Sagapolutele

    If you are Samoan thats just low of you dawg….WHY YOU GOTTA PUT AMERICAN SAMOA DOWN LIKE THAT….YOU AINT GOT NOTHING BETTER TO SAY THEN DONT SAY IT..if anything people would be missing out if they havent spent a cent cumin here to Samoa….

  8. Michelle Sagapolutele

    sorry that would be impossible. but what i can do is advise you to just drop this whole thing and dont make it worse….pls…..thank you…..

  9. Ze Ro

    aye its just the truth michelle k. nobody wants to spend 3000 dollars to go to a place they don't even know and to interview for something they dnt even know is true k. btw this is BJ that graduated with you (THS 08) and lives on the same road as you in ili'ili. :) 6

  10. Joseph Faaita

    BJ, your insensitivity shines through. I bet you've never even been to American Samoa in your life! Your use of Google maps must be applauded to find Ili'ili…Terrible. ESPN would not hesitate to "waste" $3000 dollars which is chump change to them to find out the truth about this whole fiasco…Get a LIFE ZE RO!

  11. Fitilagi Togiola

    I swear ppl got nothing good to do.butjust brinh others down.Manti go a head and deal with your shit.Tino i know for a fact this ain't you
    you are such a sweetheart.and pei pea i kala a kagaka.let them be .head up.sis lyy

  12. Ryan Hadlock

    Why do we care? The guy got dupped, or was party to a stupid hoax, that didn't hurt anyone, really. Let it go, he's a kid, he's young, he's stupid. It happens. It's definitely not news anymore.

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