Joe Biden vs. Hillary Clinton in 2016

Hillary Clinton More Popular Than Joe Biden In 2016

Joe Biden may already be prepping his bid for president in 2016, but recent polling shows Secretary of State Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote as the next Democratic candidate.

Popular opinion shows that the soon-to-be-ex-secretary isn’t going to let a little Benghazi scandal keep her down, as she currently has a significant edge over the would-be incumbent Joe Biden. Biden is almost certainly considering a run, according to son Beau. “I think he’s going to take a hard look at it,” he told MSNBC. Clinton’s presidential ambitions are less clear, but there are rumors suggesting she may consider a run.

ABC reports that Clinton has the early lead. With 1,384 days between now and our next presidential election, 67 percent of Americans regard Clinton favorably, compared to Biden’s 48 percent. Why? Her position as Secretary of State grants her “relative distance” from politics-as-usual in Washington, and may have given her a popularity boost.

Clinton is also more favorably viewed in each demographic, and boasts a partisan advantage over Uncle Joe. Six out of 10 Democrats view Clinton with strong favorability, while Biden only has about 44 percent in that margin. Among Republicans, 45 percent can’t stand Biden while only 32 percent say the same of Clinton.

Among independents, Clinton holds a 2-1 response of strongly positive over negative views. Biden’s numbers are the exact reverse.

Additionally, MSN notes that Biden’s reputation as a “living gaffe-machine” can’t be helping his odds.

Who you you vote for in 2016? Hillary Clinton, or Joe Biden? Sound off, early voters!