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Oprah Endorses Foreskin Face Cream, Penis Proponents Protest

Oprah Winfrey SkinMedica

Celebrity talk show host Oprah Winfrey endorses a face cream made from foreskins, causing the ire (and an eventual protest) of foreskin advocates. Despite the tabloid flair of the title, this story is actually very true.

Human foreskins apparently help keep Oprah looking young and wrinkle-free, as they are used in a product called SkinMedica, which the talk show legend endorses. Specifically, SkinMedica includes the ingredient foreskin fibroblast, which is “a piece of human skin used as culture to grow other skin or cells.”

Here’s where it gets fun.

Winfrey made her first appearance in Vancouver, British Columbia, on Thursday before a sold-out crowd at Rogers Arena, reports MSN. When Oprah appeared, Glen Callender, founder of the Canadian Foreskin Awareness Project, and a self-proclaimed pro-foreskin advocate, appeared with supporters to protest her support of SkinMedica.

Callender says that it’s hypocritical of Oprah to denounce female genital mutilation while endorsing a face cream made of human foreskins, reports The Toronto Sun.

“Imagine how Oprah would respond if a skin cream for men went on the market that was made from parts of the genitalia of little girls,” Callender said. “That would be an outrage and rightly so.”

SkinMedica ads say that Oprah endorses the product as her “magic fountain of youth and miracle wrinkle solution.” Her camp did not comment on the protest.

“I would like Oprah to come to her senses and realize that all children have a fundamental human right to keep all their genitalia and to decide for themselves if anything gets cut off,” Callender said Wednesday.

Callender calls the Foreskin Awareness Project as Canada’s “feistiest pro-foreskin advocacy group” with the admitted goal of “foreskin education and appreciation.”

Foreskin protestor

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42 Responses to “Oprah Endorses Foreskin Face Cream, Penis Proponents Protest”

  1. Cathy Ireland

    Of course the problem with this is that after a certain point you can't remove the foreskin (which can cause serious infections due to improper cleaning and such) because of the excruciating pain it would cause. Idiots, the whole lot of them.

  2. Amy Kochan Hemming

    Doesn't the foreskin get tossed anyway? So if they found a use for it what it the harm? No matter what the issue you will get someone to say I don't like that – who cares.

  3. Clarence Zimmerman

    She can have mine but she will have to chew it off herself !!

  4. Clarence Zimmerman

    She can have mine but she will have to chew it off herself !!

  5. Jamie Small

    If there was something you could cut off a females genitalia that was not necessary after birth that could go towards a similar cause I wouldn't have a problem with it. Most guys dont have a choice whether their foreskin is removed because it is done after birth. Some guys grow up hating it and some guys embrace it. If the choice isnt left up to you as an adult at least be happy it went to some use amd not in trash.

  6. Liz Slone

    The whole point is that they don't support circumcision of children who aren't old enough to make that decision.

  7. Julie Rinks

    LOL the only thing keeping oprah young looking is botox and plastic surgery……..

  8. Christine Lemm

    That has to be one old picture of Oprah…..she does not look like that now…I don't care how many foreskin cream treatments she puts on her face!

  9. Amy Collins

    Why does a company get to profit from our children's foreskin? Who knew they kept it and made a product to sell with it? That's kind of crazy. I think I should pursue this.

  10. Brian Keith Burgess

    I get it, but traditionally it has been done before 8 days are passed, this rising out of Jewish tradition. It just so happens that there are medical reasons for it being done and that it is best when done at this age. It causes way more trauma when done later in life, especially when it was done in earlier days before anesthetics. So the parents just decide.

  11. Jessica Padilla

    …you don't pull the foreskin back fully until about age 5-7 and sometimes not until 11 or so, which at that point, the 'owner' should know how to clean theirself. And all it takes is just a few slashes of clean water to clean it everyday…or a baby wipe…

  12. Ron Low

    Oprah is insane. Callender is right. Forcible genital cutting is patently evil no matter the age or gender of the victim, and no matter what benificient uses could be made of the stolen human body parts. Foreskin feels REALLY good. Seriously, it's the best part.

  13. Sheena Sammy Johnson

    Very interesting subject. Something I never knew there was a market for!

  14. Mike Barker

    Look at what Professor Ariel Toaff (son of Rome's former chief rabbi ) says about how circumsized foreskins were traditionally utilized in North African, Ashkenazi & Sephardic sects-

    Can you believe women fighting over the foreskin?
    I won't spoil the surprise as to what they wanted to do with their "prize" once they won the fight.
    Judaism is just SOOOOO darn interesting when you look into it.

  15. Cathy Ireland

    I honestly don't think it matters either way. A child cannot make that decision at birth, which is when it's done to prevent pain and infection at a later age, when they are born, and often times it's done for religious purposes. To assume that by age 5 or 7 or 11 a child will know how to clean that is ignorance. Just because your child does, does not mean other children will or do. Rather than it being wasted and thrown out it's being used to prove some medical sciences true. Why should it matter what you or I or anyone else thinks? It doesn't. Everyone's in uproar comparing circumcision to mutilating female genitalia and the reality of it is: it's nothing like that, at all. And to even think to compare the two things is ignorance. It's not done to harm or prevent anything, actually it's done because it's more sanitary and easier on the person in question. I don't know a single guy who WANTS to have foreskin to begin with, and that ones that have it want it removed but won't do it because it would hurt. No one has any right to tell other people how to live or what to do so they need to shut the fuck up about it. Getting all pissed because someone else does circumcision is like getting mad because someone else ate a donut and it's against your diet. I mean really? Get over it.

  16. Yeoman Roman

    "Amy Kochan Hemming · Top Commenter
    Doesn't the foreskin get tossed anyway? So if they found a use for it what it the harm? No matter what the issue you will get someone to say I don't like that – who cares."

    Reading comprehension is not your strong point I take it….

  17. Yeoman Roman

    "Of course the problem with this is that after a certain point you can't remove the foreskin"

    WTF? The Foreskin CAN be removed at any age.

    The whole point is IT SHOULD NOT BE. It's owner is WAAAAYYY to young to make an informed choice about the matter.

    And yes, babies feel it. Duh.

  18. Tarl Warwick

    Sickness and perversion.

    Circumcision ought to be banned.

  19. Jacob Herrington

    I want to start a political action group call Save The Dicks!

  20. Ron Low

    ^^ It causes way more trauma when done later in life ^^

    That's absurd. Infancy is the WORST time to attempt cosmetic surgery. Being attacked when helpless for no reason is WAY different than choosing something for yourself, getting adequate pain meds, and having someone NOT long dead to sue if they fuck up. Only 1 in 500 intact men choose circumcision, and only about 1 in 10,000 ever needs a circumcision medically.

  21. Mike Barker

    What is "fake" or "antisemitic" about that page?! The link is to a book made available for FREE by Professor Toaff because the ADL caused him so many problems. Do you think the man is a liar?

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