Bulletproof Whiteboards Used As Shields In Schools

Bulletproof Whiteboards, Can Be Used As Shields In Schools [Video]

A armor manufacturer in Maryland has created bulletproof whiteboards that can be used as shields in schools. The boards were developed by Hardwire in an attempt to offer students and teachers additional protection in the case of a school shooting.

The bulletproof boards can easily be utilized in the classroom as they are an ideal size of 18 x 20 inches. The boards function like any other whiteboard, using dray-erase markers and easily wiping clean.

As reported by Daily News, the whiteboards are made with military-grade bulletproof material. The material, Dyneema, is thin and lightweight but can shield users from bullets shotgun and handgun bullets. Straps attached to the back of the whiteboards allow the user to hold them up as a shield.

Shields made from the same materials have been used in Afghanistan, Iraq, and numerous law enforcement agencies. Bullets that hit the whiteboards are not deflected but actually absorbed into the material.

The bulletproof whiteboards cost around $300 each. Tunis predicts that it would be cheaper to outfit an entire school with the boards as opposed to hiring armed security.

Following the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, several companies have introduced protective accessories for students. Amendment II developed bulletproof backpacks for children. The backpacks feature designs that are popular among students but contain a bulletproof lining.

The bulletproof backpacks contain carbon nonotube armor, which is used to make bulletproof vests for the military and law enforcement. As reported by Mediaite.com, the “ballistic backpack” can be worn on the front or back, depending on the situation. Like the whiteboards, the backpacks are around $300.

Although the bulletproof whiteboards can be used as shields in schools, George Tunis, CEO of Hardwire cautions that the bulletproof whiteboards should only be used as a last line of defense.