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Giovanna Plowman: “Tampon Girl” Appears To Eat Feminine Hygiene Product In Viral Video

Giovanna Plowman: 'Tampon Girl' Appears To Put Feminine Hygene Product In Mouth In Viral Video

Giovanna Plowman may have wanted to put a halt to a video she uploaded of herself eating what appears to be a used tampon, but the Buffalo, New York teenager couldn’t stop the internet.

The teenager uploaded a graphic video onto her now deleted Facebook page of what appeared to be her sucking on the used tampon. Now known on the internet as “Tampon Girl,” Giovanna Plowman has been accused by Twitter followers of creating the shock video as a way to get her 15 minutes of fame.

The video made by Giovanna Plowman quickly made its way around the web, The Huffington Post noted. But even as everyone agrees on the disgusting nature of Tampon Girl’s video, there is argument over whether it’s real or not. The site Know Your Meme points out that commenters seem to disagree whether it’s actually a bloody tampon she’s using or just something dipped in tomato sauce or another red liquid.

Some think that Giovanna Plowman’s video is actually an attempt to get on the Tosh.0 show, the International Digital Times pointed out. A post on Facebook supposedly made by Plowman seemed to point to that. She posted,”OMG! I just found I’m going to be on Tosh.0!!! One of Daniel Tosh’s agents got a hold of me and said they would love to have me and my video on their show! This is amazing. I never though it would get this big, and of course I’ll be going.”

But it’s not guaranteed that the post actually came from Giovanna Plowman. In the wake of her “Tampon Girl” video, many Twitter accounts claiming to be Plowman popped up, including one (@ItsGiovannaP) that already has more than 94,000 followers.

If Giovanna Plowman was aiming for an artistic expression rather than just shocks and a few thousand new Twitter followers, she would not be the first. British rocker Pete Doherty once had an art exhibit in which he doodled and painted with his own blood, while American filmmaker John Waters has made many a shocking movie including one in which a man eats dog feces.

Here is the link to the “Tampon Girl” video made by Giovanna Plowman. Be warned, even if it is fake, it is still jarring: Live Leak Video

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31 Responses to “Giovanna Plowman: “Tampon Girl” Appears To Eat Feminine Hygiene Product In Viral Video”

  1. Dillon Mercer

    so its true. I'm not getting old, because when I was a teenager nobody would do something this stupid and disgusting. I weep for humanity.

  2. Wolff Bachner

    nathan. it wasn't a man exactly in the John Waters movie. It was the late, great, and actually quite wonderfully drag queen named Dvine. 300 pounds of pure hell on wheels and in real life, a wonderful person named Harris Glenn Milstead. Glen died in his sleep of an enlarged heart at 42, I mention this because I know Waters and way back, my buddy Joe Coleman, the famous painter from NYC, and I accidentally set John Water's girl friend's dress on fire at a screening. those were the days.
    Rest in peace glen. we miss you.

  3. Natalia Mirksyaya

    I really don't want to live on this planet anymore…yes, give her even more attention.

  4. Leyana Clarke

    So there is now a Human Tampon Disposable Unit ;; What next world?

  5. Avery Paige

    On one of her facebook posts she posted she specifically said if she got 500 likes likes she would suck on her dads used condom after this tampon video was posted.

  6. Elvia Vivian Rodriguez

    I don't care if that's real or not.
    That is straight up nasty!
    No one in their right mind would do that. That girl gots issues.

  7. Anonymous

    Hopefully she won't want to be the president when she grows up. Millions of young men and women have put garbage on the internet that will hurt them for the rest of their lives. Thousands of young women have been on "Girls Gone Wild" and there are thousands more who sit in their bedrooms and do porn for men for money online. All these girls have ruined their lives forever. They will never have a great job or a prominent place in their own world. Every company looks at facebook before hiring and facebook NEVER really closes an account and those pictures will never go away. LOTS of guys who have done a private video tape with a girlfriend have eventually put it on the internet. All those girls on "Girls Gone Wild" were on spring break from college. After doing that they likely will not need that degree. The internet is forever and no one should ever put a picture up there that they wouldn't want their daddy and the whole world to see.

  8. Anonymous

    Keith Edwards no they would not have—yours is the first generation who are fame whores and who will do anything to keep from working like reality TV and the only generation in which young girls act more like hookers than girlfriends and moms. And the entitlement generation is the only one that will eventually have a really hard time growing up. Your baby boomer parents wanted to be your friend to keep from growing up and it is sooooo obvious. All of you have no grasp of reality and all of you call everyone who disagrees with you a liar, like you just did. What you are saying is ludicrous and no one in any generation over the 5000 years of civilization have ever been as disgusting as yours. You will get it in your 40's or 50's if and when you grow up. This is sickening and will follow her for the next 80 years of her life.

  9. Charles Thehater Hawkins

    clearly this generation is not alone in needing to grow up. You sound like you need to do some growing of your own. How can you tell someone their opinion is wrong. Have you seen all the people in those "5000 years of civilization" grow up, if not you cant say for certain what they did not do. In earlier periods they did not believe in metal disabilities and those who had them should be killed. This generation does need a lot of work but your parents didn't agree with the youth in your generation and so on and so forth. By the way this is coming from someone under thirty. Take your own advice and grown up mentally.

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