woman sues match.com after date with killer

Woman Sues Match.com After Attempted Murder

A woman is suing Match.com for a hefty sum — but it isn’t because the site failed to hook her up with available dates.

The Las Vegas woman suing Match.com is Mary Kay Beckman, and her story is one of the kinds everyone fears when considering the use of an internet dating site.

Beckman was matched on the site with a man named Wade Ridley, but broke it off after seeing him for a few dates. Soon, court documents say, the woman suing Match.com began to receive unwanted text messages from Ridley, but it was just the beginning of her awful experience.

According to the suit, Beckman returned home one evening in January of 2011, where Ridley lay in wait. Attorney Mark Saggese says that what happened next nearly led to Beckman’s death, and that Ridley violently attacked her and left her to die:

“He stabbed her dozens of times in the face. He smashed her head with a rock. He stomped her face with his feet. He left her for dead.”

Beckman’s horrifying ordeal was not the only havoc wrought by Ridley, who died in prison in 2012. Not even one month after the vicious attack on Beckman, the man is said to have met a woman in Arizona on the site and murdered her. When finally confronted by police, Ridley expressed shock that his initial victim survived the attack.

woman sues match.com

Saggese says the woman is suing Match.com on grounds of failure to notify — the lawyer explains that the site’s users are not warned of the risks, and that the $30 monthly use fee implies a degree of screening that is not present.

The woman is suing Match.com for $10 million following the near-deadly incident.